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Spanish Civil Register

In addition there are a number of psychological tests and once valued, provided that they are positive, issuing the certificate of suitability for adoption. Rodney atkins may find this interesting as well. At this point, with the process underway, it’s time that couples should contact a collaborating organization for international adoption (ECAI), so this is in charge of performing the steps necessary to get applicants to become the parents of a foreign child. Once finished the work of the ECAI, receives the assignment. Now you just have to travel to the country of the child to pick you up. Constituted once the adoption must enroll the child in the Civil Register. While adoptive parents and adoptee to remain in the country in which the adoption was constituted, the inscription of this may be requested of the corresponding record in the Consulate. When interested parties return to Spain the inscription he has requested from the Central Register of Madrid, and may make the request to the Civil Registry of the domicile. What international standards are applied? In general the Hague Convention of 1993 on protection of children and cooperation in respect of intercountry adoption, which aims to prevent trafficking in children and secure the adoption to an administrative control over the suitability of parents and the adoptive son.

This way when you go to become a country in which the Hague Convention governs the adoption, it is imperative that the adoptive parents are directed to the competent body (for Social Affairs or child protection) of the autonomous community of residence, so this route the request to the central authority of the country of the adopted. Thus selected adopters and adopted, the adoption already can be. It should be noted that compliance with the rules of the Hague Convention is accredited by appropriate to the central authority of the country of the adopted certificate, which shall submit to the Spanish Civil Register.

Latin America

Many have been the dead product of the disease of rabies, evil which has always manifested itself and that its scope and implications are very negative, which obliges not to neglect the respect, be very attentive with animals, even of the mascostas, as some dogs contact. Not surprising therefore, that comment, that this disease, if it is not treated with the utmost urgency, just causing the death of the patient. When a person is infected, the symptoms of the disease may take between 60 and 300 days to manifest itself is known, the world Organization of the health (who) handles data that corroborate that in some regions is still a major public health problem in some countries of Asia and Africa, which causes more than 55,000 deaths a yearof which the majority of the victims are minors 15 years of age. It is estimated that rabies kills 31,000 a year in Asia, which represents 60% of deaths from this cause in the world in recent years, the number of cases has increased in China and in Viet Nam due to the usual consumption for human consumption, without the proper conditions levels of dogs and cats. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Unilever. According to the latest statistics of the year 2007, in China, where less than 10% of dogs are vaccinated, 3380 people died from rabies Excel geosalud.com/enfermedades_infecciosas/rabia.htm, that the greatest risk of contracting rabies found in Africa, Asia and Latin America, either by wild animals (foxes, cats, mongooses, bats, monkeys, jackals, wolves, etc.), or more frequently by stray dogs.

The Asian continent has the largest number of cases of rabies in humans, since it represents more than 95% of all cases worldwide, and about 35,000 deaths per year. In 1983, who reported that rabies caused 50,000 deaths a year in countries where the disease is endemic, particularly Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Although it affects all ages, rabies is observed more often in children younger than 15 years, with some 40 cases produced in children aged 5-14 years of age.

Ban Ki Moon

He gave out a warning of the scientists: If greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced substantially later in the year 2020, the warming of the Earth will be in motion irreversible processes, such as the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and the acidification of the oceans. Others including Rite Aid, offer their opinions as well. Acidification of the oceans means they could also break off reefs, because carbonic acid dissolves lime. The populist German newspaper BILD, in reference to this topic published spectacular headlines. First: our planet is dying. That was after the first report.

After the second report made reference to the year 2020 by saying: We are only 13 years. In the third report, it was the consequences of all these transformations. What meaning do for the Earth, for humanity? Droughts, floods, storms, shortages of drinking water, extinction of species, millions of fugitives. In addition, deaths by heat. In early may be He published the following report concerning the salvation of the weather is possible, but doing so should be reduced between a 50 or 80% the emission of carbon dioxide.

