Winter Holiday

The Pillersee Valley offers much for the whole family activities away from the runway at the hotel Tiroler Adler in the winter. Of course, most arriving Waidring guests for skiing or snowboarding but many attractive opportunities offered winter holidaymakers away from the slopes. The ski paradise Waidring in Tyrol is one of the most beautiful. Especially for families, a lot is available here. The slopes are perfectly prepared and wide enough for every skier, whether large or small space to find. But it must be not always go skiing or snowboarding. You can even unstrap the boards during your winter holiday in Tyrol also very confidently and try many other leisure activities.

Not only you but also your children will have great fun. Snow-shoe hiking snow-shoe hiking fun in itself, because is a funny experience with these large parts of the feet through the snow to stomp. So come but also in the loneliest parts of nature in Waidring and thus can go on a journey of discovery. Maybe see You also wild animals such as deer, rabbits or foxes. Weissbach it must down the mountain does not always go with the sled. A winding alley waiting for your family that you will go down in extraordinary ways. A Schlauchbob offers plenty of space and action and the drive will remain long in the memory. The winter offers in Tyrol but also many other products such as ice skating, tobogganing, curling, wind hiking or horse-drawn sleigh rides. You get the information about the offerings at the hotel Tiroler Adler. No matter what you decide on your winter holiday in the Tyrol, fun is guaranteed.