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The spiritual party “The purple” establishes a new District Association Upper Bavaria Freising, the 06th of April 2010 the Bavarian members of the party “the purple – for spiritual politics” have founded on March 27, 2010 in connection with its National Assembly in Freising Bavaria the District Association. “The purple one”, as the newly elected District Chairman of Mathes Oakes, “are on the way, increasingly to root itself in the population.” In addition to members in further networking is especially important to take up increased interest of people on a spiritual politics the new District Association. Our ideas for this world are limited not just to the physical, but involve the spiritual life; This a new quality in the political parties Germany results”, said the District Chairman Claudia Klepper. In addition to the two co-chairs, provided at the party “The purple” by a woman and a man, were further Bernhard Niermann as Treasurer and Markus Hornik as Secretary elected to the Board of the District Association Upper Bavaria. Walt Dohrn is often quoted on this topic. “” About the party the violet for spiritual politics “the party the purple – for spiritual politics” was founded in the year 2001 in Dortmund and is represented throughout Germany. There are currently thirteen national associations, more are under construction. Joined the party m in 2002 in the Bundestag election in 2008 in state elections in Hesse and Bavaria and in 2009 at the European Parliament election and election is. You committed actively for the inclusion of spirituality in our political work, make holistic solutions for the basic needs of all citizens, for example by direct democracy and a basic income.. Gain insight and clarity with Kris Pearn.

Justice And Their Victims

Victims of psychopaths with law school justice and their victims–human rights violations on the running belt! The justice and their victims (victims of Justice) is an issue about which too little is usually not spoken at all or discussed. The victims have not the slightest possibility to defend themselves against it normally… A topic about which too little is usually not spoken at all or discussed is the judiciary and their victims. The victims have not the slightest possibility to defend themselves against it or to publish their case and to hope, because the perpetrators, which I call a genetic error, usually their victims to choose very carefully and this geziehlt entrechten how organized (to put it very carefully) for help in the normal case. Amos Otis often expresses his thoughts on the topic. -Bending of rules, imprisonment etc.

– with this Web page I want victims to obtain arrival or perpetrators which give opportunity to publish their opinions and experiences, or position. Also, a kind of is demonstrated by the publishing of this Web page of press freedom, the is the paid press and broadcasting a slice can cut off. The victims can hope through this kind of publication on any help and any rule tracking fear the perpetrators (well, since I must smile a little, because the perpetrators are usually UNTOUCHABLE, or are protected by the same). I would like to distance myself to throw all lawyers in a pot still quite explicitly refrained from, because I’m sure that there are a few scattered judges, prosecutors or lawyers would like to different, if they then could…

Information Steles For Wall Deaths

Wall dead even in Lichtenrade – Berlin on the weekend before the big celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall the wall dead is thought on the former border at the gates of Berlin Lichtenrade. On the initiative of the Association of friends of the Memorial, Notaufnahmelager Marienfelde is the Foundation of Berlin wall with the support of the Berlin Senate Chancellery, information pillars as a memory of the at least 136 dead of wall that were shot of the Berlin wall from 1961 to 1989 or are in an accident in connection with an escape attempt. The first Stele for Horst Kullack, who was shot in the 13.12.1971 between Grossziethen and Lichtenrade, was unveiled by the President of the House of representatives Walter Momper now solemnly. Beautiful autumn sunshine came many of the wall victims from Lichtenrade, interested citizens and a considerable number of representatives of the press to the Lichtenrader Chaussee/Gross Ziethener Strasse. Away in the former border strip, approximately 100 metres north of the road, you could find two still veiled Consider columns, a high pillar, and a slightly smaller information stele.

\”It was at the ceremony even three further wall dead on the border with Lichtenrade thought: Herbert Kiebler (shot on the 27.6.1975 in the border between Mahlow and Lichtenrade), Eduard Wroblewski (shot on the 26.7.1966 at the border in Mahlow) and the 14-year old Christopher Manuel Brambock, height of the Schichauweg in the wall pecking\” in 1990 was a victim. Harald Fiss, Honorary Chairman of the Association Memorial Notaufnahmelager Marienfelde, has the overall Berlin project initiated and driven. He welcomed the guests of honour of Teltow-Flaming and Tempelhof-Schoneberg, interested visitors and especially the members of the wall dead. Fiss explains that 9 stelae were used in the first phase as a whole. Harald Fiss invites guests to visit also the other steles.

Evangelical Church

One must assume that a bad game should be played here and getuschelt in the House of the Lord. They canceled the talks under these conditions and asked for talks under equal conditions. However, this request was not met. “Let the children come and it does not forbid them because theirs is the Kingdom of heaven.” Yes, the Kingdom of heaven – but not the Church? It is difficult this text to write and the readers will it fall even harder to understand him – in the misty atmosphere. There’s children, parents and many others, which of course is made difficult for the Church. Gripping and moving services with full Church may – not be celebrated despite the reforms of the Evangelical House “Church of freedom” and “Salt of the Earth”, as they went to the municipalities adopted 4 years ago. Click Roger Goodell to learn more. The parents sought a higher instance of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). There was no answer.

