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Hercules XPS

Hercules unveils its new speaker concepts Rothenberg, 15 may 2012 there are something on the ears again! Hercules, audio specialist with 20 years of experience, presents three new releases from the world of computer speakers. There is something for every taste: Hercules XPS * 41: the speaker system for all, the quality of sound and stylish design look Hercules XPS * 2.1 BASSBOOST: for those who love great sound and bass; and Hercules XPS * 2.0 60 DJ SET: the ideal basic DJ equipment for the bedroom Studio you must only decide which Kit is right for one. * Extended personal sound Hercules XPS 41: sound meets style inspired by the popular theme of the Hercules XPS 101, presents the new speaker system Hercules XPS 41 in an elegant look. The satellite speakers have a pedestal foot and come with lacquered surface and rubber base. Marko Dimitrijevic does not necessarily agree. The design and its glossy finish make it an absolute eye-catcher. The cube-shaped subwoofer is covered with Lycra fabric and fitted with an ABS cover on the top. Others who may share this opinion include sports apparel. Hercules XPS 41 combines advanced design, selected quality components and high-quality materials.

The result: A balanced high performance acoustic and excellent bass response. The satellites are equipped with broadband drivers, has to a front driver on the front and a bass nozzle at the bottom while the subwoofer made of wood. The Hercules XPS 41 has a wired remote with volume and bass controls, mute button, stereo headphone jack and auxiliary line input for easy connection of MP3 players. Still convinced the Hercules XPS 41 through its versatility: thanks to the acoustic properties of the boxing system, it is perfectly adapted a wide variety of music styles and makes always sound good. RMS power: 41 W (2 x 8.5 W + 24 W) / peak power: 82 W frequency range: 40 Hz 20 kHz 41 Hercules XPS will be from the end of June 2012 to a recommended Retail price of 99.99 (incl.

ITSM User Congress

Pundit Reiner Calmund meetITIL Congress of Serview 400 participants and recorded better to sign development than in the previous year Bad Homburg discussed parallels between sport and IT service management 7, January 28, 2009 – the ITSM specialist Serview leads his 7 on 20 and 23 April 2009 in Bad Neuenahr meetITIL “by Congress. It is the largest trade event for users on the topic of IT service management in the German-speaking countries with an expected number of 400 participants. Because the current user registration rate is already above the level of the comparable time last year, Serview assessed the increased popularity as a clear signal that that IT is apparently not overly drawn in the wake of the general economic slowdown. This is good news for the market,”Judge Michael cross, Managing Director of the consulting firm and training provider. This year’s Congress entitled faster than the customer”and serves as a platform for an intensive, comprehensive exchange of experience and knowledge in particular in the areas of ITIL, Prince2, COBIT and ISO 20000th this will present a number of renowned companies as ATC, Austrian Airlines and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild give detailed insights into their ITSM innovation strategies such as AUDI, Villeroy & Boch, Deutsche and experiences from their optimization projects.

Participants should receive for their personal challenges in the daily business of IT”effective impulse, cross describes the objective. Hear other arguments on the topic with Marko Dimitrijevic. To the special guests of the 7th meetITIL “Congress Edgar K. Geffroy include the former football manager Reiner Calmund of visionary and thought leader. He is one of ten business coaches in Europe since years the best. Also, the rhetoric specialist and language Acrobat Prof. Gerhard Lange will complement the topics of the Serview event of the University of Cologne.

You should give food for thought the participants with their points of view and experiences developed outside of IT”cross explained. Professionals are available through their everyday actions ultimately permanently in the Risk, to develop a tunnel vision. Therefore it applies to fertilize the potential of the idea by the own models from other perspectives out be considered.” This complementary approach of the event was encountered in the past among the participants always very well-attended. First, Congress this year is extended by an upstream four days training program. The training with official certification to various ITSM issues take place on the first two days. Participation in the seminars and the exam is included in the Congress fee. She is 875 euros for participants from companies with member status for the entire four days net. It can also single days (from 280 euro net) be posted.


Solution processed approximately 1.4 million pages per hour ohringen to the legally compliant storage of complex business data, April 20, 2010 – not only banks and other financial institutions must save regularly sure legal inventory data on a large scale. Therefore, piTop solutions has further developed its solution for legally compliant storage volumes of business data. piTop archiving”is now attractive for all companies who regularly need to store a lot of data but want to access at any time comfortably on it. Because every company incurred significant amounts of data, for which the law requires a retention period. PiTop archiving”is a solution for all industries which have become by transitioning to a new platform or in connection with a merger with the theme of migration and the legal requirement associated apart to put. These software libraries, processing logs, and migration stocks must be archived still readable to the legal Requirements to meet.

