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Wegscheid Sports

In the southern Bavarian Forest, the community lies on the Eastern foothills of the Ponzaun mountain ridge Wegscheid. The rural community of formidable enough attractive opportunities for leisure. In the summer, invites the Rannasee for swimming and diving. You may find Randall Rothenberg to be a useful source of information. This Lake is artificially created and attracts visitors with concealed bays and a large water slide. A pedal boat rentals makes it possible to sail through the sea. In addition, that you can buy Wegscheid day fishing permits in the municipality. Therefore, nothing in the way is a barbecue evening on the lake itself caught, carp, trout and perch. A leading source for info: Randall Mays.

Who prefer hiking makes, can do this on many signposted paths. Especially the mill way, poachers dough and the Panorama Trail are splendid forest trails, where you can explore the surroundings of the village Wegscheid. A mountain ridge about two kilometers away from the village is the center of attraction for climbers. The wooded Ridge has rock walls, where the tourists can rock climbing and bouldering. Golf lovers can in the Close to improve their handicap on the lush green of the square.

The subsequent reception at the Golf Club is an absolute must. Families with children are welcome guests in the municipality of Wegscheid, because a holiday on a farm is a great experience for the little ones. In a comfortable apartment, the adults can relax while the children experience exciting adventures with the animals. Culturally, Wegscheid is always something going on in the community. For the guest setht now a large summer festival or a traditional market, at which all exhibitors in their pretty dress offer the goods, all kinds of entertainment on the cultural map. Who its vacation in the winter in the municipality wants to spend Wegscheid, can many winter sports exercise. Hiking enthusiasts can participate in snow-shoe hiking. Skiers find”ski area Hochficht in the immediate vicinity of the place Wegscheid. Chairlift and ski lift and a ski rental and a ski school are available in addition to several small lifts. For cross-country skiing there are a total of 20 km trails. A special experience is curling such well-known for Bayern, which takes place in the arena shooters. Small ice princesses can turn here also their pirouettes. Who Wegscheid his vacation would like to spend in the town, meets a nice population, which helps the guest that his holiday will be an unforgettable experience.

Ski World Treasure Hunt

“In search of the ‘treasure in the ice’ journey of discovery for small slopes adventurer a thrilling journey of discovery for small slopes adventurers is that searching for the treasure in the ice”, with the KinderKaiserland in Scheffau in the Tyrolean SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental once again breaks new ground. Additional information is available at Randall Rothenberg. An exciting discovery drive, near the ski Tots can not only playfully explore the slopes of the SkiWelt, but discover a real treasure box with sparkling Swarovski stones… The instructors are the leaders of the small treasure, once a ski lesson week for their adventurous journey in the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental make. Together the correct route will be explored with the help of a treasure map, from note to note, it’s a lift for elevator, departure for departure in direction Brixen IM thale, where the long-awaited goal in the legendary Kingdom of ice, the Alps igloo village Hochbrixen,: the treasure in the ice! But still the little adventurer must solve the last puzzle, to discover the precious treasure. A Rhinestone from the treasure chest adorns the helmet goods in an ice grotto hidden waiting a treasure chest, filled to brimming with sparkling Swarovski stones. Each little adventurers may choose its own stone from the treasure and gets stuck as a reward for the successful search these rhinestone on the helmet.

And yet a second surprise is waiting for the children in the Alps igloo village: the icy box of wishes: every child should write a secret wish and throw in a sealed envelope in the mail box, and next year the icy closet is flushed and looked whether the wish also… gone After a visit to the snow igloos and the ice sculptures in the Alps igloo mobile of the SkiWelt then proudly back after Scheffau, finally, Mum and dad must learn more about the exciting adventures and of course admire the glittering stone at the helm. The KinderKaiserland offers the treasure in the ice”for another refreshing impulse in the children-ski training. Emperor State Director Gerhard Told: Children should have not only the joy of exercise in the fresh air on a winter holiday, but playfully discover the snow and the mountains. We want children to enjoy skiing, experience adventures together with friends and come back the next day with bright-eyed.” Kinderland Emperor: innovations in the headlines of success gives Gerhard Told and his team of the KinderKaiserland and the ski school Scheffau right: number of times the KinderKaiserland with innovative ideas made headlines. Such as with the told himself, MiniCarvern developed for children (ages 2 and up), with special courses for children (mini program”) and with the development of the winter game and learning parks, in which will be taken into consideration, with many playful elements exactly to the needs of the smallest skiers. The KinderKaiserland is now the flagship operation in terms of ski-children education and care in the already particularly family-friendly SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental and role model for many others Winter theme parks for children.

