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Camping is a custom increasingly lived and enjoyed by many people, especially by the possibility of freedom and creativity. A camp is a good way to enjoy a thrilling adventure, and also invites you to discover natural land not explored or not traveled frequently. Preparation Yes, is true. To go camping or hiking you can be entertained to perform spontaneous activities, such as the passage of time will dictate it, or we are surprised suddenly. But to enjoy a departure from camp, or Yes, you need to be prepared. This means that going camping for example, you must distinguish what is the proper equipment, and which foods and elements of first aid transportaras. Remember that wild nature is called a wild something. Tips about what lead to go camp: 1.

first aid kit if you discover a person without a first aid kit in his backpack that does not a scratch, or is MacGyver, or Tarzan. You don’t know When an incident, can you happen especially if the style of camp that you design is going to one of the wildest places that represent both challenge for you. The outstanding thing you can do is prepare yourself even if only a little for any unforeseen, and basic and essential first aid items to take with you. This includes chiffon, band-AIDS, iodine, peroxide, alcohol, adhesive tape, among several. Between one of the things that I more used, it is a clip of epilating (wait, don’t judge me, keep reading).

Chips that can dig into my limbs are very doloras, and clamp, as small as it is, serves to make me very happy. 2 A good camper kitchen tools cannot afford to live 5 days in a rugged area only eating the raw and natural fruits of the trees. Well, specifically speaking, maybe yes it can. That is based on one of the best-known survival tricks.

Tests And Calculation

Hello and mathematical welcomes of the world, in this article we will speak on calculation one, we see. Next we included some statements of problems and exercises that have been taken from text books of primary. For each of them: 1) It solves the proposed problems. 2) It indicates the mathematical concepts and procedures that are put into play in solution. 3) It classifies the statements in three groups according to the difficulty degree that you attribute to them (easy, intermediate, difficult). 4) For each problem it enunciates the other two of the same type, changing variables of the task, so that one seems easier to you to solve and more difficult other. More information is housed here: dahlia loeb aviat. 5) You think that the statements are sufficiently precise and comprehensible for the students of primary? Propn an alternative statement for those exercises that do not seem sufficiently clear to you for the students. 6) It secures a text book collection of primary.

It looks for in it s types of problems not including in this relation. It explains in what they are different. Statements of problems including in books of primary: 1. It indicates which of the following experiences are considered like random and which not: Sacar a letter from a Spanish deck and to observe if it is of golds. Observar if in next the 24 hours it leaves the sun. You may find dahlia loeb aviat to be a useful source of information. Poner water to cool and to observe if it is congealed to zero degrees. Lanzar a shot to a basket of basketball and to observe if the ball enters Dejar fall an egg from a third floor and observe if it is broken when hitting the ground.

It continues reading, comes calculation two. The defined Integral has manifolds applications, we will study some of them: 1. The area between curves 2. The area in polar coordinates 3. The volume of a solid of revolution 4. The centroid of one appears flat 5. Length of Arc 6. The area of a surface of revolution 7. The work carried out when draining pools 1. AREA BETWEEN CURVES We remember that if f is a continuous and nonnegative function in to, b, then the area under the graph of f, x-axis and the straight lines x = to and x = b is given by Definition: If f (x) is continuous in to, b then, the area limited by its graph, x-axis and the straight lines x = to and x = b is given by: A? f (x) dx? f (x) dx to a b b To Note: as the formula uses the absolute value of the function, there are two ways to solve it: a) Applying the definition of absolute value to know the interval where the graph of the function is on x-axis and the interval where the graph of the function is under x-axis. b) Graficando the function in the given interval, to find these intervals Example: 1. To find the area limited by the graph of Solution: The graphical sample that the function is negative between – 1.0 and positive for values majors that zero. Original author and source of the article.