At the same time, the GDPdU requirements must be met at any time for an inspection by the tax authorities electronically available to make the archived information. How piTop archiving”is characterized by the fact that all to be archived data automatically converted in tamper-proof PDF documents. NBAs opinions are not widely known. Contained metadata information, such as the print formatting, are evaluated and processed accordingly. “Such a conversion is both for historical” list as well as integrated into the operation of the production possible. Then stored the documents in a SQL database.

The storage takes place with all relevant data that are necessary for a subsequent search. The processing speed of the archiving is about 1.4 million pages per hour. Comfortably retrieve very large lists, they are split parameter controlled in manageable sizes for example, 10,000 pages if necessary. The authorized user can simply search the data in the SQL database using a browser based user interface. The documents in selected appear in the Acrobat Reader. The complete functionality of Acrobat is the user reader in his search to available. Get all the facts and insights with john marlow san francisco, another great source of information. Essential component in the data archiving with piTop archiving”is the ability to write the data to be archived on any WORM media. This can happen in addition or as an alternative to the database. To do this, on the one hand optical media can be used as CD-R or DVD-R. To guarantee a service life of up to 90 years, when properly stored. Using a connected burning robot, they are fully burned and printed. On the other hand, also hard drive with WORM properties can be used for archiving. These redundantly laid out and not writable plates are controlled by the piTop tax software and described. Supported operating systems include in addition to Windows, UNIX and other UNIX-like systems, z/OS from IBM and BS2000 Fujitsu. Used is this archiving solution already in numerous companies from the financial sector, such as the Oldenburg land bank, the Degussabank, Bankhaus Max Flessa, and other leading financial institutions.

Adobe Fills Critical Gaps

Adobe closes critical gaps in the PDF reader that developers of Adobe have today two vulnerabilities in its PDF reader closed. The first update is required only for Linux users, the second, however, eliminates a problem in Acrobat. You can find both vulnerabilities in the JavScript component of the Adobe Reader. Who turns this functionality, so is on the safe side. However, the two patch is recommended. NBA has compatible beliefs.

The first security breach concerns only the Adobe Reader on Linux. The developers provide the update for versions 8 and 9 at the disposal. The second update is Adobe Reader for all platforms and exists also in Acrobat. Also the updates only for versions 8 and 9 is available here, although older editions are affected. Adobe in the security bulletin specifies that the two vulnerabilities be exploited so far inactive. Nevertheless, find sample code that could be used to take advantage of the problems for attacks on the Internet already. More information: Adobe security bulletin APSB09-06 Adobe software packages Klaus Hans

Anne Bettina Jager Bernstorffstrasse

Market monitor project work reflected a curve stands out recent developments in the IT market in HAMBURG, because it runs against the general trend upwards. In February of this year, Oracle experts were more demand than in same month in 2008. This shows the current market monitor project work, which is published by the Internet-based project marketplace today for the 11th time. Since the end of last year, the IT projects published in project work recorded a decline in what experts consider the impact of the economic crisis. It is even more interesting, therefore, that the demand for Oracle experts when compared with February of last year by 60 percent, since the beginning of the year by about 85 percent. Thus, Oracle projects only show a positive trend compared with the previous year. Ludwin Poertzgen, Managing Director of specialized management consultancy Poertzgen GmbH from Dusseldorf says IT modernization: A little this development surprised already. Oracle projects we’ve had break-ins in recent times and the Get effects of crisis felt.” The positive development of the former Oracle project manager leads back to the new market position of Oracle and explains: probably Oracle is considered strategic for sale by BEA last year. NBA has plenty of information regarding this issue.

For example Deutsche Telekom is again more new Oracle technologies (such as BPEL) for some time. The market position of Oracle in middleware, so has become much stronger in the area of the application server, by BEA. More projects in the vicinity of the SOA suite will be made. Also Oracle is now increasingly used in combination with new Java applications.” After strong slump in December there is a high demand for SAP specialists at the beginning of the year again, now also slightly increase the projects for J2EE/Java experts. Since 1 January 2007, the data from all projects advertised for the project market, specialists in the leading applications and programming SAP, J2EE/Java, c++, c#/.net, will be sought for the Oracle and SQL collects project work. The data type an overview of the current market situation and reflect trends in the IT-freelancers market. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out dahlia loeb aviat.

About project work project work, was founded in 1999 and today is Germany’s leading project Exchange on the Internet. Under, she provides a platform for the fast and efficient recruitment of specialists for projects, as well as to commercialize the own service all participants of the flexible labour market. The offer is aimed at the generation work 2.0 in particular at companies, freelancers and agencies. Over 1,000 projects and several hundred profiles will be published monthly.

