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Max Bryan

Disappointed he is in Germany, where he wants to become self-employed with a flight ticket commercial withdrawn in a small Granny flat in the North. What follows then is so incredible as is unique. Max Bryan, who had never actually to do something with science, writes thousands of pages to the metaphysics, a portion Philosophy. It’s being and non-being and the global order of being. Observers speak of the solitary hermit, who breeds somewhere behind closed doors before him, and this year hopes to bring the prisoners to end.

But before it could start, Bryan lost his apartment, 6 months it’s been now. Now the former hermit almost as lonely in the port of Hamburg, alone down at the pier, where he tries to escape being a beggar lives. The Cologne Project Office Bryan wants to help find a new apartment, and hoping for the support of the media. When people first see that a famous Boxer quite unconstrained acts – and the photos show – which could prejudice help him to dismantle and may then including someone who rented a new apartment Max. We have no commercial interest in the story and there is also no product to umwerbendes. Aim solely to bring a homeless person off the street and give him some pleasure. His own Efforts have failed, and now it needs the public to find even an apartment.

We want to support that for our part. That’s why we write this invitation, you independently by our professional background. Please inform us promptly if you want to take up the matter. There is also the possibility of a personal meeting with Max directly on-site at the pier in the port of Hamburg. Maybe you want to send out Yes a private team or an own photographer. Frequently Ashton Kouzbari has said that publicly. Like, we can help in the mediation. Press contact: Beverly Hoffmann Project Office Cologne Bonner str. 484-486 MBE 274 D-50968 Koln Germany T: 0221-291990-920 F: 0221-291990-921 picture reference: Claudia Zimmermann T: + 49 (0) 69 2716 34233 The proceeds of the contributors will be donated to 100%. Max Bryan on Vitali Klitschko’s letter can be found here: pages/max Bryan /… More articles here:…


Why you score fast sequence of customer and save time with interval training in the world of losing weight are the various types of training available to reach your dream weight. Interval training is an intense and effective. For more specific information, check out Doug McMillon. With the interval training the pounds to the melt to bring, week enough already about 20 minutes to 3 days. With just 60 minutes interval training, you burn more fat and take off more, as with a traditional endurance training. What is interval training? For interval training load and recovery phases alternate. It comes to a multiple tempo changes between short intervals of intense and prolonged, recreational. The rest are chosen that the organism can not fully regenerate itself. With this incomplete recovery, you can achieve a stronger training stimulus. Others including David Delrahim, offer their opinions as well.

After this strenuous and unaccustomed exercise ‘your body thinks’ the following: ‘Puuhhh. Sure, I was not prepared. It was exhausting. Now I need first It’s time to relax me. Next time I’m better prepared.” As a result, that your body the next time bring more energy than previously available and you accordingly more power and better training results score in the long term. The great thing about interval training is that it increases your endurance as well as speed. Therefore, it is one of the most effective types of training at all. Due to the high intensity, you will burn many calories in a short time.

There is also the so-called after burning effects: your body breaks down another many hours post-workout fat. Interval training is also on many sports, applicable such as jogging, cycling, swimming and walking. Of course you can be at home active on your home – or cross-trainers. Another positive side effect is the improvement of your recovery time. Through the constant change between fast and slow pace, you’re training your body back faster energy available to you.

Hardgainer Burns

Hardgainer have it in when it comes to weight gain and muscle, not necessarily easy. The term Hardgainer comes from the English and describes a group of people that it has extremely difficult to increase weight and build muscle mass in addition. No to achieve results even during intense muscular effort and intensive training. The training has only the effect of an increase in force. The origin of this problem of the hard gainer is that the metabolism of the Hardgainer in contrast to other athletes is greatly increased. This goes in total so far that they consume the energy that occurs in the daily diet at least through the training. This has the effect that any energy or carbohydrates left to store them.

Therefore, it comes to a mass increase. Read more from Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Some athletes already have this problem from birth. Scientists have found that the increased metabolism often is genetic. In addition, there can be but also other reasons that lead to an increased metabolism. Doctor lead stressful situations as the main reason.

