Month: January 2014

Movies Guyver

Guyver cartoon world – are available from the anime wallpapers, videos amv, anime skins for Winamp, reviews cartoons, gif avatars and userbars, fighting Rag Doll Kung Fu (Kung Fu Hustle) and beautiful desktop picture. There is a gallery of fanart (send your work), ask questions and chat on the forum. On the universe Guyver: Today the whole universe Guyver presented in several versions: a manga (Japanese comics), anime – there are three versions of the anime, the first – is Full Movies in 1986, the second – this anime series in 1989, consisting of twelve series (it is believed that the second 6-series – the second season), the third – is a relatively new anime series 2005-2006, consisting of 26 episodes. The new anime is different lesser severity, in that complained some of the fans. However, this is understandable, since the anime was meant primarily for display on television and then for sale on dvd.

Also, there are two separate film, the shooting which took place in the United States. Naturally the style of films is very different from the manga and anime and they are recommended for viewing only after reference to the Japanese product. It was released a huge number of figures almost all the characters, but currently they are hard to reach due to the suspension of production. Guyver although no such thing known as Naruto, but the thing is a cult. Guyver has a twenty-year history, loyal fans and close-knit friendly Chinese, English and Russian fanclub. Quality manga Guyver Bioboosted Armor is considered one of the best (if not the best), but this quality affects the rate of release of new chapters and books – in average per year out of a book consisting of 6-8 chapters. Plus, it is not rare breaks, sometimes lasting 2-3 months.

Vobschem if you want to enjoy the Guyver, then please be patient. Obviously, the story is not complete and author and do not stop thinking – in the history of adding new characters, new mysteries, and drawstrings the plot. Many are waiting for the second season of the anime Guyver 2005 tv, the network is rumored, but no official information on this subject was. If you receive any information, it will be on the official site, do not trust the wrong materials.


CONCLUSION the ambient accounting and its tools have collaborated so that, of transparent and responsible form the companies can improve the quality of life of its collaborators and the cares with the ambient situation. For the permanence in the market the organizations need to improve its performance in the ambient situation, and to be in accordance with the legislation that imposes rigid infractions to who does not obey the established norms. In general not accepted society the indifference with the environment, charging at last an ethical position, in what it says respect to the ambient preservation. We can notice that in way to the current economic growth, the concern them companies in brightening up or same to cure the degradaes of the environment, if has evidenced through responsible actions using itself of the ambient accounting to demonstrate the social responsibility of company, with the society and the environment. Bibliographical references BLACKSMITH, Araceli Cristina de Sousa; SIQUEIRA, Jose Mayan Ricardo; GOMES, Mnica Zaidan. AMBIENT ACCOUNTING AND SOCIAL REPORTS. 1 Ed.

So Paulo, SP; Atlases, 2009, 199 P. FERREIRA, Araceli Cristina de Sousa. AMBIENT ACCOUNTING: AN INFORMATION FOR THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. So Paulo: Atlases, 2003,33 P. MOURA, Luiz Antonio Abdalla of. AMBIENT ECONOMY: MANAGEMENT OF COSTS AND INVESTMENTS. 3 Ed. So Paulo, SP: Juarez de Oliveira, 2006, 81,82 P.

Venetian Glass Bowl

Venice soon became the only center of glass production, and Venetian glass becomes world famous. Wonderful products made by skilled hands of masters, become the property Republic and the pride of the Venetians. Venetian Glass Bowl presented with a gift of monarchs and appreciated more than gold. The government of Venice soon realized that to maintain a monopoly in the manufacture of glass All equipment must be kept in the strictest confidence artists. To this end, the end of XIII century, a decree was issued that all the furnaces in other Italian cities except Venice, must be destroyed, and the glass moved to a small island called Murano, located 2 kilometers to the north of the island of Rialto. The main reason for this decision the authorities announced a high probability of fires in the city. Masters were given great privileges: in addition to high payment for goods, they were allowed to marry daughters of noble ladies, they had their own court, and management had the right to mint its own coins. In fact, Murano became a state within a state.

However, despite granted all benefits, masters fled to the island in hopes of getting what they had been denied: freedom. The fact that the authorities would not allow them to leave and Murano under penalty of hard labor or death. Still, master, risking their lives, fled in neighboring countries, where they were free to create. But even there, they were not in safety: from Venice every fugitive master went special agent tasked to bring them to death. So the state would safeguard secrets of Murano glass.

