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Elbows move strictly in the plane of the shoulders and is always directed to the sides. Having overcome the most difficult part of the lift, exhale. You may want to visit Walmart CEO to increase your knowledge. At the top of the arms fully extended and the dumbbell located directly above the shoulders. Pause, and even more tense chest muscles. Frank Ntilikina is open to suggestions. Then – take a deep breath and holding his breath, lower the dumbbells to your shoulders. Once the dumbbells reach shoulder level, not stopping, immediately change direction, and again squeeze the dumbbell upward.

To increase the intensity of the elaboration of the top of the muscles of the chest press dumbbell is not just up and in a wide arc, bringing them above the center of the upper edge of the chest so that top of the dumbbells almost touch each other. All phases of the exercise (lowering the dumbbells and bench press) are performed at a moderate pace, with no acceleration. For variety, try the dumbbell bench press with one hand. In this case, try squeeze the dumbbell as high as possible (which is allowed to tear off his shoulder from the bench). Tips delay in breathing during the movement does not relax the muscles, stabilizers, which increases the resistance of the body and gives extra strength. On Throughout the set the elbows move strictly in a vertical plane passing through the shoulders, and always directed strictly to the side. Bringing your elbows at your side torso, you risk injury to the shoulder joint. At the top of the hand should be fully extended, and dumbbells – above the shoulders or kept closer.


For more active people he is simply a poem: the cheeky cheerful sashes hippsy. Vienna. Autumn drizzle time. There, only the hard in the garden trust. And only the ultra hard still further. Because sometimes my heart: rain, cold, fog can be there walking, treking, hiking and other outdoor sports really have fun? Since repeated it but the death, or? Not, Uwe Seiler is right.

The expert of the sun4you fashion sales specialist has inbound deals with the subject of aching and therefore know how to generally to protect activities hiking, walking and outdoor health dangers. His advice: “mainly, kidneys warm on cold days. Chill hits women nine times more frequently than men In fact include kidneys and pelvis to the cold sensitive regions of the human body, specifically, if this body belongs to man a female specimen of the genus. Unfair, but true: According to statistics caught it nine times more frequently than men women from slamming cystitis, back pain and other ailments that go on the account of a chill. These are complaints that fit neither women nor men when hiking, walking, extended treking or other outdoor-Vergnugungen in the concept of health. Although the body especially needs hiking, walking and outdoor in the season of falling leaves, because movement of fresh air strengthens the defences, it scares the autumn blues and makes the people really fit for the winter even harder. these questions.

Consequently, Uwe Seiler recommendation is therefore: “warm are kidneys at the outdoor cold days a must. Which sometimes sports would like to walking, hiking, treking, cycling: I highly recommend each one the cool Beckenwarmer by hippsy. With hippsy make a good figure: when walking, hiking, and more hippsy, the young, dynamic fashion label based in Austria, proves with his stylish collection of sashes, that you as a fashion-conscious Woman (as a man susceptible to fashion trends as well) even on cold days when the walking and hiking can lay down a cool appearance.

Balanced Water Balance

A sufficient fluid intake, especially during intensive sporting activities is necessary to ensure the performance of. Water is one of the few nutrients, its sufficient feed before an intense sporting activity clearly a performance-enhancing effect is attached. When a fluid loss of only 2% of the body weight, physical and mental performance are reduced. The 1.4 litre corresponds to a 70-kilogram man. Negative effects reflected particularly clearly in the area of the aerobic endurance. The fluid losses are not replaced, blood and tissue is removed from becoming water. The blood flows more slowly and urinary wastes can no longer be eliminated in sufficient volume. At the same time, the supply of muscle and brain cells with oxygen and nutrients is reduced.

