Month: May 2020

New Winter Catalogue

124 pages, the special agencies from Munster presents new winter program for active, young and young-at-heart people. Frog sports travel with new sports clubs and Hotels offers lots of news in this winter. Increase was also offered short trips in the snow. The new winter programme focuses on ski trips in Austria, France, Italy, Sweden and in the Switzerland. Randall Rothenberg can provide more clarity in the matter. The sports offer includes ski alpin, freeriding, snowboarding, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing. Doug McMillon describes an additional similar source. Those who prefer warmer climes, can discover sunny holiday destinations on the sporty tour and with a shot in cold weather adventure. The active trips of frog are offered on Sicily, Madeira, La Gomera, Tenerife, on Cuba, Costa Rica, Argentina, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, Viet Nam, Peru, Brazil and on the Canary Islands as sailing trips. There are hiking and trekking holidays on the Canary Islands of La Gomera, Tenerife and Mallorca.

New are two sports clubs in Davos in a prime location. For solo travelers, frog sports has the sports club during the entire winter season Derby in the heart of Davos is exclusively reserved for singles and solo travellers between the ages of 25 and 45. In the frog guests on a new sports club with a large spa can look forward. With the snow and varied ski region Obertauern, the organizer of special presents a more attractive winter destination. Short trips were greatly expanded in the snow. Frog guests can fly for the first time every day with Dutch KLM subsidiary Transavia from Berlin and Hamburg to Innsbruck. Short trips are offered in addition to Davos, in the Molltal to Saalbach Hinterglemm. The arrival is possible with the bus or plane.

Even with the active travel, there is news: on Mallorca and Tenerife the hiking boots may be laced in the winter months. Hours walking time trekking trips across the Islands are 3-6 on the program. A special novelty in the winter catalog is the travel guarantee. It applies to the case that a client is terminated operational reasons.

Nordic Walking

(Online article) – the Nordic walking: full-body workouts, conditions and extremely easy on the joints Nordic walking was as summer training method of the top athletes in the field of longevity, biathlon and Nordic combined developed. This highly effective sport in Finland was introduced in the spring of 1997. Today, five years later, alone, where about one million people practice this full year sport. Train to train reaches the wave of new fitness sport of Scandinavia, the United States, Japan and Europe. Nordic walking is a sport, which is very good for the fitness and also generally good for your health. There are many muscles in the body for the Nordic walking enabled and using the sticks very gently this joint.

Already the exercise in the fresh air is important and by the use of the arms and shoulder muscles, you keeps longer than during the normal walking or jogging at the Nordic walking. This is an advantage which one rarely reads, which is enormously important, because his To increase fitness and hence the endurance especially if is pressed longer sports. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak: the source for more info. 30 minutes are better than 15; 60 are better than 30. It is very well possible with Nordic walking. The Cooper Institute in Dallas, United States, has in the context of an inquiry the efficiency of Nordic walking compared to normal fitness walking. This investigation revealed that the Nordic walking up to 46 percent more calories burned and the more oxygen than at normal walking speed. What use is Nordic now walking? Nordic walking is very easy and fast to learn.

It relieves the musculoskeletal system by up to 30 percent and is therefore particularly suitable for people with knee and back problems. Nordic walking solves muscle tension in the shoulder and neck area, and is the optimal outdoor training for weight loss. Nordic walking is more effective than walking without poles, burning more than 400 kcal / h instead of just 280 at normal walking almost by half. The sports feel safe running on a smooth surface. It trains the aerobic endurance and at the same time strengthens the upper body musculature. Nordic walking improves the cardiovascular circulation performance and increases the oxygen supply to the organism through the active use of the Atmenhilfsmuskulatur. Nordic walking is the best exercise for rehabilitation after sport injuries. Fn

Sports Illustrated

“The woman is just hot” so Will Ferrell! Heidi Klum has teamed with Will Ferrell together, to record for sports illustrated swimwear. The result speaks for itself. Also a video to the Fotostooting has been created. (Source: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak). You can watch the video at Here a part of the sports illustrated interview: question: as you and Heidi for the swimsuit photo shoot came together, the atmosphere seemed to be very hot! “Yes, she’s a Wildcat.

