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Academic Excellence

The expert general must evaluate the advantages and the disadvantages at the same time. Sam Mikulak is likely to agree. Taking advantage of the advantages, he will carry out his plans. Considering the disadvantages, he can anticipate itself to the difficulties. – Sun Tzu Summary is known of the serious problems that the education confronts, in Venezuela, mainly, the superior, where there is much desactualizacin in the knowledge that many disciplines have obtained, tactical mission and that concerns to us as he is the one of the education, where the excellence lets much say and it is required of transformations that they rescue the great emptinesses that are occurring in many of the universities, as much concerning pre and postgraduate. In this opportunity we set out some restlessness on the EFQM and like it can to contribute us when being applied it for the academic excellence. Basic notes, appreciations. The Venezuelan universities lately, been very have questioned in relation to its academic excellence, to the degradation that this one has suffered for providing the knowledge, basic services to participants who get at them to become qualified to form, being observed unfortunately, much demotivation, absence of commitment by the authorities, the ones in charge, in trying to rescue the academic excellence, to assure a good quality educative, that the country demands, that it requires, before a turbulent scene in the politician, social, economic, cultural like that at the moment one confronts. Many authorities, educational, ignore what represents the EFQM for providing the information necessary, that allows to diagnose the reality of the academic excellence, to take passage to action, plans, strategies that allow to redesign the faults, the great emptinesses that confront, like serious the errors that comment and damage the profit of the academic excellence. The Program of postgraduate of the specialty Management of the quality and productivity of the Area of postgraduate of Phases of the University of Carabobo, exactly is interested in contributing its collaboration for this rescue and for it, through a work of degree investigation that the Antonio participant is realising Rivers has proposed, to not only diagnose the reality of the Program, using model EFQM, but providing the proposals, suggestions that entail to rescue the academic excellence and to demonstrate the model applicability.

World Cup

Much more difficult to explain the huge differences in test results. As the data, the percentage of positive test results with research in different laboratories is very important (5-7 times) is different. Many writers such as American gymnast offer more in-depth analysis. However, as we know, testing a variety of laboratories conducted by a single method, and is identical to the approach to survey both in terms of competition and during training. Therefore, it is a significant difference in the final reports are not evidence of anything else, as a flawed system of testing and interpretation of results, depending on the results of doping control on the attitudes and beliefs, which are followed by each laboratory. So all laboratories accredited by the IOC and controlled by WADA, can not be regarded as a system operating on the basis of common standards. Significantly impedes an objective evaluation of the spread of doping and confusing approach anti-doping laboratories to conduct testing in sports. Sam Mikulak has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Naturally, the anti-doping laboratories accredited and funded by the IOC, should focus on sports included in the program of the Olympic Games. However, in these sports on the materials, for example, 2001 has been tested only 85,465 athletes. The remaining 40 246 tests (31.5%) occurred in non-Olympic sports. Here, Sam Mikulak expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Even more surprising is the apparently disproportionate attention to anti-doping laboratories for a variety of Olympic. The greatest interest has been shown to football: from 85 455 test 14 247 (16.7%) occurred in this sport.

And this despite the fact that, firstly, it is well known that Football does not belong to those species which is widespread doping, and secondly, the football Olympic tournament involving only young athletes, resulting in a significantly lower level of this tournament to the World Cup. Increased attention to athletics – 16 563 tests (19.4%) is understandable and justified. However, it is difficult to explain the huge differences in testing athletes in the related and equally popular types of sports, particularly in swimming, rowing, skating and skiing.

Association NFL

However, if played at least one set, all bets will be canceled. Betting on account of sets to be considered played, if the match was completely played. If the match does not finish the game before the end of (For example, if one of the participants), such bets are returned (to be paid by a factor of 1.0). Recently Randall Rothenberg sought to clarify these questions. American Football (NFL). Betting on the outcome of matches made taking into account all possible overtime. .