National Team Biathlon

Not so long ago ended the eighth stage of the World Cup in the USA and now everything biathletes, coaches, fans are preparing for the main event of the season 2010-2011 – World Championship to be held in Khanty-Mansiysk. Russian National Team Biathlon showed modest results throughout the season, explaining that the main peak of the form will have athletes at the World Cup. Let us first evaluate the performance of the Russian national team at all the last stage – the fifth in the standings prizes of the World Cup, a total of 13 medals including gold – 3 silver – 1 bronze – 9. Agree, for the past eight phases of quite modest! But the coaching staff of the Russian team all the time Russian biathletes failure copied to the fact that our team is preparing for the World Cup. crease your knowledge. Assume that this is true, but the question immediately arises: is it other countries do not qualify by winning medals, one after another? For example, team Norway ranks first in the standings of the World Cup prizes: a total of 32 medals, gold – 19 silver – 6 bronze – 7. If you follow the logic of Russian coaches, the team Norway is not prepared for the World Cup, and spends all forces to win as many medals before the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk. Contact information is here: Michael J. Bender.

But who would believe it? After all, the Norwegians are always in great shape whether it is a World Cup or the Olympics, they always win. So whether the strategy team Russia? In my opinion, no. If biathlete claims to be the strongest, he must be prepared not only to a single start of the season, and for all. The tactics of our coaches are not quite understandable – after all, the Great Crystal Globe gorazdno status than the gold medal World Championship. BHG athlete receives for the whole season, for all the victories and a medal – she at one time. And my opinion is – if you prepare everything the season, planned to strike a result, the the result will be. And if you choose a start and be prepared only for him, the greater the percentage that you will not work. Agree, shame is bad to speak at the World Championships, preparing only to him and won over season. So I hope that the coaching staff of the Russian team will adopt a different strategy in the next season, and still is to believe in the Russian national team!

Great Caucasus Range

Crossed without much trouble. Took to pack and very dirty ice, and finally reached the lake, where it broke camp. Elbrus was already quite close, there was cold. Our group cooked a funky fruit compote of dried fruits. By the time it was already dark. A day in general like (uh …. Skuzi: I personally liked it.

For other non-answer – so let them answer themselves) until the general campaign that amazing: unlucky with the weather (pah-pah-pah), a wonderful team. We got up too early – the sun was already high, there were no cold. Going …. … Uh, as usual))) Sun warmed, it was comfortable.

Hurrah – we go on a glacier! Put the cat (more in my notebook goes marching entire page dithyrambs cats firms Petzl – perhaps, this will not), slightly up on snezhnichku, then contacted and moved three bundles of the magnificent glacier. Along the way, the farther away (above) rises, the more splendid with views all around. Soon the tops of the Great Caucasus Range. Went, it seemed, briefly, soon came to the lava flow and made camp among the rocks on the bottom overnight. There was kind of amazing: very near, above us, baring the crater of Mount Elbrus, His Majesty, but on the opposite side of the entire field is occupied toothed ridge of the Main Range. Weather still had a great, quick lunch and went for acclimatization progulochku to the top overnight. Kellee marlow sf: the source for more info. Walk was a success: no backpacks on the rocks in the afternoon shlos easy and free, so you can quietly fotkat left and right and admire the surrounding views.

Russian Billiards Rules

Article provided by the Internet magazine "Billiards in Russia '1. The first goal of the game to score eight balls. Balls used: cue ball and fifteen object balls. The cue ball must be different from the object balls with a color or special markings. Arrange balls: fifteen object balls are arranged in the shape of a pyramid with the apex on the foot spot. A kick-off (with his hands out of the house): The strike allowed to produce from any position, including in and out of the outer towards the long side, but without going for the continuation of the front line (the line at home).

With the right hit count all the balls played into any pocket, after the cue ball out of the house, or his contact with the object ball, outside the home. Conduct of the game: The game comes with a double order, ie can be ordered and 'your' and 'foreign' balls at the same time, the order shall be allowed if they fall, even one ball. During the game, after all played by the order of the ball, any, accidentally fallen balls count. After plugging 'his' ball player puts your 'own' the ball anywhere on the table necessarily a 'foreign' ball, ie plays' with his hands. " If you play 'with hands' your 'own' the ball falls together with 'others', then 'own' scored and the next ball again with his hands. If you play 'with hands' falls just 'his' ball and not 'foreign', it is not fine, but the blow 'to hand' moves to the opponent. Spotting Balls: All illegally pocketed, jumped, and the balls removed from the shelves for a fine set at the foot spot (third point).