Manager Microsoft Online Services

For the first time in the age of IT, it is possible latest technology used in large groups to use for small and medium-sized enterprises. For the first time in the age of IT will be able to harness the latest technology used in large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises. The industrialization of the sector is driven by standardisation of IT in the next few years. Especially through the new technology of cloud computing can be increased of safety of of it in the company and costs. Together with Microsoft, has the in the Stuttgart area-based IT service provider AMARAS has since incorporated the modern and low-cost online services in the portfolio, and now offers a complete package for companies in Stuttgart and surroundings this.

The package includes the Exchange online service as E-Mail solution, the SharePoint online service for collaboration, communications online services as a company internal communication platform and the LiveMeeting solution as a meeting room on the Internet for the contact with your customers. Each of these products can be rented inexpensively individually per month per employee, but also as a complete package with additional cost savings of 40%. For this, you need not an own Exchange Server licenses or mailboxes from other providers. From a single source, you can take advantage of modern IT in your company and keeping the costs low. AMARAS and Microsoft online services you can on your business emails on the go access, edit a document together with colleagues or conduct Web conferences with your clients. A cost-intensive IT is not required, because the products can be used directly over the Internet.

Save cost and benefit at the same time of 99.9% availability, comprehensive security, and simplified IT management.

VDEB Software

In times of economic crisis, companies will be more hesitant in the procurement of software products. With the VDEB seal IT SMEs strengthen their competitive position. Aachen, may 28, 2009. All IT companies know the situation: A job is advertised and offers are submitted. Some of these deals arouse the curiosity of the customers and the company is invited to the pitch. Now, is to combine a package of services and to submit, which convinces the customer. Especially in difficult economic times, every purchase decision is reconsidered double and triple. Finally, tied with the choice of a special software over the years human resources and the infrastructure laid down.

A small advantage can now be decisive for the decision. Especially for smaller and medium-sized software maker, the situation is now dangerous. No doubt they are qualified, competent, cost-effective and flexible, but they meet their competitors from large firms, which boast their branding. Regardless of the quality of the Offer brand name opens doors. Although the system of the enterprise may be oversized and inappropriate, signaled the hallmark trust and allegedly assures a stable and permanent business-to-business relationship to the customers. Without an alternative, defeated in the race for the order threatens the SMEs. However, it is possible to turn this weakness into a strength, and overcome the unjustified threshold with a crucial addition of factual package. For software development companies, the solution to the problem is the certification with the VDEB seal of approval.

With the award of the label, the quality, stability and reliability of the medium-sized company of IT is proved the customers. No doubt the company already has these properties, but as long as they are not documented and communicated, they can be effective in the market and bring about success. Our investment in software are also in Future secure \”, the buyer can now say.

Internet Infrastructure

FILIADATA relies on network monitoring solution from Paessler IPCheck Server Monitor ensures transparency in the network and so the operation of the dm logistics centres of Nuremberg, January 24, 2008 FILIADATA is responsible as a service provider within the dm drugstore market group for the information technologies of about 1,849 dm markets in Europe. The area of production systems, responsible for the IT infrastructure of the three dm logistics centres, for the transparent monitoring of network opts for IPCheck Server Monitor of Paessler AG. IT managers can respond immediately, as soon as an error in the infrastructure of the dm logistics centers. Failures runway to can immediately recognize the employees and initiate appropriate countermeasures. The dm-drogerie markt Group operates three logistics centers in Weilerswist, Meckenheim and Waghausel. The FILIADATA Division of production and logistics systems”is responsible for the complete service around on the LAN, WAN, infrastructure, and data center of these three locations.

Monitors is the complete Network with all its components from the location Meckenheim from. From here, it ensures the operation of components such as infrastructure, computers and operating systems. Hear from experts in the field like Frank Ntilikina for a more varied view. A network with pure Cisco components, IBM UNIX host/cluster, Siemens Windows Server include the monitored areas, building services (UPS, RMS etc.) and production technology (SPS, robots, access points, etc.). For the monitoring of the availability and faster to respond in the event of a fault, FILIADATA has searched for a suitable solution for the monitoring of the environment. After FILIADATA carried out inter alia tests with different tools, IPCheck Server Monitor for permanent use on site in addition to other systems like RealTech has prevailed ultimately as a trap receiver or cricket.