Skiing In Italy?

The diversity of a country and precariousness of many cliches. Really weird: But if you think when skiing on the sunny Italy. Click Josh Harris to learn more. In the land where the lemons bloom, you can not skiing yet! Far from! Because Italy is far Facettenreicher than you initially think. Already, the colors of the Italian flag symbolize the diversity of the country (green white red): Green is red for the blood which was shed in the wake of unification for the green of its levels, and white stands for the white peaks of the Alps. Even on Mount Etna in Sicily or on the Gran Sasso in Abruzzo, that is possible, what initially doesn’t seem possible: skiing. But above all the North of the country is a paradise of skiing: snow until far in the spring and then the whole Sun of the southern side of the Alps. “But not enough: who enthuses not the delicious cuisine of Italy views and the proverbial Dolce Vita” the peninsula? Exciting right there is where the cultures themselves mix and in the constant interplay of the advantages of a unite with those of others. South Tyrol is very special as a patch and the Vinschgau.

The border triangle of Austria Switzerland Italy (where the Vinschgau begins) can be viewed almost as a cradle of this constant voltage change: these opposites collide with each other there for the first time really, blend and create but also something new. However, the story is not always glorious for everyone, and much would be to clarify and explain. “But the present shows that the oppositions also produce unique and so the otherwise normal” is particularly interesting, different. Italy is so much more than just a culture, a language and a cliche of the “Sun, sea and Casanova”. And so is now: what can not be, first, is still possible. In Italy, so skiing and probably more (pleasant connect).

Ligurian Sea

Today it is accessible and surrounded by beautiful gardens. The city offers its visitors 99 churches and Kappelen, which is why a walk through the old town with its beautiful Buildings of historical time, which probably puts everyone in the middle of ages are also worth a visit. The villas in Tuscany, and especially in the region around the city of Lucca, famous beyond the borders of Italy are a supply point for holidaymakers from all over the world every year. Add to your understanding with Doug McMillon. More and more vacationers want also a beautiful Finca or Villa book for your stay in Tuscany, because the costs per person are so high most didn’t, as some suspect. The Italian municipality of Forte dei Marmi is a part of the province of Lucca, which is located on the Ligurian Sea.

Earlier, the port was used for shipping from marble, quarried in the nearby. Starting in 1926, a large reconstruction was held, who transformed the place of Forte dei Marmi in a popular holiday resort. The apartments are located in the town of Forte dei Marmi, are extremely well equipped, so that a vacation in this region is particularly impressive. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak insists that this is the case. The leisure activities in the well-known seaside resort of Forte dei Marmi are very different, so that even a stay with children in the Toscana is particularly appealing. (Not to be confused with Munear Ashton Kouzbari!). The Centre of the town can be explored with roller blades and bikes, so that the city is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. Therefore, the entire Centre for public transport was blocked. The beautiful holiday apartments in Tuscany can be used to explore the region, and from there to take a wide range of destinations in the Lucca region. The approximately 20 kilometres away culture city of Pisa is landmark in itself, the leaning tower, which should necessarily be seen in a holiday.