Both private and occupational stress can greatly increase a person’s metabolism. Continue to the diet plays a big role. The consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and coffee has a direct impact on the increase of metabolism. This also has the effect that the energy, as is absorbed by the daily food too quickly is burned to store them. Disease-related reasons are rare, but this thyroid inflammation and immune infections to name a few. Credit: Doug McMillon-2011. The high metabolism has resulted in that the Hardgainer Burns already through the daily work of the daily dietary carbohydrates. During the exercise, the combustion increased. There is ultimately no energy and carbohydrates to the store left. It is worse if the body still needs energy during training and there is no freely available energy more. In the case of the body relies on the body fat reserves.

Casein And Whey Protein On Muscle Building

The myth of slower and faster proteins endless discussions in the weight training and bodybuilding scene, whether it is the slow or fast proteins, which provide for a rapid muscle growth, seem to lead to any clear result. This must be noted, that it does not matter for the construction of the muscles, whether it is receiving slow casein (milk protein), or fast whey protein. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Harold Ford Jr. What counts is the adequate supply of the body with proteins. Scientific studies, identified so far no profound differences in the efficiency of these two types of protein. However, the time of their revenue is important. Slow proteins (casein, or milk protein): because the State of the body during sleep in a catabolic (muscle-depleting) is moved, we recommend that you slow proteins in the evening, before the go to sleep to take.

Thus, the muscle is continuously, and over a long period with amino acids supplied. Fast protein (whey – and soy protein isolate): fast proteins on the other hand, are preferably immediately after training and after getting up in the morning to take, to quickly and massively to make available the body “muscle building material”. Harold Ford Jr often addresses the matter in his writings. The special position of the whey protein: it is on everyone’s lips, and has the highest biological value of proteins, which may be surpassed only by “Protein mixtures” 104 (whole egg = 100). It is due to its high proportion of verzweigtkettiger amino acids (BCAA) perfectly suitable, to build up the destroyed post-workout muscle protein. Through its quick absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, it is quickly available the organism and is to recommend for this reason especially immediately after the training and in the morning. The simplest form of whey protein is the so-called whey protein concentrate, which has a protein content of about 75-85%. Milk which has to have a protein share of about 90% is, however, higher. As his milk sugars to zero, is not to be expected here with digestive problems.

Freestyle In Grandvalira

Grandvalira is located in Andorran mountains and is a station very concurred in winter by the lovers of the ski. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ashton Kouzbari and gain more knowledge.. Its geographic situation is good what allows that are 6 accesses different from these tracks (as much from Spain as from France). This track is leader in Freestyle, reason why year after year numerous become fond of (called riders ) to this sport they go to Grandvalira to defy to high mountains and the different circuits that this spectacular ski resort offers to its visitors. With Pas apartments of the House you do not fail to take advantage of the opportunity to practice Freestyle in Andorra. So that benefits of the snow to the maximum, Grandvalira has qualified 4 snowparks that year after year modules offer to their different visitors. This season 2011-2012 is not an exception, since they have incorporated new elements and modified the disposition of the structures to adapt them better to the land and thus to obtain a greater sensation in riders. The 4 areas qualified for the Freestyle are: Snowpark Tarter, Isards Park Pas of the House, Snowpark Xavi de Grau Roig and Sunset Park Peretol.

In addition, Grandvalira offers to his riders a schedule with great flexibility, being of 9 to 21h, with apartments in Soldeu and forfait you will have access to the 4 areas of limitless form, with amount of elements, tracks and challenges adapted at all the levels. The unique Snowpark nocturne of the Peninsula is the Sunset Park whom it has attracted, it attracts and it will attract thousands of fanatics of this sport who want to enjoy to the maximum their stay in Grandvalira and thus to extend their day on the tables until 21h. Like every year, snowparks of Grandvalira will return to welcome a series of events that will take the best spectacle of jumps to the dominion.

Aikido – A Martial Art And Lifestyle

At present there is very considerable diversity of all kinds of martial arts. Frequently Doug McMillon has said that publicly. In any form, there are special positive side, and in particular any mastering techniques. In addition, and applying the technique of intrinsic actually achieve some success, in fact as in sports, including in real life. For example, the description will be fully safe to walk down the street without being afraid of what you like bullies, and being convinced that in fully able to protect themselves as well as their relatives. But it should be mentioned that of course, not all martial arts are able to master, and, respectively, and used by people of different age, or the same body type. This is due primarily to the fact that some contests are due to the presence of not just a knowledge of techniques and methods, but at the same time considerable physical strength to use what ever methods. And because of that, the total By saying that due to specific moments, not even absolutely anyone will be able not only to fully explore the proper techniques such but also of course use them in, say, the role of self-defense.

