Month: August 2012

So Paulo

The world is explained of very simplista form, mainly on the diffusion of the medias that are under domain of small of groups worried only about its interests. The postindustrial society is based on the information and consumption. ' ' The blood of the postindustrial systems is the circuit information-estetizao-erotizao-personalizao' ' (SAINTS 1989, p 30). In what it refers to the politics, the metadiscursos previously were sanctioned, but today mediocre images exist basically and without depth. The candidates if worry more about appearance, its visibility in the medias of what with the commitment with the people. They observe it fall of the great narrative, the great saving promises of the humanity, marks of the one after-modernismo.

In this environment, it is preferred image the object, the copy to the original, simulacro (the reproduction technique) to the Real. That is result, in the culture occidental person, of the search of simulacro perfect of the reality. ' ' To simulate for images as in the TV, that of the o world happening, it means to erase the difference between imaginary Real and, to be and appearance. He is only simulacro passing for real.' ' (SAINTS, 1989, pg.12). With respect to the TV, if on the other hand it distorts or deludes the public, disrespects it and devaluates it in detriment of its commercial interests, on the other hand, is capable to desconstruir preconceptions. The capitalism do not have escrpulos, it does not value nor stimulates the human development worse and: she corrupts it in accordance with and said its actions its interests, at last, not it of the autonomy. After-modernismo it has something of positive: they value, they include and they recognize the diversity as integrant part, shakes points it of preconceptions, knocks down the wall between cultured art and mass art, breaches barriers between sorts, brings in return the new. It is pluralista, considers the convivncia of all the styles, all the times, without hierarchies.

At last, the market is a full cardpio of options and fits to each one to choose what more it pleases to it. With respect to the space and to the time: territories and spaces of being able exist real that they are not to be put off for the understanding of the capitalist development and the global abrangncia. Thus, an evolution of the historical materialism is observed that is the concern with its geography. The materialism is, therefore, an open analysis and dialectic, that the space also values and not only the closed speech. The metateoria is not a total truth, but an attempt to arrive at the historical and geographic truths that characterize the capitalism. Then on the basis of the historical materialism the after-modern condition can be understood as description-geographic condition. The after-modern condition is a perennial evolution. BIBLIOGRAPHY CONNOR, Steven. After-Modern culture. So Paulo, Loyola Editions, 1993. HARVEY, David. Condition after? modern: one searches on the origins of the cultural change. So Paulo: Loyola editions, 1992. JAMESON, Fredric. After-Modernismo. So Paulo, Publishing company Stoke, 1997. SAINTS, Jair. What it is after-Modern. So Paulo, Brasiliense Publishing company, 1989.

Recognized Companies

This is the third article of the series Recognized Companies of Affiliation, I have wanted to collect all this data and to condense it in a series of articles in sequence so that those that just begin in this exciting world of the businesses online have all this material placed in a single place; this is beneficial because we optimized our time when not having to be surfeando all the network in search of these contents, so hands to the work and we begin with the development of the subject Today I want to try what in my opinion they are the most important aspects on the Click2Sell company, and what the difference of companies like ClickBank and PayDotCom, which I tried in previous articles. In Click2Sell you free of charge can registrarte in almost any country of the world, accept the opening of an account in the majority of the Spanish-speaking countries, which is without a doubt a very important aspect. It owns few products to promote, for the date they walk by the order of the thousands what constitutes a disadvantage with respect to companies like ClickBank and PayDotCom which offer a fan much more ample of products to promote. It accepts practically all the cards of the market and allows to receive payments through Paypal, but additionally it accepts other modes of payment eg: Moneybookers, Worldpay, and Google Checkout. Unlike ClickBank that realises the payments to its affiliates by means of checks in almost all the countries where it operates, Click2Sell allows you to receive your payments by means of different routes com are it Paypal and Moneybookers. This company allows to the digital, physical product promotion and membrecas.

If you are a retailer that you have your own Click2Sell products offers the opportunity abrir an account you of retailer without having to pay a cent, she is totally gratuitous and the amount of products that you can include to sell is limitless, in ClickBank on the contrary you must disburse almost 50 dollars to be able to have a retailer account and although it allows you to sell many products is not limitless because it has a top is not this case of Click2Sell. It pays super commissions that walk in 95%, ClicBank pays maximum 75% and PayDotCom maximum 80%. This is one of the Recognized Companies of Affiliation that is undergoing a good expansion, in the personnel I augur much success to him since I believe that they are making the things good. Jose Noriega original Author and source of the article