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Seiko UK LTD Siemens

The Seiko ProspEx 200m diver’s available Willich in Germany, 22 may 2013. Seiko Germany takes off August 2013 three Seiko ProspEx 200m diver’s models in the collection on. If you are not convinced, visit sports apparel. The ProspEx or Sumo”, as it is also called due to the distinctive housing, became in recent years all over the world the popular collector’s item. The Crown placed characteristic at 4 o’clock, the rotating ring recessed deep inside and the curved lugs pleasantly leave the mechanical divers watch on your wrist. Dahlia loeb aviat has plenty of information regarding this issue. The Cabinet surface made of stainless steel has a combination of brushed and polished surfaces.

A clearly designed dial and large LumiBrite indexes ensure an optimal readability. Particularly in the eye, the 12 drops clock lights marking, the design of which is reminiscent of a camel toe. Unidirectional bezel gives a striking divers watch design in the tradition of the Seiko marine masters the timepiece. The automatic calibre 7s26 has a stop seconds and allows a hand-wound. Press contact: Seiko Germany branch of Seiko UK LTD Siemens ring 44 m 47877 Willich Janine d b Tel: 02154943444 email:

Portal SmartWin

Second shadow on board: DubLi protects, what keeps the bag auctioned DubLi auction Portal bodyguard for women in the shopping spree in BERLIN. Long live the security: once undisturbed excessive shopping including bag carrier compliant? Freely according to the motto there is probably nothing, there is no”takes DubLi global trading platform a shopping tour with bodyguard along with 1,500 euros under the virtual hammer. Women in the shopping spree include always the vulnerable person intrusive seller”, so Dennis Hoffmann by DubLi. People such as CEO of e-commerce would likely agree. The lowest unique bid wins the auction Portal SmartWin compared to other auction platforms. DubLi awards a bodyguard in close combat techniques in the best physical shape for 24 hours and 1,500 euros for the safe shopping to its user. He accompanied everywhere and the person entrusted to them for a day. For even more analysis, hear from Marc Lore. Does someone suspicious? Carefully and discreetly, but also as soon as possible, he tried to clarify any crisis situation. Consistently, he protects the winner with Body usage or argue against harassment from. All information on the Internet at.


Airy summer trousers for hot days hot even the shorts is a few months in addition to the traditional mini skirt for the girls or women, the right piece of clothing in the 3/4 & 7/8 pants -. These pants can, carried either the man or the woman what is also proving very useful. There are very many differently crafted models of short pants, which can be made from different materials. Please visit Ashton Kouzbari if you seek more information. This is certainly on the preferences of the relevant carrier, for which short pants they ultimately decide. Some carriers prefer the short pants made of linen or cotton, other carriers, however, prefer the heavy fabric types. Is certain in any case that the shorts in the trend will be, here nothing can be wrong fashion.

There are shorts in the sporting and elegant design and certainly also the right shorts can be found for all different types of carriers. Especially popular is the Bermuda pants model, it belongs in the category elegant trousers and shorts, as shorts, finds himself but rather in the sports category. The shorts is always up to date and fashionable. It can be combined with the various pieces of clothing and even in the winter. More information can be found on.

Pants For Everyday

Various pants after the garment very much established pants for men, closer to women in this area the stragglers in a broad range. Some time later the trousers in the fashion of the name has occurred. Over the years, the pants as a kind of General piece of clothing on the market have brought. This also means that they have only been seen in the 20th century as a triumph. The pants also in women from the world of fashion are also impossible to imagine. You can be elegantly worn a blouse or a top. Combined with a jacket or high heels the pants here always do something. However, the fashion world in the area of the pants is still greater.

Because now, pants are not only long offered, but also short and mid-length pants. Summer pants, weather pants or sports and leisure pants are hard to imagine. With numerous combination possibilities and the right outfit, pants are worn today often. The election may take on any occasion, so always it is. Therefore many pants are in offered various models for a variety of occasions. The combinations are so versatile, that not only the different materials play an important role. More information can be found under. Manfred goods Ballesteros

Milan Francesco Mugnaini

STEWART + BROWN, an eco-luxury label from California was already several times here in the GREENshowroom. Out of conviction this label was launched 10 years ago by the founders in the life and is called organic pioneers”. Handmade knitwear and classic American sportswear is one of the product range, which is produced from pure organic cotton or growing raw materials. “Among the exhibitors there were special exotics, such as for example the company ATLANTIC LEATHER, which in addition to different designers with textile fashion from a waste product of fish production Iceland, fish skin, the leather” for the production of their designer shoes and clothing manufactures. A quite unusual idea, which, however, required some time of testing and development to the current level of quality of the offered product. Marc Lore wanted to know more. Very unusual, but very commendable! The strongest but attraction with the personal background were the newcomer label RIHGT AS RAIN from Italy.