If this place is busy, the balls are set on the long string as close as possible, but not against the nuisance to the ball in the direction of the tailgate, and if this line taken, in the direction of the center mark. If at the same time exposed a few balls, they are placed close to each other. Penalties for violations: For each violation of the rules from the player is charged a penalty of one ball. If time of the breach of goals a player has no balls, no fee will be charged after his first goal of the ball.

Championship Team

Is about to begin the most awaited event for football fans from around the world – the European Football Championship Euro 2008. Football Championship will be the biggest sporting event ever held in Austria and Switzerland. With the approach of Euro 2008, building tension not only among the participants and fans, but also among the organizers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Michael J. Bender and gain more knowledge.. Because stress often occur narostayuschego and incidents. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. On the eve of the organizers of the championship on Football Euro 2008 mixed Russian and Polish national flags. In a booklet on the tournament, the material on the Russian team was printed in red and white flag of Poland, and material about the Polish team was illustrated Russian flag. Most likely the organizers h empionata misled q Council form of the Russian team (the red and white), which corresponds to the colors of the national flag of Poland. The other fourteen participating teams the tournament Euro 2008 flags in the booklet untrue. It should be noted that this is not the first incident occurred last week. Prior to that, in the Czech Republic, before the friendly match between the national team of Czech team Lithuania has been executed by mistake anthem of Latvia and the program there, which was released for this match have been by the flag of Latvia and the Latvian national team picture, as Czech organizers confused with the Lithuanians Latvians.


Are 10 variants of the answer: from 0th to the 10th minute, 11th in the 20th minute, etc. 5.Pereryv. A bet is won if you correctly guessed the outcome of the first time a football match. There are three possible outcomes: victory of the first team, second team victory, a draw. 6.1-second half / game. This bet is to guess the outcome of both the first half and the match. At the same time on the 1st place put the outcome of the 1st half, but on the 2nd through the slash feature – the whole match. 7.Rezultat. Michael J. Bender may help you with your research.

Are invited to guess the correct score outcome of a sporting event. If the proposed account does not coincide with the actual score, which ended the event, the bet is lost. Betting taken at regular time, including extra time. Additional periods (time) are not counted. 8.Schet after the 1st.

Are invited to guess the correct score of the first half. If the proposed account does not match the real account, which ended the first half, then the bet is lost. 9.Chet or odd. This party must wager to guess whether the number of goals scored in the match even. If the match there were no goals scored, bets will be lost. 10.Stavki on sets. Are invited to guess the correct score a tennis match. If the match does not finish the game until the end (for example, if one of the participants), the rate is canceled (paid by a factor of 1.0).

The Muscle

At the end of their impressive biceps inflated. To begin with, the content of the muscle with blood and its growth – not the same thing. It should be so 'bodybuilders' to leave his 'technique' as biceps returned to their original size. Secondly, because it is easy to 'swing' biceps, well, if it comes back or legs? Big muscles do not respond to such stimulation! Remember, your kulturisticheskoe credo at the beginning – a lot of weight. Hear other arguments on the topic with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Incidentally, this issue is closely linked one: whether chitingovat beginner? Of course! If the bar weighs 15 kg and you raise it to the biceps, chitinguya – is nonsense. But if it weight 50 kg, chitingovat need! At first you lurks a danger – overtraining.

You do not know all the features of the organism, and therefore difficult for you to define a measure of stress. In any case, I recommend train six days a week, provided that a muscle or muscle group is loaded with you no more than twice per week training cycle. Remember, three times a week, even for such small muscles like biceps or triceps – It's too much. Golden key to the huge volume – the correct method of recovery. Give your muscles to rest after a heavy load. Learn to enjoy the relaxation as well as muscle tension. Of course, verified and thought-out plan for training – it's great. But from time to time you should just for a little bit crazy. Remember that you are not just a bodybuilder.