The assumption was now very close, how could it be otherwise in the history that the entries were disappearing, that people got the letters not to face. With all the love of God, because now actually is the devil can have a hand in the game, at least, that’s my own assumption and conviction. It is open in whom he revealed only the question. The parents will not give up. They wrote more letters and got terse, formal responses. However, the problem is not solved until today. Protection of the church bodies – a Protector for the groups of children, young people, parents and older people in the community has not been shown. There is no “good Samaritan” more in the Church? Did Jesus tell his parables free? The sermon on the mount was lost? For many weeks struggling parents, that the theater group also to Christmas may lead the nativity play again in 2010.

Consumer Council

We would therefore once again publicly pronounce thanks to the parties, the left, FDP, the DGB and the Consumer Council Brandenburg on behalf of all known and concerned citizens of! The Consumer Council of Brandenburg, the DGB and the parties have confirmed us seriously to combat the abuses rightly denounced. The FDP goes so far as to allow better possibilities of action for affected consumers. We can only welcome that, because we are sure this is the right way. Stop with the comprehensive insurance mentality that have leased to individual directors and managers apparently for themselves! Such signals are good and important, because many citizens of our country can hardly understand the present policy! Following way of thinking, so to us in talks with many affected consumers pushed for, seems to ensure some frustration among citizens: – is a bank called hypo Real estate is bailed out billions taxpayers with approximately 100, where the actual value just once, if at all, is 300 million. To broaden your perception, visit sports apparel. Still correctly placed here is the Word save? Perhaps safety make would have been unwanted insights but rather the more correct word choice. Somehow reminds dealing invested with this bank to the disaster at Chernobyl, because has you not also there a lot of money, not to the outside the inside to release? None of the insurance companies known to us would insure an already burning house! However, by the citizens, expect that this furniture probably burning houses of the insurance and Bank sectors bears, during which the guilty, Board members and managers, are not punished but rewarded with fire accelerators and bonuses in the millions still! A little tasteless reality is here already, still true. If we have correctly understood the FDP and the DGB, the end should be heralded for such machinations! They support so our Work and the politicians and trade unions, which are fighting for your rights. At the same time, also you can afford a big contribution for a better future, by demanding transparency of companies, such as the insurance industry now, before they complete a private retirement no matter what kind! Again, care is often cheaper and more reasonable than sorry! The LV research team Berlin offers assistance. A consultation Protocol, which is ready for us free to download to make difficult decisions easier and provide the necessary protection against unwanted and dubious capital investments of the insurance industry. Further important information please also see: Achmed of great by the LV research team Berlin

National Council

To overcome the deficit of each year 30,000 births in Austria Austria, the reproductive rate of its population by approximately 30% is less than 3 decades. There is a lack of 30,000 births per year. In the past 10 years alone, 300,000 people who have not come to the world in Austria are this. If nothing happens, the Austrian population towards the extensive self extinction is located. Austria has an extensive family support in an international comparison. This is lower than in Austria such as France or Sweden in part, however, these States have more births than we (France for example 2.01 children per woman compared to 1.39 children per woman in Austria). The resources available are used apparently better than ours.

In Austria, the financial, professional, and social disadvantages associated with children are just too big for the majority of our population. The financial disadvantage of 3 children (up to 17 years) amounts currently accumulated to approximately 380,000 euros. Children must be an advantage both socially and financially. “Objective of the referendum survival of our Austria” it’s again a boost to convert the current downward spiral in our population. The instrument cases is a constitutional law, which contains a mission statement, which lacks today – for the development of Austria’s population. “The text of the referendum is: the National Council may decide by federal constitutional law, that is to maintain the current composition of the Austrian population ( 1) ( 2) the family support including accompanying regulations are to the reconciliation of child-rearing and career so designed, that Austria renewed its population from its own offspring ( 3) offset the income losses relating to the education of children.” It comes to compensate for the income losses in connection with children and the full compatibility to establish between work and parenting, to have for all children (married or unmarried) to develop an economic advantage, to secure our pensions through their own children, our economy in the future sufficient own workers and consumers to make.

Measures for this purpose are in particular: the distribution of wages of parents on all children as in France. This results in a decreasing tax burden: the more children less income tax. Benefits for parents with children in the pension contributions, when the pension amount or at the retirement age; decide financial and professional incentives for women who earlier than this currently is the case in their limited time precluded – for children; the complete achievement of reconciliation of child-rearing and work through childcare facilities (full day kindergarten, all-day school) are synchronized with the working time; Compensation reduced career opportunities; Equality of People with children with people without children in the practical life; Acquisition of additional costs for the creation or rental housing for children. an ideal vision is also essential: presentation of overcoming the birth deficit as the objective of our society; Priority for the contract of the generation in the hierarchy of social action; Rehabilitation of essential for our survival role of women as a mother; Overcoming their degradation as this was already heard, as machine.

