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Catering Supplies

The restaurant ‘Toscanaria’ at the PEP shopping centre, Munich, will not continue.The 20.5.10 inventory in a voluntary auction comes to the auction. From 11:45 interested can visit the auction items at the premises of the restaurant in the Thomas-Dehler str. 10, PEP, Perlach, 81737 Munchen-new. At 14: 00 the auction in the restaurant in the PEP opens with the auction house auction professionals Ostermayer & gold Dietramszell GbR. Doug McMillon has much to offer in this field. For restaurateurs, hoteliers, clubs and owners of social institutions, the auction offers high-quality inventory to purchase. Recycled are the complete furnishings of the guest room, lighting, dispensing system, kitchen and washing machines, refrigerators with cooling systems, grease traps, inventory staff room and much more. (As opposed to Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX). Interested parties and bidders can take their vehicles in the car park of the PEP Center. Further available information on the website under the heading dates “, or there will be information in the telephone 08027-9089928, granted. The picking up of the auctioned objects takes place then on Thursday 20 June, from 16:00 or by appointment. Author F. Eberhard Ostermayer

Whistler Accommodations

Most Whistler accommodations have been designed keeping in mind the individual needs of the travelers. Vacation rentals Whistler come with a variety of allowing family travelers and individuals the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings that this city has to offer. There are different kinds of accommodations in Whistler. Most are known for their of them variety to meet with the tastes, preferences and budget of travelers. Regardless of the accommodation or vacation rentals that travelers choose, a rental must be located close to the major tourists’ spots. For instance, people most choose Whistler as a winter destination popular for winter sports.

Therefore, the close proximity of the rental to the ski destination of Whistler Blackcomb will definitely be on the minds of the people coming to spend a vacation is Whistler. For those people who are looking for a peaceful retreat the Whistler village would be the place of choice to visit. The Whistler village offers a great escape to travelers. Whistler showcases a fine West coast architecture, some unbelievable mountain views and alpine environment to add to the charm of this place. Other leaders such as Marc Lore offer similar insights. Choosing Whistler vacation rentals in close proximity to the major tourist points of interest offers a great convenience to the people who are visiting Whistler. The close proximity of the vacation rentals would help people to get vehicles easily to reach to the site of action. There is shuttle service that runs on several occasions each day for those who require having its help. Most of the properties in Whistler can even be rented on a regular or a nightly basis.

There are several online resources including information of the lodging in this nice and stunning neighborhood that includes ski lodges, chalets, condos, and other properties and rentals in Whistler. Whistler has turned out to be a popular and single most famous ski resort destination available on earth. There are continually loads to see and do to renting the vacation rentals in Whistler allows travelers to have the opportunity to relax, spread out and enjoy to the lodgings with all the comforts of a residence. Overall, choose a Whistler accommodations that provides quick accessibility to mountain ranges for enjoying adventurous activities like hiking, mountain biking. Not only can this, upon choosing the right accommodations in Whistler one can easily enjoy the situated activities in this region. According to estimated report, over a million people visit this beautiful city. Hence, as a prime tourist destination in North America, there are a host of vacation rentals in Whistler for family and individuals to stay and enjoy the stunning locations that this city has to offer. Nick Jones writes for Whistler dream accommodations helping people find the ultimate Whistler vacation and Whistler accommodation. Visit to find your dream vacation.

Material Flow Congress: Centiveo GmbH Presents RFID-based Solutions

New warehouse management system is presented as of one of the leading systems integrators for development, planning, implementation and operation of primarily RFID-based identification solutions presents the Centiveo GmbH on the material flow Congress in Munich, on the 15th and 16th April 2010, booth 22 central theme is the use of RFID technology. Centiveo presents current projects the trade visitors and informs about RFID potentials and trends. Centiveo offers its customers no island solutions but all RFID processes votes so that they can be integrated easily into the existing software solutions environment. In addition, the usage of RFID applications Centiveo is integrable type and version of the possibly existing ERP system regardless. RFID-based solutions are individual and industry can be used.