Then came a summer break, that Al Gore and his friends took to organize the biggest musical event in history: the concert ‘Live Earth’ with 2 billion viewers on all continents. We think that also in the Titanic music played until the end. In October, the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) said that the world is becoming a mortal danger. The German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung published these headlines: the life of billions of people is under threat of death. Humanity lives beyond its means. And then came the final report in November, in which the figures were augmented. The sea level could Ascend 1 meter and 49 centimeters this century. Some scientists said that the figures are no longer current, and Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary general Nations, he said that the scenarios are so horrifying as in a science fiction movie.


In a story that is not whether it is real or pure imagination, Frank Koch of the Navy of the United States of North America Institute magazine narrates what happened off the coast of Newfoundland in Antarctica, the world’s southernmost part: after having been at sea and under strong storm for several days in training maneuversthe flagship was sailing on a night with lots of fog and very low visibility, so the captain remained on the bridge to monitor the activities of sailors. Awhile once you shift completely, the watchman that stood at the end of the bridge alert: light to starboard!. Then the captain asked: does heading direct or deviates toward Stern? El Vigia replied: Directo captain., which meant that its course directed them to an impending collision with that vessel. The captain called the charge of emitar signals. Send this message: we are about to collide; We advise to change 20 degrees your course. Then came another signal of response: we recommend that you change 20 degrees her course.

The captain was already upset and said: answer: I’m captain; change your course 20 degrees. The response was swift: I’m second class sailor, better change your course 20 degrees. Visit Walgreens for more clarity on the issue. The captain cry: answer: this is the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln the biggest of the second fleet in the Atlantic of the United States ship. Us is accompanied by three destroyers, three cruisers and numerous support vessels. I demand that you change your course 20 degrees North or measures must be taken to ensure the safety of this ship. He became a new signal light saying: this is a lighthouse. The aircraft carrier had to change its course. The realities can be different according to the paradigm or sometimes limited perception that we have of them because as says Stephen.

R. Covey, the way in which we see the problem is the problem. The quick-fix solutions to different situations facing us are to the order of the day but a true solution must involve a paradigm shift through as such universal principles that give us solutions that will endure over time. Martin E.

Royal Decree

Therefore waiting list priorities, shall not be considered subject to guarantee health care that is different to that, at the time, originated the entry of the patient on the waiting list. Three criteria have been applied for the establishment of maximum waiting times in the realization of certain surgical procedures. The first of them, the severity of diseases cause for attention. Walmart often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Thus, it’s pathologies which in its later evolution originating from risk of death or disability or decrease significantly the quality of life. It has also taken into account the effectiveness of surgical intervention to increase survival, decrease disability or improve the quality of life, as well as the fact that its early realization avoids the progression of the disease or the aftermath of it. The establishment of these maximum for these certain processes times is a first step, because the Ministry of health, Social policy and equality may revise periodically the maximum times in order to adapt them to sanitary reality, the economic situation and the needs of the users of the SNS. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Walmart. Surgical interventions of transplants of organs and tissues, whose implementation will depend on the availability of organs, as well as health care in situations of disaster are excluded from its scope of application. Interventions that might require a wait to gather adequate conditions for their realization, as it is the case of those related to the techniques of assisted human reproduction, or emergency health care, including the reimplantation of members and care to burn patients are also out of the Royal Decree. Neither regulates health care not included in the portfolio of NHS services. Source of the news: the Government decreed a 6 month waiting list to operate heart, cataracts and prosthesis