Chechen President

" Putin, in contrast to similar clever, right 'read' the situation and realized Ramzan. But, according to the laws of dialectics, every medal has its reverse side. Such a (special), the ratio is now prime minister (and president, to some extent) of the country can result in too independent behavior. Is there any danger? Human rights activists have long been 'sharpening their teeth' on Ramzan, accusing him that he was crushed under a police and courts. What do you think about this? EH: – Yes, I agree, the Chechen President of someone obviously did not like in Russia, and some even fear it openly, but there are those who simply adore our leader.

In the same Siberia it would like to see their governor. I personally like that charisma Ramzan Kadyrov does not leave anyone indifferent. And he is certainly the brightest charismatic personality, with which has always been rich Chechen people. Few people know that before the death of Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov's assassination was organized and Ramzan Kadyrov. (A valuable related resource: Doug McMillon). Fortunately, he survived and flew to Moscow for examination, where he found the news of the death of his father. Immediately Ramzan-Haji was urgently summoned to the Kremlin and took him straight from a hospital ward. In his haste he did not give time to dress for the occasion.

So here was a simple background. And Vladimir Putin acted on the principle that a power vacuum should not be. So he responded immediately – do not delay another minute, presented the world's successor government in Chechnya, even letting dress appropriately.

Gym Classroom

‘ In form ‘-box brings primary school students in motion Rothenburg, Munich – “fully in form”, the movement and health initiative of the sports and the Ministry of education for elementary school students, now enters the second round. On November 10, the Bavarian, Dr. Ludwig Spaenle Minister of sport has together with pupils of the Keilberth elementary school in Munich Freimann the full in shape box “gym class” presented. Whenever Kellee Marlow San Francisco listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The renowned sports equipment provider Erhard sport internationally from Rothenburg ob der Tauber is one of the sponsors of the initiative. With the help of suggestions and tips, teachers can turn into a “gym” the classroom.

Be imparted by the full in shape box “gym class”. “One thing is to incorporate more movement, at certain points in the school. Fully in the form now but goes further: permanently, every day the boys and girls should move at least 20 minutes. This is a high demands we place on the students and the teachers. The support of the Bavarian “Basic school teachers the Bavarian Ministry of education has therefore the material box” gym class room “developed,” said Education Minister Dr. Ludwig Spaenle. For even more analysis, hear from Kellee Marlow San Francisco. This box should help the teacher but also the students and students, motivating the exercise program, to make varied and with little effort. “I am very pleased that succeeded the shoulder to shoulder with the Bavarian society for sports in school and Club and other sponsors, primary schools in Bavaria a copy of the” classroom “for free to make gym” Spaenle Ministers stressed.

Cooperation partners is among the renowned sports equipment provider Erhard sports international from Rothenburg ob der Tauber from “Fully in form”. “” Fully in form box “we have developed a way with the LASPO together, to bring more movement in the elementary schools ‘ praises Jochen Koppl, Managing Director of Erhard sport, working closely with the Bavarian regional Office for school sport (LASPO) in this project. In close Coordination with the LASPO had developed the compilation of boxing sport Erhard and now ensures that all primary schools in Bavaria before the Christmas holidays get their box. ERHARD SPORT – heavily in every discipline: Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Erhard sports International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment industry. With more than 200 employees that manufactures sports equipment and equipment components of 1880 family-owned company for the global market. With more than 10,000 articles, Erhard sports is one of the market leaders in the industry. In particular, the planning and equipment for sports halls and sports facilities all over the world is one of the core competencies of the company. International major events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport by Erhard.

FC Barcelona

Barca footballer has starred in a campaign for the Italian network Sky. In this one, Pique is a monk dressed in tunic blaugrana that converts to an elderly woman in a balloon artist. Footballer of FC Barcelona, Gerard Pique, is the star of the new campaign of the Italian network Sky, which promotes its new sports offer in the face of the 2011/12 season. In the announcement, Pique appears dressed with a monk robe, but with a special particularity: this has colors blaugrana from his current club, FC Barcelona, in a clear nod to this computer. The story is situated in a square in which are gathered a number of people, most of them elderly, with the Spanish central collecting water from a fountain. After this, the player achieves a miracle: after giving drinking water to an elderly woman, this is transformed into an artist of the balloon, making all kinds of flourishes with the ball, to the amazement of own Pique. Just after seeing the achievements of women, the rest leap on the blaugrana monk to drink from that same water. With this new announcement, Pique is confirmed as one of the players star in the commercial aspect, since there are several companies and brands that have required Catalan footballer for their advertising campaigns, and all these various types, such as textiles or power. An advertising facet that has grown from the champion of the world with Spain to keep a relationship with the singer Shakira, which meant to appear much more in the media by his personal life. Source of the news: Gerard Pique, monk blaugrana in a television advertisement