Buenos Aires Recoleta

Many people who find out for rental of apartments in recoleta choose this area because it is one of the most distinguished of the city of Buenos Aires. There is a very interesting cultural zone to visit also in Recoleta. On this occasion we list 3 places you can not miss if you rent an apartment in Recoleta. .Basilica del Pilar. It is one of the places most visited by tourists from around the world since it has a history and a really impressive architectural design. This basilica boasts a tower 30 meters height, realized in the year 1732. While it is true that he suffered some changes with the passing of the years, currently retains a large percentage of its original Baroque appearance. It is important to note that this church was built by two Jesuits: Bianchi and Primoli, recognized architects of that era.

Also when Pope Pius XI visited the Argentina, stepped on this church, and in 1936 it was declared a national historic monument. .Recoleta cemetery: perhaps many people wonder how it is possible that a cemetery is considered a tourist walk. However this cemetery is a historical and architectural work of the city of Buenos Aires. It was designed by the French architect Prosper Catelin, and often is compared to the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. information. Concerning the story that encloses this cemetery is due to that in this place it lie the bodies of many families of the Argentine aristocracy, or very important characters such as Bartolome Mitre, Eva Peron, Juan Domingo Peron, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Juan Manuel de Rosas and Facundo Quiroga, among many others. In addition this funeral complex has more than 4,700 vaults and cemeteries scattered in different blocks, which will travel through the internal streets.

On the other hand this cemetery occupies 5 hectares of trees, statues and works of art. .Recoleta Cultural Centre: it was built in the 17TH century and exhibitions of art and culture are made on an ongoing basis. However, over the years this place had different purposes. For example, in a moment It was beggars shelter and asylum of elders, then it was remodeled and were added to a series of pavilions, the Auditorium and the terraces to finish give the Italian style that characterizes it. .Palais de Glace: is one of the most important exhibition centres, though as it happened with the Centro Cultural Recoleta, with the passage of time had various functions: in first place was used as a skating rink, then used as a tango salon. Today of most prominent artists of the world exhibitions.