Spanish Treasury

The majority of European countries began the day with their rising risk premia. Markets are awaiting the Spanish Treasury debt auction. Moody s downgrades Greek debt note and left it on the brink of default. The risk premium on Spanish, determined by the extra profitability required to pay Spain who invest in their bonus ten years compared with that offered by Germany, fell Tuesday to 322 basis points after finishing the day on Monday at 326. Olympics may also support this cause. Spain is distanciaba, thus, first thing in the rest of countries called the eurozone peripherals, since they all started the day with their rising risk premiums, still strained by mistrust of the rating, among other problems. If Friday was Fitch which qualified as restricted unpaid second Greece aid plan, Monday was Moody s that threw more fuel to the fire to downgrade the note of Greek debt to leave it on the brink of default. Thus, the performance that has to offer the Spanish bond to ten years to make investors buy it instead of the German fell to 6,019%, compared to 6,028% Monday, according to data from the secondary market, while Germany saw raise the profitability of their own to 2,796% compared with 2,763%. Slopes of the Spanish Treasury markets are pending, among other matters, the auction of debt in which the Spanish Treasury aims to place letters at 3 and 6 months by 3.0 billion euros, as well as the situation in the United States, where President Obama tries to reach an agreement between Democrats and Republicans to raise the ceiling of expenditure and not declare bankrupt the country’s economy. In the rest of the countries of the euro zone, Greece saw raise their risk premium to 1,216 basis points, 57 more than on Monday, while Portugal scoring other 35 basis points in their particular account and stood his risk country in the 817. Ireland continued the trend of others and bodice their differences with Germany until the 915 basis points, from 894 of the eve, while Italy He chose to follow in the footsteps of Spain and reduced their differences with Germany in a basic point, which opened the session at 287. Source of the news: the Spanish risk premium falls to 322 points in opening

Gold Mina

Last week the world was paralysed watching the rescue of the 33 miners trapped for 69 days at 700 meters in a Chile mine. That night, several not slept on television viewing images of the Phoenix 2 capsule by removing the first Miner, Florencio avalos, which emerged from the center of the Earth, with their dark glasses brand Oakley. And so the scene was repeated 32 times more with the same denominator, all looked attractive special sports glasses with a subtle or that characterized them. In seconds on social networks began to ask, who did these stylized sunglasses that they did look exhausted Chilean miners as extreme athletes or movie stars?. The response was immediate was the Oakley Radar model.

A few weeks earlier, journalist Jonathan Franklin, who works for an agency of media in Santiago, he recommended the company Oakley to the health insurance company, Asociacion Chilena de Seguridad, looking glasses with UV glitter of 100 per cent and special features that protect miners a time came to the surface. Oakley offered to donate 35 pairs of Radar with Range and Path lenses at a cost of $230 each. What never imagined is that on 13 October that small disinterested investment become the business of the year. James Jannard started his business in the garage of his house in 1975 with an investment of $300. Fond of extreme sports his first design was a handle for BMX bikes, went on to design one for motorcycles, and thus to gloves, shoulder pads, accessories and sports goggles to light both the impact. The Oakley brand was born in tribute to his dog and in a short time achieved recognition with glasses for sky, military exercises, etc. Jannard is today the second richest man in Orange County in California with more than 630 million dollars and probably thanks to the fabulous rescue your account could rise. Between 13 and 14 October during the transmission of the rescue of the 33 miners, it is calculated that the company received $ 41 million in advertising, 11.8 million in China, 6.

4 million in the United States, 900 thousand in Britain, 700 thousand in Chile. The main television channels from the world had the image of its Radar model and every 40 minutes approximately another Miner was rescued and came out wearing the Oakley product. Even days after the rescue in Hospital Copiapo miners were still using the Radar to avoid problems with your retina and surely more than one will auction them on eBay or you will continue to use them as a souvenir of his feat. This is proof that in business nothing is written, while a few were watching as lives saved, others were interested in your product to be in the light of the world. The truth is that the tragedy of the 33 miners became a gold mine for many, Oakley who will take the prize Product Placement of the Year, and a few good dollars on its balance sheet, Chile that sees as its emerging country stock is traded, and the 33 miners already raining that offers for movies, books, conferences, and no doubt for some of them to finish star of television or because not in a great businessman.