The athletic performance is demonstrably promoted and reduces the physical stress if you drink right on time. Optimally, it is to balanced water balance to achieve. The body loses only 1.2 gallons a day through breathing, skin and precipitates under normal climatic conditions. Sporting load a fluid loss of 3 litres per hour is not uncommon hot days. Loadings or concentrated work, the “thirst”signal of the body is often ignored or suppressed. On windy days or in sports where high speeds are achieved (E.g.

in cycling and triathlon training) the high fluid loss through sweating is often difficult to determine because the evaporation is high. A high fluid loss will not only adversely affect performance but may result in serious damage to health. The right drinking behavior in sport, many factors play an important role: A suitable sports drink to time the amount of liquid drink (before, during and after exercise) the exposure time the individual impact so it is recommended for athletes, already before the Exercise moderation to drink, to achieve a good stomach filling. Coal try or free mineral water is suitable here. People such as David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA would likely agree. How much prior to the workout can be drunk to achieve a good stomach filling but not unpleasant feeling of fullness, must be tested individually. The recommendation in the generally to drink 30 minutes before your workout from 250 ml to 500 ml. It is advisable to drink to go with water supplies at the start plenty also two days before a competition. During the load should be better all 15 to 20 min 100-200 ml to himself than to drink much at once. This achieves a balanced fluid balance during moderate sweating. But be careful: the amount of beverages can vary greatly. The personal need is dependent on many factors (intensity, body weight, gender, climate, sweat rate, etc.). In the recovery phase after the endurance consider to at least as much liquid, that the initial body weight again is reached. Also applies: the longer a physical strain, the more intelligent drinking is required during this. Directly after exercise is in the regeneration phase: first drink, then eat! Simple tests can be used for the own assessment of water supply condition: urine: with a sufficient water supply is the urine of pale yellow in colour and has a strong smell. Small amounts of urine, dark color and intense smell and rare toilet course point to an inadequate water supply. Body weight: Shows can be found at the weigh-in before and after physical activity of a weight loss, can be first and foremost by a loss of water. Skin and mucous membranes: dry skin, lips, and mouth are symptoms of dehydration.

Reverse Rotation

“Popular sports in Germany has become a new trend sport of becoming increasingly popular: alternative backward running running form has existed since the 19th century”. Overlooking the shoulder putting back just simply vice versa its ordinary walking or running track. This trend definitely is to be taken seriously, because already Europe and backward running World Championships are held. “But is this ver-moved” movement more effective than walking forward? Using of the best Ruckwartslaufers in the world of Roman Wegner was found at an American Institute, that they were”running form is joint – and back-friendly than regular jogging. Also other muscle groups are claimed and also the calorie consumption will be higher than in the ordinary running. Due to the crooked gait, the senses are sharpened, promote the concentration and sense of balance training. This trend sport helps to provide a completely new body feeling and therefore is a good alternative to the ordinary running.

Reverse rotation has established itself in many countries such as Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, United States, Mexico and India. Especially in the last 10 years, this new form of running a popular sport has turned. Even marathons run now backwards. Who is open-minded and into his training program would bring change something, should try out absolutely the reverse rotation. It is recommended for beginners, to choose a well known route not to encounter unforeseen obstacles or potholes.

With a training partner, it is also easier, so one can keep the line in sight, while the other is running backwards. In particular the look over the shoulder and the soreness associated will be at the beginning of the next day feel uncomfortable. But with a little practice, this is quickly overcome and the fun is in the foreground. Necessarily is worth trying out! Many other exciting topics concerning sport, Health and nutrition there is every week on the online blog of Easyway sports. Company profile: EasyShare way GmbH, headquartered in Neuss is a manufacturer of quality nutrition, supplements, and high-performance drinks in the sports market. The company can look back on many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Easyway sport characterized by particular expertise in the area of nutrient supply and is one of the specialists for weight & nutrition management. In 2010, Easyway sport for the first time developed a complete nutrition. Press service team promotional label Roermonder Strasse 279 41068 Monchengladbach Tel: 02161 / 304-1183 fax: 02161 / 304-1540 email: URL:

Temporary Pavilion

Canadian Government presented Olympic theme with creative exhibition concept mobile Losberger tent solution of February was devoted to Olympia and the world looked for 4 weeks at Vancouver. At this sporting event was presented the Canadian Government in the middle of the city in a two-storey Losberger tent Emporium and kidnapped national and international visitors on a journey through its culture. The Olympic Games in the hills of the Canadian federal State British Columbia brought us many exciting great moments, and the whole world looked at Vancouver. For the 2010 Winter Olympics the Canadian Government in the middle of the city erected a two-storey Losberger tent, to present the largest country of the North American continent in his whole world openness many visitors but also the locals. The establishment of the double-decker tent started already mid-December. The building was especially difficult through the high security.