In the case of a draw account after the end of extra time all bets for the prisoners 'Win one of the teams' are considered a draw (see 5. Rule ends with a draw). If the match does not start at the scheduled time and not end within three the following days, all bets will be canceled, except for those rates, the result of which is defined implicitly. If the match is interrupted, then the next three days should be (a) to play a match of at least 55 minutes, or (b) Official results must be declared by the governing body, otherwise all bets will be canceled, except as the result of which is defined implicitly. Betting on 'single player' will be canceled if player will not participate in the match. If the match is interrupted, all bets for the prisoners 'Win one of the teams' will be void, except in cases where expired 55 minutes of play, or the official result of 'appointed' Association NFL.

All other items will be betting a draw, except those for which results are defined implicitly, if expired 55 minutes of the game, in which case all bets remain valid. If a match is postponed for more than three days, all bets are drawn. Other sports. Volleyball, snooker, billiards, darts and other species, where matches are held on the basis of a fixed number of parties, of games, frames, etc. If a participant does not finish the match (for whatever reason), the winner is the player progressing to the next round. Handball, football, water polo, rugby, made taking into account only the regular time. Delaytestavki Sports wisely.

The Atmosphere

Not very often these people are great geniuses or great thinkers, only are and decided to the maximum made an effort, perseverantes people and by mainly with a faith unshakeable, only this them difference of all the rest, acordmonos of people like Einstein, Ford, Edison the same Kiyosaki between many others Often in my years of university, I saw shining students, geniuses, that in the evaluations were below students not so intelligent, only normal, but that very they were made an effort, while the other studied hours, the normal student studied days, weeks if it were necessary, that is the attitude that the difference marks, he does not require themselves to be the great teacher, the great thinker, only is necessary will and desire of to be better every day, to surpass itself to itself at every moment. It is always necessary to remember that a castle weapon that one you do not see yourself, is, brick after brick, but in the end with perseverancia and positive attitude whole weapon, therefore one better life is constructed, step by step, growing in all the senses day to day, small repeated things every day are making the difference, small acts, like the daily examples that are next: Today generally would have shouted him a my son, but I did not make it, I had the greatness realize and manages to talk with, after a month I maintained this attitude and my relation with is another one, something that never had imagined could obtain with . If you have read about Randall Rothenberg already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Is the 8 afternoon generally I go away to house, but today I visited a client but that the normal thing and thus during a time it obtains sale levels that never had obtained . Today arrives at tired house to work, generally I arrive bad humorado, today greets wife with a great smile and I said to him that he was happy for seeing it, I gave a great kiss him and we had a wonderful evening as long ago we did not have it, after a time to fascinate to me to arrive home because the atmosphere and the affection feel to pictures of there, is my preferred place, before did not want nor to arrive .

Celebration Swedish

IKEA Spain celebrates starting today in their establishments in the peninsula the end of Christmas and the return of the light with a party called KNUT, which symbolizes the time in which Christmas ornaments left step to the new decor that will receive the incoming year, and why the Swedish brand presents some very special offers at its various commercial surfaces to decorate House. Each January 13 the Swedes celebrate this day with family and friends, so that together remove the decoration and Christmas tree who have accompanied them during the holidays, giving way to a new decor. KNUT day takes place the julgransplundring or looting of the tree, in which children Christmas tree shed all the sweets that are hung as a traditional cookie ginger, apples, nuts, candy canes and smalkarameller decorations. Thus, that day children invite friends to their homes to eat biscuits, drink juices and play. Together then removed all the decoration and the Christmas tree who have accompanied them during all the festivities. In addition, KNUT day in some homes is danced and jumps around the tree singing the song KNUT: Merry Christmas was just / we bid farewell to the tree decorating / but next year as a witness / our old friend/so so again this promises us now. Tradition says that years ago in Sweden it was custom that children and men disfrazaran of the old King KNUT and were on the streets doing mischief and asking for candy, then return home with pockets well full of baubles. Original author and source of the article.