The Italian designers from the fashion capital of Milan Francesco Mugnaini, and the Scottish organic farmer Sebastian Rundy, presented planted, produced ecologically and sustainably in Italy T-Shirt collection her on the grounds of the organic farmers in the Umbrian soil. The unpredictability of nature was the starting point for the idea: we plant and harvest shirts. Our shirts were exposed to the forces of nature we plant them in the ground and give the necessary time to complete their unpredictable design process nature. The result is astounding and each design is unique”, says Sebastian Rundy. The raw materials, i.e. the stitched T-Shirt organic silk, is buried here in the Umbrian soil over a period of 8-12 weeks subject to the will of nature and so each is individual T-Shirt a distinctive marking is thus also a UNICAT! Umbrian herbal extracts provide a pleasant scent verstromten T-Shirts and enchanted here some one of the visitors. On January 19, there was for invited guests and representatives of the press a salon show, where the latest collections of designer of the GREENshowroom on the catwalk was presented.

Sporting Gaastra Kids Summer Fashion 2013: From Brittany To California

The current Gaastra sets children’s clothing in the sunniest season of the year in the lines of sportswear and Breton sail Berlin, 29.05.2013 – Gaastra’s children’s fashion for summer 2013 takes the small skipper on an exciting journey of the Belle-ile in Brittany to California in the South Bay. The collections of the current children’s clothing from a Gaastra set sail in the sunniest season of the year in the sportswear and Breton lines. The former is by Gaastra’s marked decades of Know-How from the sport of sailing and his professional sailing clothing. So, the South Bay collection offers particularly wind – and waterproof boys jackets for summer with special functional coatings that maximum to protect the little ones at each cooler wind and weather. Extra an integrated membrane makes also breathable, the Gaastra kids jackets so that the summer adventure can absorb trip carefree. The sportswear give bright Ultramarine, Opal blue and turquoise as well as fruity red and orange this season color their cheerful freshness.

In addition to the fashionable functional boys jackets in sizes 92 to 176 refreshes the nautical sportswear with sailing-print T-Shirts, comfortable short-sleeved shirts, stylish Polos, robust Cargoshorts for boys, soft sports jackets and also convenient Gaastra holds children’s shoes with non-slip soles for stability on board and land. Another highlight is the Gaastra of young swim shorts Tendermagic with magic print: as soon as it gets wet, she changed her pattern and special lettering are revealed. A playful shorts for boys of summer even more fun. The entire Gaastra Kids Summer fashion 2013 can be ordered in the official Gaastra Onlineshop. The maritime children fashion collection Belle-ile”from the Gaastra Breton presents itself, however, emphasized trendy maritime line. Bleached by Sun and salt, ranging from washed red and dark blue to cream and saffron yellow color palette and gives a special Brittany the little skippers look.

Trend Jackets Winter Fashion 2013

It is cold outside cuts, colors and patterns in the current fashion collections and uncomfortable, the jacket should be all the more warmer and cozier. But of course she should not only against wind and weather protect, but also as fashionable look. But with the coats and jackets are we up to date in the winter of 2013? In muted colours the jacket must not be missed down jackets in winter. Both men and women dress in warm quilted jackets with goose or a long down coat. Those who prefer sporty fashion, finds a wide range of established sports and opportunity. They offer maximum function and now fashion chic.

But also in the classic segment are finding beautiful jackets with warm stuffing for ladies and gentlemen. While colorful, colorful models were in demand last year, the coats and jackets are in the autumn and winter 2013 more muted colors to find. In addition to black, it is also the trend colour grey, put on the fashion-conscious people. Dark green is also the color currently Trend. Metallic elements in silver, gold and bronze make for interesting effects and accents. The most current models have a hood with fur trim. Shiny fabrics are currently more out at the coats, most designers put on a matte look. Oversized jackets are jackets that look as if they were actually too big, this year an absolute fashion trend.

The oversized look dominated also the jacket fashion. But the wide-cut coats are not every woman, they are advantageous especially for great and slim women. The classic Duffle coat with toggle buttons in the English style is also up to date. Buy a this elegant winter coat for example in Bordeaux red or dark blue. Another popular form of coat is the Caban jacket. This is a short coat, which is often used with a belt in the scene. The new coats fashionable details such as a wide lapel collar, leather sleeve, or flashy buttons are interesting. Double jackets for the sporty look double jackets there are in the Outdoor area has been for many years. But they are becoming increasingly popular in large city. Depending on the model, they have a down-filled or fleece inner jacket and a upper jacket that is especially windproof and water repellent. The highlight in the double jacket is that both elements can be separated from each other wearing. The Undervest can be used so well in the spring as a light jacket, the upper jacket is a perfect rain jacket in the fall. Plaid in the coats the most coats are plain, but there is also a trend to traditional designs such as the herringbone or plaid pattern. Squares in many different shades and variations are decorated with the coats of current fashion collections. Wool fabric with plaid pattern are particularly said. Lined denim jackets with or without rivets jeans jackets were an absolute must have in the fall fashion. Especially the models in the grunge, which is decorated with rivets were style can be seen everywhere. This trend continues in the winter. Currently, there are coats and jackets in denim as a padded version. Jeans jacket with Teddy fur that looks sporty and keeps us nice and warm is especially beautiful. Jacket trends you can in the stores of course buy or order online. Here lined and unlined denim jackets for example in a wide selection. Eva Otter