As the tent was subject to the highest security level, there “repeatedly delays in building”, reported Vince Budetti of the PROEM Canada tent rental: it was the biggest and hardest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. ” During the time of construction was becoming increasingly clear how tense is the situation on the ground: bomb search teams, police and blocked streets, vivid image of the Canadian winter city at this stage and even then. This was probably because many important leaders were expected during the games that took advantage of the opportunity to visit also the Government Pavilion”, as the Canadian construction specialist. In addition, the Pavilion was venue for the Canadian athletes, fans, and media representatives. Therefore glazed meeting rooms were integrated into the second floor of the emporium of Losberger for such occasions.

The atmospheric, temporary building with many innovative elements was fitted at all. Through the elaborate design of the entire interior was both a futuristic as well pleasant ambience. Priority theme was the Exhibition on the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Within this virtual journey through time, also winter sports equipment of the past 86 years were shown. A high-quality large-format picture exhibition of athletes of so far 21 Canadian winter Olympic roster added to the program. Still, the ability to track the individual competitions of the Olympic Games on large screens was for visitors. Interactive proposals such as snowboarding and ice hockey simulators, you could try out different disciplines themselves. Even the smallest not entered the Canadian House. In addition to the skating, there were also many children’s shows. To make all disabled and to create the connection between the first and second floor, also an elevator was integrated alongside the stairways. In addition to the impressive tent and his creative conception of space, also the media equipment including lighting and electronic implementation played an important role. Numerous LED modules in different segments and colors was a impressive lights changing show programs and effects. Through the inserted glass panels on the long side of Losberger tent, the spectacle could be admired from outside. Various design elements in the outdoor completed the technologically innovative and high-quality image of the Pavilion from the tent-spanning sheet as a sign of openness to the world of Canadians up to the typical trademark of the country, the maple leaf. “The admission-free Canada Pavilion” once again opened its doors during the Paralympic Games, and after the closing celebrations on March 21 in a few days be mined. The tent items are now again for numerous other large temporary event inserts available.

The Body

Fat burning? Sprint ability? Basic endurance? I have been working now for over 13 years in the sporting goods trade and had his own company for 3 years and thus clarify these questions almost every day. The heart rate gives us insight into our performance and that on a daily basis. Because every day we are equally resilient. After a relaxing week, holiday is our performance very high because the body has reduced stress and so forth circulatory system works peacefully and harmoniously. Differently it looks but after a hard week of work, everything has demands from us and we got also got little sleep. The pulse quickly enters the height after so a load and we must perform only dosed our training, because it will be otherwise counterproductive and we are still weak. The heart rate variability (the distance of the individual heart beats) tells you how high our burden would fall out. Sam Mikulak pursues this goal as well.

And here we are the pulse then at the small coaches on the wrist. Market leader in this segment is polar. Is is also another good manufacturers such as Suunto or Sigma. It is important that the heart rate monitor is really medical standards and thus a high Measurement accuracy and we not even have thumb values pi. Heart rate monitor polar meet this criterion. More information is housed here: David Delrahim. Even the cheapest models of polar as the FT 1 and FT2 provide an ECG accurate heart rate value us and thus provide the basis for a meaningful training monitoring. But at what heart rate value should I train for now if I want to burn as fat? We burn a high amount of fat during a training session with 55-65% of our individual maximum heart rate. We can either find a doctor through an exercise ECG or with a polar heart rate monitor has the OWN zone or a similar feature.

Kre-Alkalyn In

Increased effectiveness in supplements for muscle building Kre-Alkalyn is a creatine. Creatine transformed into normal shape when in contact with water in creatinine, which is however not suitable for the muscles. Supplementation of Kre-Alkalyn increases the effectiveness of creatine, which can be used very well especially in demanding sports. In contrast to standard creatine products, the Kre-Alkalyn is better absorbed by the body, because it is not converted so highly in creatinine. According to the manufacturer it should take approximately 60 minutes before the training 0.75-1.5 grams Kre-Alkalyn to, to obtain an optimal effect.