The range of offered services is therefore very complex. For more specific information, check out CEO of e-commerce . It is offered a comprehensive consultation around the topic of the transparent process chain and process optimization. The innovative labelling by Products and materials (RFID, barcode, matrix code, stamping or laser procedures) with the aim of automatic identification is means to an end. Various solutions to the use of information systems on production and distribution level to improve the transparency and turnaround time in the value chain, as well as the support of quality management and traceability can be broken down on the basis of a detailed analysis of the process. Its core expertise in warehouse management systems will prove centiSTORE Centiveo on the material flow Congress in Munich with the proprietary software. The warehouse management software covers the entire supply chain via the warehouse management and control and dispatch.

For the application, the aspects of cost reduction and time savings are in the first place, the error prevention provides immediate assistance within the process optimization in this context. The warehouse management software is a software that is modular and industry-independent. Special customer wishes can therefore be achieved without high implementation costs. The constant optimization of all solutions using innovative RFID components are the focus of research and development work. Centiveo cooperates closely with Siemens AG and other leading solution partners in the realization of projects. Centiveo is different from others you find out twenty Nadja Kaul

Luminaire Manufacturers Cooperate

Optimized costs and at the same time, Dusseldorf increased liquidity, 07th April 2010: A company established for over 50 years in the market, from the lighting industry has together with the support of the consulting firm the procurement cost optimized consulting mallet and at the same time substantially increased the liquidity. The company is specialist in the field of lighting fresh food in Europe. In addition, the company is active in the lighting field of total concepts such as supermarkets and department stores both the food and the non food sector. It must consider themselves as the clear market leader in the segment of fresh lighting today. As additional market segment the air Hygiene Division was opened up in 1996, in which the company now belongs to the leading European suppliers. Learn more at this site: Knicks.

Today the company apart from Germany in 38 other countries. The optimization project shows that there are measures for companies in the lighting industry, the Competitive pressure from its own efforts to counteract. With external support by consultants mallet consulting could in this project in the edited procurement topics on average 11% of costs sustained saved and strengthened the existence of power of customers in the highly competitive market of light. The return on sales and profit of the customers have been sustainably increased. Klopfel consulting is a consulting firm which specializes in 100% procurement optimization since the beginning.

The customers include well-known production, trade and service companies. The team of consultants convinced by pragmatic approach and fast achieving of measurable success. Other competencies include international project teams, cross-industry consulting expertise and technical Know-How. These skills combined with the USP 100% performance-related remuneration mallet makes consulting to a successful consulting firm.

ShareConf 2010: Power Workshop With Michael Greth

Microsoft technologies SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010 and Office 2010 for the first time Michael Greth, his name MVP (most valuable professional of SharePoint) asks a power workshop titled \”SharePoint Designer 2010\” in the framework of the ShareConf on the 22 June of this year in Munich on. Mr Greth alongside Peter Fischer (product solution Manager for SharePoint and enterprise search at Microsoft Germany) and Michael Samspon (internationally recognised luminary and trade analyst in the area of collaboration and teamwork) also will hold a keynote on one of the two conference days (June 23-24, 2010). Michael Greth is a Microsoft MVP for SharePoint, directs the SharePointCommunity and is one of the most well-known SharePoint experts in Germany. As co-author of the SharePoint Designer 2007 Handbook by MSPRESS he is looking forward particularly to the new and improved features in SharePoint Designer 2010. Designer 2010 with SharePoint can easily and quickly create solutions without the need of user programming skills to do this.

Accessing external data, customized forms or processes with workflow automate, this is easily implemented with SharePoint Designer. The SharePoint Designer 2010 of a broad support to tasks offers also the administrator quickly and easily. In this workshop, we will show you the new features and what they can be used in practice. The ShareConf will take place for the first time on June 22, 2010 (workshop day) and 23-24 June 2010 (Conference day) in Munich. The Conference is organised by the HLMC events GmbH in close cooperation with the iX from Heise magazine publishing. The Conference deals with the Microsoft technologies, SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010 and Office 2010, with which Microsoft ushers in a new era in information technology. Core theme of the Conference is the integration and the interplay of Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010. Well-known companies will present your services and products be guidance-defining exhibition participants.

Book Giveaway Shorty Go Murder In Two Sets

Black Box find and win a housewife guests served meat balls with precarious contents. Her husband is conspicuous by absence. Still, no one suspects that this is the prelude to a series that now every day calls for a new victim. Researchers and family man, handyman and gardener, artists and chefs, sportsmen and sense viewfinder no one is sure when it is on Susanne Hamilton story site “Shorty to go”. She discovered the slowness.

