Month: July 2013


The marital breakup, takes place in the form of a separation (of fact or legal) or a divorce, is a time of great change for the person. CESA coexistence with who, until then, had been the most important person in his life, and ahead is glimpsed a horizon full of unknowns and questions. No matter how strong or confident could be the person the consequences of it could be traumatic and painful, considerably undermining their self-esteem and confidence, making him feel that it has failed in the most important vital project which until then had been undertaken. The sadness after the separation or divorce is normal when the couple breaks up that (former) spouses pass through a stage of grief and despondency, whose duration will depend on the degree of deterioration that had reached their mutual situation, the possibilities of reconciliation (especially in the case of separations) or the feelings that both continue harboring each other. It is often estimated around one year prolongation of this period of depressive character. However, the drop in self-esteem is a parallel process and, somehow, independent of it, so it could take much longer, not to a remedy in time. The loss of self-esteem, how to fight it? The term self-esteem refers to how we feel about ourselves, both in relation to what we perceive as our great values and strengths and what we understand as defects and aspects that can be improved. This is influenced by other factors of intellectual or psychological nature both our physical plane (our appearance) (our intelligence, level of extraversion, way of being and security).

More positive always passes be considered in an objective and realistic way, and accept you yourself as you are, with your strengths and weaknesses. You should see you through the prism of your former partner, and get rid of that mode of any distortion which this might have caused. Try to restart your social life, dating new people and even exercise and lead a more healthy life are all factors that allow you to feel happier in this way every day, that trauma and unpleasantness of your break can pass to be a thing of the past.

Achieve All What You Want

Living with our most intimate desires made reality is a wonderful experience, many people have fear of experiencing the beauties of life because it has made them believe that limitations and shortages exist or that we must carry a limited lifetime. If something is available it should be used, only think that if something has been possible for other people also we can achieve it, Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals tells us that the first step to achieve our big dreams is imagining it, think seriously that Yes we are able to achieve that goal, having faith and conviction that we have the full right to materialize our I. Barriers to our desires are not in the environment but in ourselves, it is possible that for years we have heard ideas contrary to our goals and over time that information has become a large impediment that slows down us our development. You must remember that everyone you will express your ideas according to your own experience, for example there are those who think negatively about many ideas, but wonder if these people have made a real effort to materialize their dreams and you will find the fact that the majority has not made it. In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt we are taught to internalize our goal, i.e.; achieve our desire to achieve absolute harmony between our conscious and subconscious, mind for that is necessary to demolish all those beliefs that are contrary to our wishes and modify our own perception of reality, know that the world is full of opportunities if we convince us of this, others have been able to then we also can. It is necessary to awaken a new awareness, a different way of seeing life, for years demonstrated us plenty of negative ideas about our own lives, is the time give us account that God has given us a spirit of power and domino himself, through his inner power you are in the capacity of achieving any desire. Andrew Corentt in the book the secret of the power of goals we emphasised that the power It is up to us, but to access it is necessary to be in harmony with God and the creative forces of the universe, so our goal must be full of elements that bring joy, peace, love and happiness for others and for ourselves, the power is in the good to do. Imagine that you want to be a millionaire, is a wonderful goal, now you must give something in exchange for that money that will receive, for example you may decide to become an entrepreneur and gives all his love into their products, generates employment and happiness to people working in your company, helping others in various ways to their lives are more satisfactorywith these thoughts will positive actions and you only can be successful because it is in harmony with love. You can achieve any thing but more big is your desire then must give more than himself to activate his power inside, to be convinced of the idea, to achieve faith and finally say everything you want, discover powerful techniques to set powerful goals and realize their dreams, visit: original author and source of the article