As good as any shot fell on one of us and the others went into the pants. Doug McMillon may help you with your research. Especially where I bite them, can I say A-S-S? -that was one of the craziest moments. She said to me, ‘ you don’t have to bite my ass only. ‘I imitated and she did stop in the middle and said,’ no! Really bite! “‘ It was one of the greatest moments in my surreal life.” The pictures speak for themselves. Now only the swimwear must sell themselves, then also the clients are satisfied. Lisa Walters

Square Metres

The body shop so popular on the beautiful island of Rugen enlarged to 400 sqm Pharmasports is considered popular shop for nutritional supplements and fitness accessories in the room Mecklenburg Vorpommern, and around the world. Increases the fitness shop run by owner David power band not only expands the sales area from 80 to more than 400 square meters, but also the high-quality range of fitness food to support muscle growth and diet, to over 1000 products. Here, athletes from the region will find everything to support performance, weight loss, endurance and of course muscle building. That each customer receives the right product ensures David power band itself. Advising its customers David power band places much emphasis on details, ranging from the training plan, the food up to the regeneration, every customer receives valuable advice and information to achieve his athletic goals faster. At the new premises of the visitors of Pharmasports products of all expected well-known manufacturers from Germany, Europe and the United States.

Companies such as Pharmasports Weider, all-stars, BSN, ultimate nutrition and body attack sell particularly well, so David power band. At Pharmasports, you try not only the customers the best products for their needs to offer the customer also possible cost at the sport “forward brought”. Only the customer is satisfied and visit us again. In addition to sports nutrition there is fitness shop also accessory in the mountains like gloves, clothes, books and DvDs covering training, nutrition and bodybuilding. Who so is Germany’s largest island to visit, should look be sure David power band and his qualified team past.

Sports Nutrition

Tribulus is extracted from a herb of same name, that their home in Eastern Europe, India and Africa has heard Tribulus terrestris as sports nutrition, muscle building products and provides the athlete as a micro-nutrient combination with important nutrients, which at the same time responsible for testosterone production. Already after a short time of taking can be achieved due to the ingestion of Tribulus terrestris extract, that increases testosterone levels by up to 70 percent. This has resulted in that the muscle is stimulated. Athletes who have a low testosterone level, train often vain and not achieve the desired muscle growth yet. Tribulus is today also used very successfully due to its special mode of action in the treatment of sexual disorders, regularly taking Tribulus terrestris the number of sperm and their motility can increase. Tribulus has a positive effect on the immune system and helps to lower cholesterol levels. Tribulus is a true miracle weapon in sports nutrition. What is Tribulus Tribulus is obtained from a medicinal plant of same name, which has been their home in Eastern Europe, India and Africa.

Tribulus is used in these countries successfully by several generations as a remedy. Tribulus helps in diseases such as muscular dystrophy and very successfully applied for impotence or infertility. The purely plant-based product contains no artificial hormones. The active ingredient in Tribulus are phytochemicals, the saponin, a natural water soluble product. Tribulus stimulates the pituitary gland, resulting in a luteinizing hormone is secreted, which stimulates the production of testosterone. Unlike the anabolic steroids the body’s own testosterone production is not suppressed but increased. Muscle growth completely without side effects can be achieved. The mode of action of Tribulus comprehensive studies on the effect of Tribulus terrestris prove that Tribulus the activity of the heart muscles, stimulates and antibacterial effect, it prevents the formation of kidney stones and contributes to the Strengthening of the immune system at. Tribulus is especially effective in combination with krea-genic. The force increases, increasing muscle mass, the regeneration process will be faster and increases the performance of the sexual. This sports nutrition is a viable alternative and strength athletes and bodybuilders alike.

Wegscheid Sports

In the southern Bavarian Forest, the community lies on the Eastern foothills of the Ponzaun mountain ridge Wegscheid. The rural community of formidable enough attractive opportunities for leisure. In the summer, invites the Rannasee for swimming and diving. You may find Randall Rothenberg to be a useful source of information. This Lake is artificially created and attracts visitors with concealed bays and a large water slide. A pedal boat rentals makes it possible to sail through the sea. In addition, that you can buy Wegscheid day fishing permits in the municipality. Therefore, nothing in the way is a barbecue evening on the lake itself caught, carp, trout and perch.

Who prefer hiking makes, can do this on many signposted paths. Especially the mill way, poachers dough and the Panorama Trail are splendid forest trails, where you can explore the surroundings of the village Wegscheid. A mountain ridge about two kilometers away from the village is the center of attraction for climbers. The wooded Ridge has rock walls, where the tourists can rock climbing and bouldering. Golf lovers can in the Close to improve their handicap on the lush green of the square.

