Month: December 2011

There Are Times When You Just Need To Shut Up

However, if you raise your children correctly, you can skip a lot of grief and even complicate his life in his declining years. Some parents bring up the way they once raised, others completely vice versa. Some believe that it is necessary provide the child with complete freedom of choice and allow them to live in themselves. But none of these methods do not guarantee success. The best way to avoid mistakes – it is to do everything right from the start. Parents need aware that may affect the unborn child. The practice of prenatal education is rooted in two thousand years ago in China and Japan, where pregnant women were placed in communities located in the beautiful and calm areas. Expectant mothers were engaged in the aesthetic and music education, which is extremely beneficial for children in the future.

From a scientific point of view, this phenomenon has been detected and humanist philosopher L. Ron Hubbard in his book “Dianetics – The Modern Science of Mind”, which was published May 9, 1950 The author has proved that the child can actually remember what happened before his birth. In addition, studies have been identified and described only source of stress, anxiety, insecurity and psychosomatic illness – the reactive mind. This part of the mind records all sensations in moments of pain and unconsciousness, in particular, words that are pronounced in such moments, may adversely affect human life in the future. It is for this reason, Ron Hubbard recommends to give birth in complete silence, which will create the best conditions for the expectant mother and child. Indeed, the very process of birth is the most difficult for both, as for the mother and newborn. For a more complete understanding, of course, necessary to study the book “Dianetics,” which will be helpful to both parents. Above all, the book also contains recommendations for the further education of the child.

Dior Joaillerie

Agate, like most minerals, harder metal, so the stone does not cut metal cutter, and using abrasives – naksosskogo stone corundum powder, diamond dust. The wizard was forced to work almost blindly, as the abrasive powder mixed with oil or water, completely covered figure. Months and even years of hard work spent carver to create a cameo. One of the best experts glyptics, French explorer, the beginning of xx century E. Bablon notice that for making a great cameo required much time, how to build a cathedral. In addition to the hardness of stone, there was another technical difficulty. It was necessary to calculate in advance of alternating layers of agate, which do not always run parallel, and often change their thickness and whimsical bent.

Poor calculation leads to the fact that not coinciding with the spot color pattern disrupted the silhouette image, instead of his stress. In the best cameos these difficulties are overcome with such consummate skill that the material seems soft and plastic obedient cutter artist, and layers of agate, like nature itself located to highlight a dark background and bright white silhouette profile or brown curls crowning her forehead ivory. Modern engravers as well as masters of the Renaissance, each cameo carved by hand. The production is usually used only choice, better quality, agate, which is mined in Brazil. Company Hubert (Hubert), producing exquisite cameos, known for its beauty and originality, the unique technology polychrome treatment agate. Using ultrasonic engraving pattern is then applied to the product. The use of layering different colors of agate colors allows the modern masters of playing to achieve the smallest details in the manufacture of cameos. Cameos in modern jewelry art sophistication – this is what is perhaps the most important quality cameos stake modern jewelers.

In the chamber of Hubert chronicled the colorful world of love and nature – the kingdom of plants and flowers, the splendor of female characters, whimsical sophistication of fruits and nymphs, and almost mystical coloring agate, which real mixed up with the fantastic. It is important to emphasize that the artists of the company focused almost all their attention on studying the woman's face, in particular, careful detailing lines, strengthening and decorative features bas-relief of monumentality. Presented on a neutral background agate female profile, as it is isolated from the outside world closes in and the oval itself. Dior Joaillerie produces a cameo in the actual black and white. "I did collection of antique cameos on the basis of copies. For example, I took a vintage brooch and remake them into rings, cameos decorating diamonds, pink sapphires, garnets and gold. The result is a stunning contrast between matte and shiny stone bezel>> – says the jeweler of this House Victoire de Castellane (Victoire de Castellane). "Cameo – a miniature bas-relief made of stone or other material that may decorate a ring, earrings, brooch, pendant and even a bracelet. Buying a cameo, you become the owner of this artwork>> – explains Lydia Courtin (Lydia Courteille), the owner of the fashionable galleries in Paris, where he represented one of the most unique collections of cameos. Cameo never returns to fashion itself, it "prefers to have the suite>> in the form of lace, hats, ribbons and flowers. These accessories are invariably create nostalgic mood, emphasize femininity, elegance and sensuality its owner. Cameo does not necessarily have to be antique, or insanely expensive. However, the material and handwork their effect on cost, and cheap cameo could not be determined. Sergey Lobantsev Jewelry shop