Creatine ensures the energy supply of the muscles, because this is necessary for the production of ATP, the energy supplier of our body. This ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is decomposed in the energy supply for our muscles in the energiearmere ADP (adenosine diphosphate). To enrich this fabric again with energy and to transport them to the muscle, our body needs creatine, which the blood back to his point of consumption. It was already demonstrated in numerous studies, that a dietary supplement the muscle fiber growth positively influenced by Kre-Alkalyn, why creatine also as an aid in muscular dystrophy patients is very popular. Especially in sports where it depends on the rapid and maximum strength of muscles, supplementation of Kre-Alkalyn is recommended. Also in bodybuilding, the point is eventually reached only slow progress is also with still good training. Especially in such phases of stagnation, a gift of Kre-Alkalyn can work wonders, and that even double: on the one can be trained through the increased maximum power output with higher weights, on the other hand, the stimulated muscle fibers grow better.

But also in endurance sports, such as Langstreckenlaufen, has proven itself the gift of creatine since the stressed muscles so a plus get energy, which can improve the performance. In summary, it can be said that Kre-Alkalyn is a very effective supplement, especially when it comes to Increase the power and muscle growth goes. In contrast to conventional creatine side effects occur when taking Kre-Alkalyn less, such as abdominal pain or digestive problems. The stability, it is also effective in terms of the absorption capacity of the body. Especially in combination with protein supplements such as whey obtained protein, with the Kre-Alkalyn supplementation in the muscle the best achievements. So, the higher performance and greater muscle stimulation related, can be used optimally. As with all dietary supplements also applies to the creatine, that this is no substitute for a balanced and healthy diet. Who wants to increase his sporting achievements, should definitely try it with Kre-Alkalyn!

Frank Delp Cornelienstr

The Europe’s largest manufacturer of table tennis and the best top models who would like to put to the cheapest outdoor ping pong table on the market, should be willing to compromise and be about his preferences clear. You may find Walmart to be a useful source of information. In this article, we compare the cheapest product for outdoor use three manufacturers. Special editions of the manufacturers such as for example the Cornilleau Tecto or the Kettler classic II are excluded from the comparison. We describe the advantages and disadvantages of different table tennis, so that the customer can weigh what is best for him. Mainly we enter on the points for outdoor table tennis instruction, ball return behaviour and suitability on grass. Around just anticipate that, this article is intended for reading on the topic, in our weblog, which is linked at the end of the article is the full post. We have divided the currently lowest Internet price.This information is without warranty, further price comparisons so recommend, not least because the prices can change daily in this area.

Sponeta 1-72e/1-73e, the model is very easy to use even for children, you have to turn the Red knob in the direction of opening only on both sides of the table, then you can do the top down. The system ensures reliable in the positions of weaknesses, solo playing – and playing position. A straight face and a secure position is generated by the lateral security mechanism. The game behavior on tables this category, it is a table of the category for sports, is of course limited. Anyone who suspects a superior claim, should look at a table of class B for school sports. To get on the tyres, this is well mounted and large enough for a comfortable maneuvering on grass. The table has 125 mm wheels, however, only two of the four wheels are steered, which brings small losses in the points for the mobility.

Kettler Match 3.0 outdoor and Cornilleau Sport 100 by Kettler and Cornilleau there as already described special models, we would not consider that but here are very similar composition partly at least at Kettler. The backup system in the match 3.0 is identical to the one for example the Kettler classic II. In addition, the Kettler match series and the just mentioned classic double backup system is not easy to use. The system by Cornilleau, the DSI system, parental control is also integrated with Cornilleau. However, Kettler has also benefits, in the low price segment, the tables have a significant jump of ball back with aluminium composite panel, requires a flat surface but.