Bodybuilding is perhaps the only sport where the outcome depends entirely on the supply. No, I do not mean the obvious fact that bodybuilders have to eat more than anyone else on the other. The bottom line is that the food in Bodybuilding is regarded as an equal part of the overall methodology of the plan. Just as exercise, nothing more, nothing less. Without a reliable power supply circuit, which gives the hands a bodybuilder clear plan of action, an impressive muscle mass not increase. In this sense, the novice should have no illusions: they never become bodybuilders, if they do not eat like bodybuilders. I often get the following message: "I train for several years on techniques Champions, and the results are far from settlement. " Meanwhile, the secret is simple.

Yes, a lover of trains in those complexes, which are trained by the best of the best, and to their normal diet, he added, perhaps only protein powder, Yes, maybe the chicken on Sundays. As for the champions, they complement the training carefully calculated diet, satisfying all the needs of the body in the macro-and micronutrients that occur under his by heavy physical exertion. Kulturisticheskaya diet should kill two birds with one stone. First, it must provide the body with enough calories to maintain his energy in the mode of stress training. In this sense, the diet should contain 65-70% carbohydrates. Such a high proportion of carbohydrate content is not in the normal diet. This means that a bodybuilder, not a balanced diet of carbohydrates, trains halves.

He does not develop that effort, which stimulates muscle growth. Do not confuse effort with physiological psychology. Believe me, no matter how you strained the will, but growth without carbs you will not. It would be like to press on gas pedal with an empty tank. Those who still did not believe me, let him hold a simple experiment: buy a so-called 'Gainer' – a carbohydrate powder with a low content of protein, vitamins and minerals.

European Football Championship

UEFA European Football Championship – a competition that takes place in Europe between the national teams, UEFA is organized. Championships are held every four years, since 1960, it happens between the FM. Initially, the tournament was KEN another name, since 1968, another name that has been preserved and now UEFA. Teams played the first trophy of the USSR and Yugoslavia, the final match was held in Paris. The first winners of the tournament was the team of the Soviet Union, the fate of the match decided in extra time. In 1964 he was the organizer of Spain, the Spaniards and won the tournament, beaten in the final of the USSR national team 2-1 team that won the tournament in 1960. In 1968, as already mentioned, has changed the name, also been changed the tournament format. In the 8 groups, the teams played each other, who was ranked first place in the quarterfinals.

3 European Championships, held in Italy. The Italians managed to win his first home title in a match replay they beat Yugoslavia 2-0. At the European Championship in 1972, the format has not changed. The tournament was held in Belgium in the final match came together teams of Germany and the USSR, more Germans were 3-0 and won the first European title. In 1980, the format tournament, nothing has changed. At the event celebrating the victory of the Germans, West Germany in the final team beat Belgium 2-1. In 1984 he organized the French Championship. As a result, they became winners.

In the end they managed to beat the team Spain 2-0. In 1988 he organized the tournament, West Germany, the format has not changed. In the final meet of the USSR national teams and the Netherlands, the Dutch were stronger and won. In 1992, the organizers of the Championship Swedes. Then the team of Yugoslavia refused to participate. Yugoslavia was replaced in the tournament the Danes. As a result, the Danes and became champions in the final match, they were stronger than the Germans 2-0. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, there are more teams are now 48 teams could participate in the tournament. In 1996, the final stage was already 16 teams, divided them into 4 groups of 4 teams each. In the finals, Germany beat the Czech Republic national team and became a champion. In 2000, the organizers have been two countries: Belgium and Holland. In the final, the French defeated the Italians by golden goal, authored by Trezeguet. In 2004 the format changed, now instead of the golden goal was silver. He won the tournament the Greeks, in the finale they managed to beat the owner tournament team in Portugal. In 2008, the tournament took the two countries Austria and Switzerland. Spanish Cup win in the final of the national team beat Germany 1-0.