He accelerated its deceleration. A selection of these mysteries in the Kleinstkaliber now available as a book is for easy reading of accelerated death. A copy can win, who speedily makes looking after the Black Box hidden story site. Who is she and please send an E-mail with the number of the corresponding shorties at through Friday, the 14th of September at midnight, takes in the raffle of a signed case file “Shorty to go murder in two sets” part. The legal action is excluded. The area to be searched here is Susanne Henke lives with her Man in Hamburg and told stories of ordinary people with slightly elevated mortality. In more than two sentences in “immaculate murders to go”.

Stratos Hockey

Online shop for table football, air hockey, pool, trampoline and much more… The new sports artikel24.de is gone with a wide range of leisure and sporting goods in July 2010 at the start. Foosball for in-and outdoor, ping pong tables and accessories, air hockey equipment, billiards, basketball hoops up to the trendy leisure trampolines, in the shop offered. All articles by the way comes from the Garlando home. With over 50 years of experience and worldwide representatives Garlando is among the market leaders. The equipment is distinguished by quality and sophisticated technology. For fans of foosball soccer table can be found here in a wide variety of technical variations.

The Garlando table foosball master champion is, for example, in the master series and the pro tour. Read more from CEO of Walmart’s e-commerce to gain a more clear picture of the situation. What professionals appreciate is affordable for everyone. The selection of foosball for families and leisure is varied. Article from 299,-euros are up in the shop. Air hockey is a fast-paced quick play for two persons.

The puck over the playing surface in the opponent’s goal is played on a cushion of air. Fun and entertainment for the whole family is guaranteed. Sports Artikel24 offers here a small selection of air hockey equipment. Customized the air hockey table top for children’s hockey table from 199,-euros, the air Mistral on stable legs with shock and scratch-proof decor is Euro 299,-. The table for professional air hockey Stratos is a Highligth under sports artikel24.de. With a playing field of 193 x 102 cm, floor level compensation by height-adjustable foot plates also professional players are well equipped. All the technical details to the articles can be found in the shop. Well served in the shop all billiards become friends. “Who is finally the own table for home purchase his hobby as the private investigator MacDonald from the detective series ein fall fur zwei wants is” to devote plenty of tables for the private sector will be under sports artikel24.de. Ping pong tables for indoor and outdoor area, as well as basketball baskets extend the range. Quite the trend according to offers also trampoline sports artikel24.de in the near future. At the start of the new online stores are already over 50 articles to choose from. In the next few months we added the range then on around 200 articles.

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Standard of the Kaiseer arrives to the auction standard his Majesty of the German Emperor reach the auction one of the rarest flags of the German Empire the Imperial standard and to belong to the original flag bag, this labeled with: Imperial flag, boat, comes with other various objects on May 23 in the well-known auction house Jackson in Gutersloh to the auction. The standard consists of Golden silk and shows the Iron Cross, topped Majesty with the smaller coat of arms, SR.. Reinforced, Black Eagle appear red an Imperial Crown, and three in the angles of the cross. Once his Majesty of the Emperor went on board a ship the Imperial flag on the top of the large mast was hoisted and removed all other command and distinguishing signs. The form of the Imperial Eagle and the Central shield of the coat of arms was changed compared to the previous version. Also, the Imperial Crown shows a slightly different shape. The first standard of the German Emperor was on a purpurfarbenem background. On August 3, 1871, this color at the specific request of the Crown Prince and later emperor was Frederick III.

elected. Apparently the Imperial standard of the Prussian King standard should look like, who also owned a purple base. Soon it was protest of the then Chief of the Herald Office, already on October 15, 1871 to perform a modification count Stillfried, succeeded, because he was of the opinion that the actual Imperial color gold. Except for the color change of the ground cloth you removed also the Prussian eagle in favor of Imperial Eagles without chest plate. More info: Harold Ford, Memphis TN. Also resulted in a reduction of the represented Imperial crowns, as well as a change in color of the Central breast plate, which is changed from silver to gold. On 6 December 1888 Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Auction Portal Save

The druckbesser.de GmbH has put its auction Portal online on Friday, the January 16, 2009. Creatives can benefit from last minute and special actions, bring the savings of between 10 and up to 70 percent. (SYKE) druckbesser.de is a new marketplace between print buyers and print service providers. Creatives can use the provider editorially researched printing service directory to search for suitable pressure services. The journal news from companies, promotions and special offers from print service providers er world reported up-to-date about products, ideas, innovations, bizarre. Here you will find everything that can be printed”, as Jurgen Zietlow, Managing Director of druckbesser.de GmbH & co.