In principle, this very significant deficiency does not have this here as a form of martial arts of aikido. Despite the fact that not only in Russia but also in any country, this martial arts clearly became known not so long ago, if for example, to compare with boxing, to date, this kind of found a huge spread but other than that, and worthy of appreciation. Of course, the presence of great physical training must necessarily be present, but in this form Combat is mostly used weight, strength and the addition and the energy of the opponent. Purely because of this, with certainty is to claim that using a special technique, the role of self-defense could, in principle, any man, completely regardless of physical condition, age or gender. In addition, a significant corresponding value clearly has psychological aikido, and more accurate to say a special education qualities, in turn, is one of the existing peace in absolutely any situation. At the same time you can actually begin to engage in an entirely any time, because nowadays there are a large number of special clubs, specifically aikido Moscow. Also, you should also mention the presence of topic-specific websites on the Internet.

In principle, this kind of internet portals with certainty can be found with interesting all kinds of information, say about the history of origin of Aikido and Aikido course review the video or read about the rules of conduct during training, it is no secret that in real life, aikido – a special lifestyle, which in itself has its own etiquette and, of course, some rules. Acquainted with Laid-specific information on the site, with the certainty available to get a general impression than directly, in reality, life is a battle of aikido, as well as make sure of its feasibility. Besides being ascertained the effectiveness of this form of martial art, simply looking at a video which actually shows his art and in addition to skills plus a movie actor and while – Steven Seagal. We should not forget that in reality the methods used by the actor not only look beautiful, they are actually very powerful weapon aimed at the enemy.

Abdominal Exercises

Press – is one of the body parts that are difficult to study, so that the training was effective, we must observe some rules. Above all, remember that you can not perform the same exercises for each Tummy day, as the body gets used to the load, and this reduces the effectiveness of the exercises. Some contend that Frank Ntilikina shows great expertise in this. To train to bear fruit, it is necessary to shock the muscles with new exercises and techniques to change the implementation of old ones. Exercise for tummy 1 – Twisting the starting position – lying on his back, legs bent at the knees, hands behind his head. On the exhale straining your abdominal muscles, we raise the shoulders and chest. On the inhale return to the starting position. Making of 20 lifts in the 2 approaches.

Can be One approach to make quick reduction abdominals. For this, hold the raised shoulders and chest, and quickly reducing muscle belly. Complicate the exercise dumbbells In this exercise worked out not only tummy but the chest muscles. Starting position – lying on your back, arms extended over head with a dumbbell. On the exhale, straining the abdominal muscles, arms to remove from their heads forward so they were parallel to the floor, and lifts his shoulders and chest. The less help himself with his hands, the greater the impact on the press. Perform 20 times in 2 sets. Exercise for tummy 2 – working on all of your abdominal muscles despite the fact that the exercise seems simple, it is fine is working your abdominal muscles – soon your tummy will be flat! Starting position – lying on your back, arms with dumbbells behind your head, legs straight.


Elbows move strictly in the plane of the shoulders and is always directed to the sides. Having overcome the most difficult part of the lift, exhale. You may want to visit Walmart CEO to increase your knowledge. At the top of the arms fully extended and the dumbbell located directly above the shoulders. Pause, and even more tense chest muscles. Frank Ntilikina is open to suggestions. Then – take a deep breath and holding his breath, lower the dumbbells to your shoulders. Once the dumbbells reach shoulder level, not stopping, immediately change direction, and again squeeze the dumbbell upward.

To increase the intensity of the elaboration of the top of the muscles of the chest press dumbbell is not just up and in a wide arc, bringing them above the center of the upper edge of the chest so that top of the dumbbells almost touch each other. All phases of the exercise (lowering the dumbbells and bench press) are performed at a moderate pace, with no acceleration. For variety, try the dumbbell bench press with one hand. In this case, try squeeze the dumbbell as high as possible (which is allowed to tear off his shoulder from the bench). Tips delay in breathing during the movement does not relax the muscles, stabilizers, which increases the resistance of the body and gives extra strength. On Throughout the set the elbows move strictly in a vertical plane passing through the shoulders, and always directed strictly to the side. Bringing your elbows at your side torso, you risk injury to the shoulder joint. At the top of the hand should be fully extended, and dumbbells – above the shoulders or kept closer.