Contrary to the harshest measures, the Government of Venice, still managed to keep the technology secret. In the XVII century in some European countries one after another, there are books of various authors, in which describes in detail many of the secrets of creating glass products, told by fleeing from Murano masters. Even after the technology of Murano glass ceased to be secret, it has not lost its value, uniqueness and beauty. Bowls, vessels, vases, jugs, cups and glasses are decorated with monograms or made in the form of animals, have not ceased to fascinate the world. In the XVII century the production of glass is completely updated. Gradually changing appearance of glass plants, to replace the old production technologies come new, more modern and efficient. The authorities strongly resist innovation, striving to preserve identity of the production process. Despite the fact that Murano glass is still sold at a premium, since that time in Venice, began a period of gradual decline in glass production. At the end of XVIII century, during the war with Napoleon, Venice occupied by French troops. All plant for production of glass in Murano were completely destroyed. Only in the XIX century, this unique art has been slowly reviving. Unfortunately, many of the ancient technology has been lost, but much has been recovered. In 1854 appeared the first post-war factory Murano glass called Fratelli Toso. Today, Murano glass is presented to us in its original splendor. Master glassblowers embody the most daring and incredible ideas. Today's glass works are executed in different styles, from classical to avant-garde, using a variety of techniques. Murano glass and to this day remains the same mysterious, incomprehensible and beautiful and true is proof that real art can overcome any obstacle.

Star Collage

In this lesson we'll learn how to make a beautiful landscape by sticking objects into a single photograph. – In this tutorial, we used the following photos: – And brush the star, which you can download here 1. To start translate our background in black and white image: Image => Adjustments => Black & White 2. Open the photo with a swan and engrave it. Insert into our background and instrument "Blur" the edges to give a realistic effect. 3. Duplicate the layer with swan and expand it vertically to make a reflection in the water: Edit => Transform => Flip Vertical. Shift the reflected downward and transformation (the slope, distortion, deformation) adjusting a swan.

Opacity set to 50% 4. The same can be done with other birds. The next step we will draw the moon, surrounded by water. 5. Tool "Ellipse" draw a circle, drenched in white 6.

Select the Eraser tool and thus same diameter delete superfluous, to get a month 7. Select the tool "rectangular area" and deepen a month in water 8. Tool for the Ellipse Draw an oval at the base of the month to give a realistic blur nine clear boundary of the oval tool "Blur 10. Duplicate the layer and reflect it vertically: Edit => Transform => Flip Vertical. Omit the layer below to add a month of reflection in the water. 11. Transparency will supply 33% apply filter => Stylize => Wind. Three times to the right and three times to the left. 12. Apply the glow of the moon. Select the layer with the month and go to: Layer => Layer Style => Outer Glow with the following parameters: 13. Since the moon is over. Now let's draw a star. Choosing a brush with the stars. Diameter chosen by taste. Draw a star. Can transform them to deploy, but it should draw on each new layer. 14. And reflection. The same thing we do, but the blending mode in the Layers palette in We will be covering. On this lesson is completed. Thank you for your attention.

Wheels World

One piece, slim, goes to the right and one that is heavier, with heart and soul back into the Glory for the next incarnation. This world itself, that the top of purgatory I called, the great and wonderful creature is, which serves the purpose of the special. Space of right to pure spirits. To fill the power is sent to the spirit of the rules in a trip to the worlds dense. To do this, and was created soul and body are different. When he dials Silushka necessary, comes back in the right and begins to create new worlds. So expanding the space of right and self creation.

47 chakras of man All the creatures that inhabit Navi worlds and Reveal, there are special devices that redistribute the energy of peace in the world and from body to body. Our ancestors, these devices were called Wheels of Light. In today's world of chakras name. Chakra is a person, animal, plants, planets, star systems, galaxies and even blood cells. The greatest number of chakras in the human being – 47. The number is dependent on the star system of a soul embodied.

On Earth, most people have 47 chakras but not all of them work. Chakras are installed on the subtle bodies of man. Unwinding the wheel begins to condense the light energy, creating a sort of black hole that opens up a channel from the world of fine in the world is more dense. Through This channel has an energy that can fuel the body, giving him the required information or may be directed to other activities.