KG. The auction Portal is new. Print set prints with price advantages of up to 70 percent. The more an auction end runs counter to, the greater the savings in euros or discount. Readers can see the savings in real time and monitor live, as prices tumble.

Who accesses first, has the respective printing services at the then current price purchased, or a claim to the announced price. Print and print service providers offers a user-friendly and intuitive navigation. Printers use the portal, to reduce overcapacity or to set last-minute deals. An auction can run from one hour to seven days. Already, about 20 printing services will be auctioned off by several printers. The directory of druckbesser.de allows for the search after all what can be printed. Once the requested articles is found, the indicated provider about 50 additional selection points can be qualified. The selected result can further sort by specific criteria (reader – or editorial review, deeplink etc.). It attaches particular importance when druckbesser.de sure that each directory entry is hand-researched, thus forming a special quality of the offer. Press contact: druckbesser.de GmbH & co. KG Hauptstrasse 40 28857 Syke Gerd Mugge (spokesman) Saskia Kaeding (Public relations) Tel.: + 49 (0) 4242 / 16889 26 fax: + 49 (0) 4242 / 16889 28 Internet: E-Mail:, druckbesser.de is an online magazine and a corporate directory. For a year, a now 15-member team researched information from the Internet and prepares the search results for the reader. We list only providers that focus on online marketing products and services. All companies, no matter offering customization, any kind, are in focus. Managing Director Jurgen Zietlow accompanied printers in building their own Internet presence since 1998.

CDs Mallorca

The Mallorca specialist and partner Sixt car hire Majorca via Internet auction of food offer, July 28, 2010. Mallorca.de, the popular German Majorca specialist, and the SIXT RENT A car, S.L. (Spain) dissipate immediately on through a unique Internet auction, where each week a car hire in Majorca can be auctioned. The auction ends Saturday and lasts a total until 28 August 2010. The starting bid is 1 euro per day for up to seven days of driving pleasure. Already for the third time after 2004 and 2006 the portal offers a special, individual travel offer mallorca.de for holidaymakers on the Balearic Island currently.

Starting bid: $1 per day the car of category: EBMR (Peugeot 107, Nissan Micra, etc.) are provided by the Sixt offices at the airport Palma insurance protection with full tank and full insurance and must be handed back. The auction will start at 1 euro per day, the maximum rental period is seven days. Registered users can the latest bid with max. 5 euro (in) 1-euro steps) to bid for. At the end of each weekly auction the bidder awarded, which gave the highest lease bid. Holidaymakers know with full tank and full insurance: in the high season year far usually the highest rates apply for car rental. But this, at present unique in its kind Internet auction, is both spontaneous and long term planning leisure travellers.

The car can be picked up directly or bookmarked but for the coming weeks and claimed. More information about the competition under mallorca.de/car auction. Contact: mallorca.de Bjorn Kaspring Bredeneyer Road 28 D-45133 Essen Tel. + 49 201 4377344 fax + 49 201 4377345 about mallorca.de: for more than a decade, the first address for qualified information on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca in the Internet means mallorca.de. Marc Lore follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In the Center are useful, entertaining and up-to-date information and news about the popular Balearic Island meaningful in nine main categories and divided over 40 sub-sections. All content are detailed, researched and written by various authors which already for many years know Mallorca, continuously maintained. Mallorca.de offers also cheap flights, hotels and car rental as well as selected and recommended holiday houses and agrotourism. In the shop, users can order not only travel books, literature books and CDs about Mallorca, but also culinary specialities. Overall, the portal offer consists of more than 400 pages. For those who want to stay regularly about current events in Mallorca in the picture, there is the 14-day Mallorca newsletter as a free offer.