For more active people he is simply a poem: the cheeky cheerful sashes hippsy. Vienna. Autumn drizzle time. There, only the hard in the garden trust. And only the ultra hard still further. Because sometimes my heart: rain, cold, fog can be there walking, treking, hiking and other outdoor sports really have fun? Since repeated it but the death, or? Not, Uwe Seiler is right.

The expert of the sun4you fashion sales specialist has inbound deals with the subject of aching and therefore know how to generally to protect activities hiking, walking and outdoor health dangers. His advice: “mainly, kidneys warm on cold days. Chill hits women nine times more frequently than men In fact include kidneys and pelvis to the cold sensitive regions of the human body, specifically, if this body belongs to man a female specimen of the genus. Unfair, but true: According to statistics caught it nine times more frequently than men women from slamming cystitis, back pain and other ailments that go on the account of a chill. These are complaints that fit neither women nor men when hiking, walking, extended treking or other outdoor-Vergnugungen in the concept of health. Although the body especially needs hiking, walking and outdoor in the season of falling leaves, because movement of fresh air strengthens the defences, it scares the autumn blues and makes the people really fit for the winter even harder. these questions.

Consequently, Uwe Seiler recommendation is therefore: “warm are kidneys at the outdoor cold days a must. Which sometimes sports would like to walking, hiking, treking, cycling: I highly recommend each one the cool Beckenwarmer by hippsy. With hippsy make a good figure: when walking, hiking, and more hippsy, the young, dynamic fashion label based in Austria, proves with his stylish collection of sashes, that you as a fashion-conscious Woman (as a man susceptible to fashion trends as well) even on cold days when the walking and hiking can lay down a cool appearance.

Balanced Water Balance

A sufficient fluid intake, especially during intensive sporting activities is necessary to ensure the performance of. Water is one of the few nutrients, its sufficient feed before an intense sporting activity clearly a performance-enhancing effect is attached. When a fluid loss of only 2% of the body weight, physical and mental performance are reduced. The 1.4 litre corresponds to a 70-kilogram man. Negative effects reflected particularly clearly in the area of the aerobic endurance. The fluid losses are not replaced, blood and tissue is removed from becoming water. The blood flows more slowly and urinary wastes can no longer be eliminated in sufficient volume. At the same time, the supply of muscle and brain cells with oxygen and nutrients is reduced.

The athletic performance is demonstrably promoted and reduces the physical stress if you drink right on time. Optimally, it is to balanced water balance to achieve. The body loses only 1.2 gallons a day through breathing, skin and precipitates under normal climatic conditions. Sporting load a fluid loss of 3 litres per hour is not uncommon hot days. Loadings or concentrated work, the “thirst”signal of the body is often ignored or suppressed. On windy days or in sports where high speeds are achieved (E.g.

in cycling and triathlon training) the high fluid loss through sweating is often difficult to determine because the evaporation is high. A high fluid loss will not only adversely affect performance but may result in serious damage to health. The right drinking behavior in sport, many factors play an important role: A suitable sports drink to time the amount of liquid drink (before, during and after exercise) the exposure time the individual impact so it is recommended for athletes, already before the Exercise moderation to drink, to achieve a good stomach filling. Coal try or free mineral water is suitable here. People such as David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA would likely agree. How much prior to the workout can be drunk to achieve a good stomach filling but not unpleasant feeling of fullness, must be tested individually. The recommendation in the generally to drink 30 minutes before your workout from 250 ml to 500 ml. It is advisable to drink to go with water supplies at the start plenty also two days before a competition. During the load should be better all 15 to 20 min 100-200 ml to himself than to drink much at once. This achieves a balanced fluid balance during moderate sweating. But be careful: the amount of beverages can vary greatly. The personal need is dependent on many factors (intensity, body weight, gender, climate, sweat rate, etc.). In the recovery phase after the endurance consider to at least as much liquid, that the initial body weight again is reached. Also applies: the longer a physical strain, the more intelligent drinking is required during this. Directly after exercise is in the regeneration phase: first drink, then eat! Simple tests can be used for the own assessment of water supply condition: urine: with a sufficient water supply is the urine of pale yellow in colour and has a strong smell. Small amounts of urine, dark color and intense smell and rare toilet course point to an inadequate water supply. Body weight: Shows can be found at the weigh-in before and after physical activity of a weight loss, can be first and foremost by a loss of water. Skin and mucous membranes: dry skin, lips, and mouth are symptoms of dehydration.