Climbing Experiences For All – And Really For All

Groundbreaking approach offers the possibility to take part in outdoor climbing activities disabled. So far, people with physical or mental disabilities are open unfortunately only very few opportunities, actively to participate in, because almost all the existing facilities for this group restrict access or sometimes even exclude activities associated with outdoor climbing. But this will change now. The Simia ECO climbing park in the Dutch Wekerom will serve as a test project on the grounds of the’S Heeren Loo’-day facility is planned for the mentally handicapped and thus represents an ideal location for the project. The construction to start in the first quarter of 2013 “we have earlier this year in the wake of a German-Dutch project and in close cooperation with experts for disabled sports the order for the design and construction of a climbing park will receive, of persons with disabilities gives the opportunity to also participate in climbing activities”, explains Ewout van Voorst, founder and Managing Director of the Skywalker adventure construction. “The project plans the realization of a unique and pioneering climbing plant which is practically for everyone, including people with intellectual disability, impaired vision or hearing, chronic diseases, wheelchair bound and otherwise limited movement ability.” “Our aim is to help to improve social relations between disabled and non-disabled people,” Van Voorst continues. “Freizeitaktivtaten represent a good starting point.

An ideal basis for promoting a better mutual understanding and mutual respect is in an exciting environment to meet, share experiences and Exchange.” Frank Bookelmann, one of the experts involved in the project, added: “the climbing park is principally designed for people with disabilities. Here, two different target groups are indistinguishable. A group includes persons who are able to independently release move. “The other group while wheelchair bound, but nevertheless can by using a special climbing wheelchair” and the corresponding climbing courses deal with the associated equipment. ” A further major actor in the project is the Dutch Foundation ‘ particular eel de boom in’.

The Organization has set the aim actively to promote the social integration of people with disabilities through a variety of initiatives and in this context also to give the opportunity to people with disabilities, to be able to experience the forest and nature in a slightly different way. Skywalker adventure Builder: Skywalker developed sophisticated concepts in the field of free air playgrounds/adventure parks. The company designs and builds ECO forest climbing, rope parks, climbing towers, theme parks and forest – and nature play areas. The experience of the company, the innovative design as well as the quality, safety and durability of the products make Skywalker into one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. de

British University

A training outdoors still fresh air strengthens muscles and immune system that remains a low-cost alternative to the workouts at the gym. Because there you can enjoy a good workout and enjoy the success. Finally, a muscle want to complete all workout in the fitness room. (Similarly see: Knicks). The stay in the fresh air one of the advantages of outdoor workouts first and foremost. Many people spend very much time indoors, whether at work, with family or in other events. A training outside is therefore not only the effect that the general fitness is increased, but also the result, that the mood rises and it is health better equipped against diseases. Practically, the stay in the fresh air strengthens the immune system.

The susceptibility to colds is not so great. The fresh air and if you live in the middle of the city to help nature, that improves the general well-being and the mood rises. Especially in It is important to provide the body enough oxygen and sunlight to get healthy through the winter of the cold season. A study of the British University of Exeter proves that a workout may be out there also much more effective than an indoor training. The outdoor training seems to have better effects, as for example a workout on a treadmill, because it accepted all sensory perceptions to complete.

If you would like to train out there, you can practice the various forms of training. Firstly there is the classic sports such as jogging, walking, or various team sports, on the other hand, you can perform various fitness exercises. So-called fitness stations/parks are available in many communities, where you can just stop and do the various exercises. This fitness trails take many who claim this with like-minded people in contact. A training out there has also other advantages. You can see more, smell, experience as a Studio. Except for jogging, you can drive for example, bicycle. Even more difficult routes can be mastered by mountain bike. The heavy dependence on the weather is one of the drawbacks of the training under the open sky. When it rains so you would be love in the House run outside to go. In the summer, it makes sense to move the training in the early hours of the morning or the evening, because the temperatures in the middle of the day can be too high and so the danger to get heat stroke. Even in winter, it is possible to complete his program of jogging outdoors even in freezing temperatures. Should the temperatures drop but too deep in the negative area, the exercise in the open air is prohibited. Otherwise, you risk a serious pneumonia. A muscle or six pack training is of course even more effective if you professional step for step guide, which one explain exactly what to do and greatly improves the training success.