The subsequent reception at the Golf Club is an absolute must. Families with children are welcome guests in the municipality of Wegscheid, because a holiday on a farm is a great experience for the little ones. In a comfortable apartment, the adults can relax while the children experience exciting adventures with the animals. Culturally, Wegscheid is always something going on in the community. For the guest setht now a large summer festival or a traditional market, at which all exhibitors in their pretty dress offer the goods, all kinds of entertainment on the cultural map. Who its vacation in the winter in the municipality wants to spend Wegscheid, can many winter sports exercise. Hiking enthusiasts can participate in snow-shoe hiking. Skiers find”ski area Hochficht in the immediate vicinity of the place Wegscheid. Chairlift and ski lift and a ski rental and a ski school are available in addition to several small lifts. For cross-country skiing there are a total of 20 km trails. A special experience is curling such well-known for Bayern, which takes place in the arena shooters. Small ice princesses can turn here also their pirouettes. Who Wegscheid his vacation would like to spend in the town, meets a nice population, which helps the guest that his holiday will be an unforgettable experience.

German Sportswoman

2013 With the gold medal in the Javelin at the World Championships 2013 long deserved, great breakthrough Christina Obergfoll on the rise Congress Christina Obergfoll after five times silver at world and European Championships and Olympic Games. “She was also an important signal for all other students and graduates of the German College for prevention and health management DHfPG, of which are many for their” sports involved. Now, Christina Obergfoll was appointed Germany’s Sportswoman of the year in a big sports Gala. Even with the excellent teams, a graduate of the DHfPG was represented with Nadine Kessler. Under most conditions Samuel “Sam” Mikulak would agree. With the German national team of women the fitness Economist landed two, with their team of VfL Wolfsburg ranked ranked three. Christina Obergfoll on the rise Congress in 2013 the Badnerin closed this year graduated master of Arts”successfully from prevention and health management at the DHfPG. A personal highlight was surely the wedding with the long-standing Partner and coach, Boris Oberfoll, also master graduate of the Academy. John marlow ringcentral will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Within the framework of the program point succeed, successful stay”on the rise Congress of the College ( both together with ex-footballer Benny Auer had reported about their personal experiences. It became clear, for example, that a flexible concept of distance and presence phases like the DHfPG better with the challenges of a professional sports career connect can as a full-time daily compulsory attendance. Master’s degree for the future market, the degree of master of Arts”is possible directly in connection to a Bachelor / diploma prevention and health management. Students qualify in two years to versatile prevention experts who take over strategic leadership and planning concepts and strategies of health promotion, implement, coordinate and evaluate. 13 Studies elective modules to choose the students themselves, in what portion the future market prevention, fitness, sports and health they put their professional focus. “” More information students report on their studies at the DHfPG: erfolgsgeschichten.html Christina Obergfoll in an interview on the rise Congress 2013: one page/rueckblick-2013/videogalerie-2013 / the German College for prevention and health management (DHfPG) qualified around 4,000 students for the Bachelor of Arts degree “in the study of fitness training, sports economics, fitness economics, nutrition counseling and health management, master of Arts” prevention and health management as well as the master of Business Administration MBA sports / health management for the market of the future prevention, Fitness, sports and health. Approximately 3,000 companies rely on the programs with the theme leader in the market of the future. Thus, the German University belongs to the five largest private universities in Germany.

All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes of the State approved University or College are accredited and State-approved. The special education system of the DHfPG connects compact at nationwide equipped study centres (Munich, Stuttgart, Saarbrucken, Cologne, Osnabruck, Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Hamburg) and in Austria (Vienna) and Switzerland (Zurich) a training and a distance learning course.

Training Success Through Sports Nutrition

On the subject of sports nutrition many information on the Internet as well as well trained personnel can provide, trainer, information such as PE teacher and fitness. On the subject of sports nutrition many information on the Internet as well as well trained personnel can provide, trainer, information such as PE teacher and fitness. Regardless, where the interested amateur athletes brings up his information, he must undergo in any case an is inventory to the own nutrition behavior. In this inventory, the athletes must ask what I eat and when I eat. Aim of this study is to uncover any errors in the eating habits, if not impeding the achievement of the objectives, even prevent. Analysis of physical condition, it is advisable to take professional assistance to help! So an athlete can achieve absolute security for its physical analysis, he must undergo a professional sports-medical examination. Be it on health Risks and limitations particularly respected.

