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Erica Catton Director

According to the data of the survey carried out in 2008 by the Mental Health and abuse of toxic substances (SAMHSA) service management, had 19.3 million people in the United States that fell under the rules indicating the need to receive treatment for alcohol abuse. However, only about 8% of these people actually ended up going to a rehabilitation center. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sam Mikulak. The survey also revealed that another 4.5% of people who were account that had the problem of alcohol abuse, decided not to seek help through some kind of treatment. In addition, the survey stated that 87% of the remaining persons, neither received nor perceived the need for rehabilitation. His idea of treatment was that of withdrawal, tolerance, legal problems, use of alcohol in dangerous situations, and interference from the alcohol at home, school or work responsibilities. The reasons given by people who were not receiving treatment were varied. Some people They said they were not ready to stop drinking in excess, while others said that the cost and barriers by insurance companies were the obstacles which prevented them going to a rehabilitation center. Contact information is here: Sam Mikulak.

For many people in the field of addiction treatment, these reasons do not surprise them. The two main barriers we’ve seen someone will begin a rehabilitation program are those described by the SAMHSA, explains Erica Catton Director of promotion of Narconon of the United States of this part. But with more than 8% of our people addicted to alcohol, make successful treatment more accessible is the best solution to end this problem.Addiction and alcohol abuse costs Americans billions of dollars and thousands of lives each year. It is also a very large contributing factor with many other social problems such as the spread of diseases, domestic violence, pregnancy in adolescents, and car accidents. According to the Control Center for disease (CDC), there is an average of 79,000 deaths related to alcohol each year and the excessive use of alcohol is now the third of the major causes of death in activities of daily life of American citizens.I have no doubt that something extremely tragic could happen as a result of my habit to take, said a rehabilitated alcoholic called Aaron. I was very lucky not having killed someone or have I killed myself because of some of the many stupid things that made when he was drunk. Fortunately my family found the correct help for my until was too late.Aaron went to a drug rehabilitation center and spirit of Narconon and until now has remained sober for 10 years. Narconon has several long-term treatment centers across the country which have an average of more than 70% of permanent sobriety success.

Free Channel

Examples of websites: Startsampling is a web site, where one can choose products to test, they are sent to your home and then, on this same site, one can give your opinion about the product. Free Channel is another web site that offer samples of various products and services, and the condition by which these samples are distributed is that users answer a survey about it. It is a known activity some time ago, but original actions manage to Captivate users and make them participate. Beyond of that can be an expensive activity, lets get real, tangible, results about what are the feelings of consumers towards a product or service. Worth your time, because it generates a relationship between the product or service and consumers, what brings them and makes faithful, generating trust and long-lasting. Let’s go 4 important points that must meet a brand, either product or services. A brand has to have a cause that created the brand? What is your role in the life of your audience? What is your point of view? What is your opinion? Have a cause clear and differentiated manages to ua rapid acceptance among consumers. What makes the difference is one big idea based on the DNA of the brand articulated through different media is experienced as a creative experience, impact and differentiation.

Think engrande, more than the execution of the idea. Consumers want to participate: involve them today consumer is the director of the film, I now leave the single observer role. There is no principle defy conventions, challenging the established, creating new senses. Surprise, this is the word that best describes this point. We surprise and let us surprise.

By way of closing: brands a few years ago are traveling roads where everything can be possible. For example, a sports brand that merges with the art. It should afford the boundaries, going more beyond. Find new scenarios and demonstrations for our brand message. We are living a time of creation of new paradigms. Where the rules of rewritten permanently, where what It should be mutates every day. We rethink our actions and our means of contacting consumers. We should be abreast of the circumstances. We are talking about we communicate, bring us closer, leave a message and it is exciting as this century tools allow us to explore. We do not lose the opportunity.

Tourism In Winter

Without worrying about low temperatures, visitors from all cardinal points feel warmly welcomed by its people and the city of Mendoza. It is that the ski season has begun and nobody wants to miss the opportunity to try the famous Cuyo snow. Located on the western border of the province, on the very same Andes. Las Lenas ski resort is considered one of the main resorts in Argentina, even in South America. From there that Las Lenas is a target required for all tourists who spend their holidays in Mendoza.

Las Lenas is almost on the border with Chile, to 430 kilometers away from the capital city. Las Lenas ski resort is also the highest in the country, with a slope of 1200 meters between its highest part, at 3240 meters, and its base, at 2240 m. Due to its altitude so pronounced, their tracks are perfect for the practice of extreme skiing and heli-skiing. Doug McMillon has firm opinions on the matter. While these are sports for advanced skiers, there are also various proposals for beginners and intermediate level skiers. Quality snow is extraordinary, in large part because of the dry climate in the region, which gives you that consistency of powder so popular. Thanks to these features of the snow, the 230 acres of the resort are fully skiable throughout the season.