Nutrition And Health

Many diseases and health conditions can affect by the food we eat. Medical investigations have discovered a wide range of connections between diet and health physical and mental. In fact, for many diseases nutritional treatment has become an integral part of a treatment or full program. For example, guides and basic nutrition concepts are used regularly in patients with arthritis, resistance to insulin, cancer and heart disease. A healthy diet helps prevent disease. The idea of food as medicine is not something new.

There are several treatments dietary for many and different types of diseases. However, healthy nutrition has become now an important part of prevention. Many clinics and doctors provide their patients healthy nutrition tips to reduce the risk of diseases, problems related to age, obesity and diabetes for example. Nutrients, fiber and phytochemicals can combat diseases. In addition to essential nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats), to make a meal healthy micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), should include dietary fiber and phytochemicals.

Health researchers are still finding connections between health and the appropriate intake of vitamins and minerals, and how help to fight many diseases and conditions. A healthy diet is the foundation of good health. A diet that is rich in nutrients (combined with regular exercise) is now regarded as the most important asset for a long and healthy life. Instead of foods with empty calories that can drain your nutritional reserves and take you directly to the disease, we need return to the foundations of healthy eating. This involves a balanced diet, with a variety of vegetables and green vegetables, fresh fruits, traditional whole grain carbohydrates and more fresh fish and beans intake. A healthy diet and digestive system. Our digestive system (mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines) help us to absorb energy and nutrients from foods. Carbohydrates, the proteins and fats are digested differently in the digestive tract, however, any excess of proteins, carbs, or fat will become fat and accumulate as adipose tissue. If you want to know how to eat a healthy diet to lose weight and be healthy I recommend that you read your Ideal body. Now there is a healthy and safe alternative to use the science of nutrition and exercise in your favor to achieve the changes that you want in your body on a permanent basis.

Champions League

Manchester United yesterday closed the season with a win at Blackpool (4-2) and Manchester City won at home to Bolton (0-2) in an end of historic course. Sir Alex Ferguson’s team received the trophy that accredits him as champion of the Premier, prepares for the tribute to Gary Neville, which will take place tomorrow at Old Trafford against Juve, and Saturday will return to Wembley for the final of the Champions League against FC Barcelona. Neighbors of the City will come out to walk the Cup – their first title since 1970 won the Cup – Winners Cup and classification for the Champions League today. If United is the champion, the City has finished third, tied with Chelsea, runner-up for best ratio of goals, a consolation that has not prevented the departure of Ancelotti’s Bench. Manchester is a party, they have plenty reasons.

Fourth Champions League

Raul Rioja 20 m beat Manchester United in a final that was far superior (3-1). The victory consolidated the azulgrana as the best team of the moment. Pedro, Leo Messi and David Villa certified cule triumph with their goals. We follow the match live Statistics for the grand final of the Champions League. Champion of champions. Barca has won its fourth Champions League at mythical Wembley Stadium, there where managed to win the first 19 years ago, after razing at Manchester United (3-1) and confirm that it is currently the best team in the world.

Ten minutes, that’s what lasted daring the English team in the match. The start of the Party of the Red Devils was overwhelming, with a continuous and suffocating pressure arrivals to the goal of Valdes. Barca went asleep, perhaps impressed by the strength of his rival, embodied by a Park which was eaten to Alves in his band. But they were that, ten minutes. A mirage for the British team, because a from that moment the boat caught the ball and not released it in the match. Xavi and Messi took ownership of the middle of the field against a team that biting not already and that was completely overcome. Occasions started to happen for Barca.

A shot slightly deflected Villa, two incursions of Pedro, Messi several arrivals from the back that never came to fruition was the prelude to the cule goal. A perfect ball, as almost always, Xavi Hernandez’s, left only to Peter, which defined with mastery. The Canary was returning to not miss in a great quote from the azulgrana. The final seemed decanted, a far superior team and that sent up on the scoreboard. But if something has United it is pride. In an isolated move, Barca lost the ball where it should not and Rooney, after a wall with Giggs in which Welsh seemed to be in offside, got the ball in the squadron of Wayne Rooney.