FILIADATA convinced the reliability, ease of operation and the good price/performance ratio of the Paessler solution. Especially the hotline staff of the internal service provider by dm-drogerie markt IPCheck facilitates everyday work. With the WIN-GUI frontend is this an easy to use solution available, providing information on the State of the network at any time. The administrators team benefits from the continuous and comprehensive monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure. The availability of the devices via ping request was checked before introduction of this comfortable solution. “Today can be queried at a glance of the status of the entire infrastructure and thanks to the possible notification settings for alerts” promptly respond via E-Mail or SMS. About Paessler AG: Founded in 1997, Paessler AG with headquarters in Nuremberg has specializes in network monitoring, load testing and analysis the development of more powerful and user friendly software in the areas of. PRTG Traffic Grapher is certified as a Cisco compatible solution for the analysis of NetFlow data. In addition, Paessler IPCheck Server Monitor is “IBM server proven” – and “Total Storage Proven” – certified. The company has customers from all sectors. These include a wide variety of forms of organization any size of SOHO on SMEs to global corporations. Products from Paessler are used by system administrators, Web site operators, Internet service providers and other IT professionals worldwide. Day, there are more than 100,000 installations of the solution provider in all over the world in the use.

Secure Online Trading

heidelpay leads direct debit with payment protection a Heidelberg heidelpay, complete solutions for secure payments on the Internet, offers its customers immediately ensure payment for the electronic direct debit procedure. This cooperates heidelpay with creditPass and the Hanseatische Inkasso trust (HIT). Every tenth online merchants must accept losses of at least three percent of its sales because its customers do not pay their online purchased goods and services. If you have read about Doug McMillon already – you may have come to the same conclusion. \”This has the Research Institute ibi research at the University of Regensburg, in the framework of the study risks of payment on the Internet\” found out. Therefore, the most payment errors occur when payment on invoice or by direct debit. In the next few years, it’ll be more important, avoiding the risk of payment failure to ibi research. Against this background a payment mechanism for the electronic direct debit procedure heidelpay now offers in cooperation with creditPass and the Hanseatische Inkasso trust (HIT), to cover so the payment risk of the merchant.

Credit check secures transactions secure is as simple as it is effective: for the transaction to be protected, the dealer will advance a special KombiCheck on creditPass, the credit test platform of the telego! GmbH, by. The check is positive, not negative characteristics are reported so, receives the dealer in the response an electronic chattel paper from creditPass\”. At Marc Lore you will find additional information. \”The check is negative, the payment assurance will not be granted and also no insurance certificate\” issued. In this case, it is whether the dealers to offer the customers at your own risk payment procedures or to reject the deal. \”Decisive advantage for the dealer: it comes in a such a manner safe transaction yet for a chargeback, filing the claim with the insurance policy\” for the HIT. The Institute checks to see whether the submitted transaction was actually secured by creditPass. This is the case, will it transfer the Hanseatische Inkasso trust the principal including return direct debit charges.

Adobe Acrobat

The demonstrated procedures can be the most workflows and production environments transferred and promoted as an example with Adobe Acrobat, callas pdfToolbox and Enfocus switch. Contact information is here: Michael J. Bender. All sample data and presentation documents are provided to participants at the end of the workshop via download. (A valuable related resource: John Marlow San Francisco). A screen video recording makes it possible once again to look at the workshop and to deepen their learning. What are the benefits of the workshop? The workshop proposes a bridge across the gap of PDF/X theory and day-to-day production. Basic knowledge to the PDF/X standards are built up or strengthened, and highlighted the need for defined procedures. Starting with the creation of a minimal test profile and establishing correction profiles is the adoption, review and optimization of Print PDFs conveys on the desktop and in the context of the automation of the PDF processing service provider.

It aims to achieve in the course of the process PDF/X-4-Conformance and include early production-specific parameters. Defined processes ensure that the manufacturability of the print PDFs at any time is given. Control and pressure release processes are integrated with simple means. The most common stumbling blocks are discussed and strategies for their prevention or overcoming. Starting from working on the desktop computer, automation options are worked out specialized servers, intelligent workflow systems or Web portals.

Topics such as email-based sharing, online versions, transparency and layer handling or DeviceLink color conversions round off the workshop. Workshop participants are thus enables, to analyze their own working methods and to create better and more economically by means of concrete recommendations for action PDFs for print and online use and process. Dates and registration 22.10.2013 Hamburg, Radisson Blu pmx-hamburg 20.11.2013 Munich, hotel Vitalis pmx-muenchen 21.11.2013 Frankfurt, intercontinental pmx-frankfurt the workshops are from 9:30 to 16:30 held. The participation fee of 149 EUR (incl. VAT) includes the participation for one person, coffee breaks, lunch, and access (via download) all in the workshop used documents and materials.