Month: November 2012

Golden Mountain

By the way, I find that I spoke until excessively. Close to the abacateiro, it placed the finger in one of the marks of bullets and looked at the military man in significant way. It noticed the confusion where if it found the frank but not shining mind of the interlocutor, it showed the other piece, obtaining to pull out of the father who not yet had seen the result of the attempted against one a exclamao of surprise saw and it to empalidecer. One sat down in the place where it is touching, it initiated some untied chords and it started to observe the expressions of the two men, being tried to guess the volcano that blew up to them in the chests and the eddy of thoughts that tormented them the minds. It increased the chords of the guitar, starting to touch as if nothing it was happening. It needed to leave to take them the proper decisions, because its was taken Perceived that if they were static as waiting orders. It stopped to touch and it asked: _ You understood some thing, Hawk? _ Clearly! That is mark of bullet of thick bore. Who shot there? _ Not yet I received its word from that I can trust its silence.

It forgives, but it is not for my life that I am worried, but for the one of my father. You do not ignore what she comes happening pra to know that a word alone of any one is enough reason pra that none of us can count to the grandsons what is happening now in Golden Mountain range. He bought at auction, dramatical, trying to break the tension of the moment. It understood? A little confused with what it finished to hear, the soldier engoliu in dry, waved of light with the head and said, in a voice wire: _ Yes, I understood! _ OK! It is certain of that I do not go to hide it nothing of what I to think nor of what go to make, but I only go to count to the few pra not to confuse it the head.

So Paulo Culture

That is, both orient from cultural personal experiences, sociaise. (KUPSTAS AND FIELDS, 1988) Both are materialize in prticasdiscursivas for giving voice to the actors constitute who them, not appealing ouvalendo itself only of the importance that each one occupies inside in its scenes, masconsiderando of all a context in produced production or already, forassomativas of the parts that give sustentation to the lived process. The relation literature/manifest history already if there emAristteles. In chapter IX of its Poetical one, the philosopher launches algumaspreocupaes in this direction: For the precedents if manifest that he is not legal-size of poetanarrar what it happened, yes, to represent what it could happen, to querdizer: what probability is possible according to and the necessity. With effect, it does not differ the historian and the poet for writing verse or chats (therefore that he would bempoderia to be ranks in verses the workmanships of Herdoto, and nor therefore they would leave to deser history, if it was in verse what he was in chats) differ, yes, where he says things quesucederam, and another one the ones that could occur. (1993, P. 53) When mentioning this relation, already we reveal nossasinquietaes with regard to the bonds that literature and history vmconstruindo. As you discipline inserted in the pertaining to school resume, both compose umporto of ticket for the world knowledge.

For these reasons, dedicated todoprofissional to literature must be, before everything, umconhecedor dahistria, since it is of the history that literature if nourishes, removing osfatos to it that go to guarantee the probability of the artistic process in general. It is to porentendermos these principles norteadores, that in another article we will make umaincurso for the ways of history with the purpose to buy at auction fiosque they had given and they continue giving formatting to our social process.

Ink Drawings

Ink drawings, you can create an ordinary pen or pen and ink or ink. A pen dipped in ink and causes the line. The disadvantage of this method is that the need to constantly come off the drawing and constantly dip pen in ink. A little more convenient for the performance of ink drawings – pen. Align it with ink, you can work, not looking up from the figure. Well if such a feather stick thin.

For example, I grind down the pen nib with a file so that it was fine. Stylus can be carried out through different thicknesses, depending on pressure. And another tip – that ink from drying in the pen, you can add ink to black ink. Ink drawings, in my opinion, the best way you can perform rapidograph with feathers of various thicknesses. The thickness of the lines rapidograph receives the same, and working them, push the pen must be the same. Keep the instrument perpendicular to the surface of paper or almost perpendicular, when working on the ink drawings. If the angle between rapidograph and paper will be like when writing with a pen or even less, then we can break the pen.

Working on the ink drawings, most comfortable position rapidograph – it is something the average between the angle when writing and a right angle. See how to use mascara and rapidograph please visit – ink drawings, drawing lessons for beginners. Rapidograph filled with special ink (see photo below) – Ordinary ink or ink is not suitable for ink drawings by rapidograph. Rapidograph should be cleaned and rinsed at least once a month. Need to parse it, as shown in the photo, and rinse under running water. You can also use a syringe to direct water under pressure. Ink drawings created by stroking. There are several types of strokes – dots and lines. Do in parallel lines, cross hatching and contour. For correcting ink drawings are practically no way – the eraser does not work. For example, I used the razor blades – neatly cut the top layer of paper. Therefore, ink drawings – is a longer process than drawing pencil, so as to draw very carefully. What paper work? This paper should be fairly smooth, so the pen slide freely through it. Otherwise, the pen will scratch paper, catching fibers and clogged, and will sputter. Whatman, in my opinion, is well suited for this. Ink drawings presented in the gallery, drawn rapidograph exactly on Whatman paper. Drawing book is well suited for a pencil, but not for ink drawings.