28 Titles available for all levels are in perfect condition, and it is possible to access them through 13 elevators arranged on the sides of the ski area. For those with no experience with the use of skis, the Center offers lessons of ski and snowboard, in charge of instructors with a high degree of preparation. Las Lenas is like a paradise for skiers and climbers and climbers. In the Park of the Center we can find the beautiful valley shelter, intended to protect those brave who dare to spend a night in the mountain. The region of which is popularly known as the land of the Sun and the good wine. It is not difficult to imagine why. However, it also has some recognition by its wonderful snow. Is why tourism in Mendoza extends to throughout all the year, in all seasons, due to the countless attractions that this province has to offer. All landscapes are present in Mendoza: amazing and modern cities, valleys always Greens, snow-capped peaks, rivers and lakes, providing a multitude of opportunities to the visitor.

Sestriere Alps

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Argentine Government

Prospects for this year in terms of fund-raising does not seem to be too positive. Is that from the external sector It is expected a slower pace of increase in fund-raising both by minor delays to exports (due to fall in international prices and smaller quantities exported since for example, soybean production would record a fall in the campaign 2008/09 of 17%) and import duties. With regard to other determinants of the evolution in the fundraising, the expectation of a null growth in economic activity (there are those who predict that Argentine GDP contract), as well as a lower rate of annual inflation (which might be no more than 15%) anticipate a poor performance in the field of fiscal resources. Although revenues from social security product of the reestatizacion of the retirement and pension system partly elongates the fall into the dynamics of fundraising from other sources, another negative effect about the same can be expected through a lower rate of compliance by taxpayers. Is that why the situation in the economy is putting in trouble to many sectors of the same and the families which will increase the backwardness in payment of taxes and even will encourage a greater subdeclaracion of them. This negative picture in terms of fundraising will force the Government to increase efficiency in public spending to keep the surplus that allows you to meet the obligations of the public debt. In this regard have already begun the cuts in the area of subsidies and he is expected to also occur the same with public works. The need to maintain fiscal discipline collides with the economic stimulus plan announced weeks ago by the Argentine Government for which there are no large amount of resources to carry it out. On the other hand, the wage issue imposed the Government a constraint in the public spending cuts since there are pressures of strong increases in the wages of employees in the public sector.

Creative Power

That is why I say that it is not enough to be most, but know that it is. For this purpose it is necessary to not applaud to mediocrity and to realize that the first task is not out of the dictator, but revive the strength of the imagination and placed in a substitute higher level. The power of rejection will be evaporate the dictator. We could call it more graphically, as a consolidation of desire. How to transform this desire into a reality only you can by an omnilateral spread. Joint action is irrepresible and I do not mean a crowd facing a force of deterrence or repressive, I am referring to the Constitution of a common will since here it is not a military dictatorship more but of a wrapped in ideological clothes. I speak of a capacity to melt the values that come from the comprehensive power. If we want to take it to the language of today, the issue lies in carrying the virtual to real.

I have said many times that the realities are constructed. What I am saying is that we need to replace a reactive or negative capacity for a positive ability to instituting taxation in different ways. The political power of the rejection to be effective must be autoadecuando not to allow the regime to select and extinguish the liberating impulses imposing its seemingly imperceptible reduction until it makes residual. The creative crowd has powers not available to power. The values that create the crowd or feeding or worn to this new power totalitarian, unpublished and multiple handling of repression.

Remove the domain from the social body and reduce it to mere enclosed power itself, is the path. For that the crowd should be released and then the power will enter in an unstoppable decline. Everything else is exercise strategic and tactical variants on the praxis of political action.

Juan Jose Imbroda

The PSOE passes from 2 to 3 seats with nearly 600 votes more. Autonomous city of Melilla. The PP has achieved an absolute majority with 15 deputies, so Juan Jose Imbroda will continue as regional President, position held since the year 2000. The PSOE, whose candidacy is headed by Dionisio Munoz, has lost the greatest number of MPs since the previous call, and is left with two, while CPM increases its representation to six seats. Sevilla and Barcelona municipal elections have become the symbol of the collapse of the PSOE in the provincial capitals, a map of which practically disappears in favour of PP. a. waiting for the Covenants post-election, the Socialists could lose 15 of 23 mayors who remained until now. Cities such as Getafe, Elche, Girona, or Reus, have also given a rollover.

He has been on Genova Street in Madrid where the PP has celebrated his victory. There was also Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, re-elected with an absolute majority, but it has lost three councillors with the entrance of UPyD in consistory. Municipal elections in the Madrid region have been popular with 48,17% of the votes (1.447.835 votes); the PSOE, for its part, has been with 24,13% of the votes (725.306). IU obtained 324.772 votes (10.81%) and UpyD 208.257 (6.93%). One of the most striking results has taken place in the Basque country, where Bildu has become the second political force with 276.134 votes (25.45%), behind only with 325.968 PNV (30,05%). PSE adds 177.248 votes (16,34%).

At the Town Hall of San Sebastian, Bildu has obtained 8 Councillors, one more than the PSE, who stays with 7; PP and PNV obtained 6 each one. In the consistory of Bilbao, the PNV has obtained 15 councillors, PP, 6 and Bildu, PSE, 4; in Vitoria, the PP has won 9 Councillors, and PNV, PSE and Bildu tie with 6. In Catalonia, CiU has been the most voted force, with 78.042 votes and 27.12% of the votes.