A picture of the current state of physical fitness can be created with a so-called CPET diagnostic tools. This lactate, V02 max, and other performance parameters are measured in a permanent procedure. “For an athlete: a balanced diet and adequate rest are the be-all and end-all” rest and sleep periods are too short, there can be no progress on the sporting progress. In addition to the breaks, it is very important to the supply of micro – and macro-nutrients. These include: carbohydrates, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

In this context one can speak of a balanced whole foods. These nutrients are needed in the complicated enzymatically controlled metabolic processes already during and after the training take place in the body. A nutritional deficit exists, then these metabolic processes not take place, whereby it will not be the desired super compensation and entail the Increase in susceptibility for illnesses or injuries. Dietary supplements cover the additional needs in an optimal manner! The more need for calories, resulting from major sporting activities, are not covered by the traditional food. Only high-quality sports nutrition products such as creatine, protein shake or weight gainer is suitable for the cover of multiple needs. Its functioning is based on a fast supply of contaminated an organism with the necessary micro – and macro-nutrients.

UCSH Hormone

The findings show, that Tribulus not the release of FSH (FSH = follicle stimulating hormone, also by the pituitary gland propped out hormone which stimulates the testicles, increased to produce seeds.) increased from the pituitary (pituitary gland). Therefore, suspicions are that it acts as Resensitizer, i.e. as a substance that sensitising affects the FSH receptors in the testicles, so that these cells again improved to respond to FSH stimulation by the pituitary gland – like younger men. Actual / assignable effect while a positive effect on the sex drive is possible and proven.Saponins as above described for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, and used to influence of estrogen synthesis, there are unfortunately no investigation results, which the advertised effects could prove. Dosage the dosage of each Tribulus terrestris products is at what dosage, which effect is triggered differently, because there is scientific evidence from the. It is probably the individual differences in are also conceivable. The observation of decreasing receptor sensitivity of many cells of the organism is rejuvenating effects through receptor re awareness-raising In the background of this notion with advancing age. This is sure the insulin receptors (results in adult-onset diabetes) and the cells of the hypothalamus (a part of the brain), to the adrenal glands control via ACTH (hormone ACTH = adreno-cortico-tropes: propped by the pituitary hormone that stimulates the Nebenierenrinde, cortisol to produce.) (age-related increases in cortisol levels and decreased fluctuation are the consequences) are involved.

The latter basis through especially the so-called neuroendocrine theory of aging of the Russian scholar Prof. Vladimir Dilman, in the United States was touted Dean. See also the information about Adaptogens and coping with stress in my eBook. Probably subject to not only the cells of the hypothalamus of this increasing inertia, but also the Sertoli cells of the testes, resulting in reduced responsiveness to hormonal stimulation by FSH – creating an ‘age-related’ degradation of ejaculation. Within the framework of scientific research it was found out that is Tribulus terrestris no biological precursor of testosterone, but that it luteinisierenden the production of hypophysaren hormones (LH; UCSH = intersitial cell stimulating hormone) increases.

In such cases the natural testosterone and FSH automatically – production increases. FSH stands for: follicle stimulating hormone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, which increases muscle mass and strongly stimulates the immune system. In addition, testosterone causes a great increase in the Sexualtriebes. Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. FSH, however, causes among other things a man positive influence on the spermatogenesis (sperm formation) and the formation of so-called androgen binding protein (ABP). The androgen binding proteins bind the testosterone and ensures a constant hormone concentration in the area of the testicular channels. Media contact: Pharmasports Ltd. & Co KG d str. 8 D-18528 Bergen auf Rugen Tel.: 03838-822388 E-Mail: Web:

Erhard Equipment

Rothenburg (RL) of the matchball for the 2008 European Championship, a washing machine for resin-bonded specialize, a mini boxing ring for BBs fitness boxing. More than a thousand new articles integrate the product manager by Erhard sport year after year in the new catalog. The Erhard sports 2008 will catalog published these days in an edition of approximately 230,000 copies. Every year in spring sports fans wait pastry on the Bible”of sports equipment, it offers but a unique overview of tried and tested as innovative. Accurately tailored to the range on the needs of professionals, schools, clubs, therapy and fitness facilities. The complete range including all new products can be found in the online-shop at. Further details can be found at Samuel “Sam” Mikulak, an internet resource.

Moreover, the E-shop offers”regular special offers, sweepstakes and promotions. About Erhard sport international: Erhard sports international, headquartered in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees and it manufactures sports equipment and equipment components employees about 125-year-old family-owned company for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, innovative sports equipment and products, Erhard sports International is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. Connect with other leaders such as Samuel “Sam” Mikulak here.

International sporting events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped by Erhard sports international. Contact / contact: Erhard sports International GmbH & co. KG Rainer Lederer marketing upper Kaiserweg of 8, 91541 Rothenburg o.