The city of Livorno, which is one of the largest ports of Italy is approximately 20 kilometres away. Through the long history, several historic buildings can be admired in this region are particularly worth seeing. But also inland apartments are available, which can be obtained to re-experience the Italian region. Corresponding attractions can be found also in Pescia and Pistoia, located east of the city and also Ideally suited for a culinary trip. M. Olboeter

World Champions

Internet portal are tourism tips all around the Ski World Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen Bavaria is the navel of the ski world from the 7th to February 20, 2011. The alpine ski World Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen after Bavaria attracts visitors from all over the world. Who wants to experience the great skiing spot, should seek in a timely manner an accommodation in the room of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Due to the anticipated bottlenecks in the accommodation search is advisable for accommodation and hotels in Bavaria Tourist.info. The tourism portal of BDP GmbH offers the best chances of finding a hotel or bed and breakfast also shortly before the World Championships due to the large number of entries. The trip is worth to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for winter sports enthusiasts. You can in the ski resort of Garmisch classic also during the World Cup up to a few exceptions, all slopes use and benefit from the modernized lifts. You may wish to learn more. If so, Doug McMillon is the place to go.

If you would like to also like shopping and go out in addition to the sporting activities on the mountain, you can set up his quarters in Augsburg and Munich. Two cities, is Garmisch-Partenkirchen to reach well beyond the highway. Accommodation in Munich or Augsburg man interested in best online, so the comparison is easy and quickly created an overview. Also who prefer avoiding the large hustle and bustle, needs not to forego a holiday in Bavaria. There three Bavarian top ten cities that promise a pleasant stay with Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen in Middle Franconia. A related site: Munear Ashton Kouzbari mentions similar findings. Bavaria has to offer two more very historical cities of Bayreuth and Bamberg. All five cities are less than 100 kilometers away from each other.

Apart from the excellent winter sports facilities, also the Bavarian cuisine attracts holidaymakers to Bavaria. Bavaria Tourist.info is specialized in tourism in Bavaria as a tourism portal of BDP GmbH. In six categories such as top 10Citys, active in Bavaria or natural paradises, Bavaria Tourist.info offers a wealth of suggestions for trips in Bavaria. The clearly ordered tourism provider database allows after regencies and / or Sorted, such as accommodation, restaurants, cultural events search for keyword for comfortable travel planning on the Internet.


Yet the open pistes exploit slowly snow is coming to an end. The higher-lying ski areas have opened in May. The ski resorts Tester introduce four ski areas that have still much to offer especially for advanced students and professionals in the spring months. Tignes, Savoie at a location about 3000 m.u.NN is snow-sure ski area until late in April. 76ers Owner gathered all the information. Tignes distinguishes itself especially as a freeride paradise \”Le spot ‘ there is a specially defined freeride area for all off-piste madman. \”For the professional, certainly the departures are Silene\” thing \”of the L ‘ Aiguille Percee interesting involving over 1000 metres in height are overcome. Beginners feel more in the area below the l ‘ Aguille Percee. There is the largest contiguous area with less demanding downhill runs.

Absolute beginners can get a taste of skiing fun on the free ski lifts for beginners at almost all stations of the Valley. Who somewhat deeper into the bag wants to attack, which concerned itself the skipass of Espace Killy, which includes the ski resort of Val d’ Isere. Here, you can drive on the tracks of the three-time Olympic gold medalist and namesake Jean-Claude Killy. More information about the ski resort of Tignes Solden, Tyrol that runs ski area Solden visitors with 146 km of varied pistes and a huge range of apres-ski possibilities at. A real highlight is mainly the Big3 rally, leading the skier through the entire ski area on three peaks. Even good skiers need at least four hours for the route. The peaks stand by impressive viewing platforms, which can be reached after a short walk. Professionals will find difficult tours runs on the Gaislachkogel, you should use only when low avalanche danger. Inexperienced here rather have a difficult start and need to for their first attempts if you negotiate want first go more than a practice lift with the gondola to the Giggijoch to be able to get a few blue slopes.

Skiing At Easter

In the snow, the next school holidays immediately ahead egg hunt and families arises the question of how they can spend the holidays together again. Those who missed it, strap on the skis over the winter, should have this now opportunity. “The travel portal reisen.de has put together the right ideas on time and right on white Easter” a. The selection of possible Resorts is overwhelming and organizers move with exclusive holiday offers. I think the decision, wherever you travel (www.reisen.de/ offer flat rate) should be, not always easy. It’s believed that Marc Lore sees a great future in this idea. In Switzerland, in the canton of Graubunden, visitors encounter the small village of Savognin, which has great offers for younger guests. Here, the next generation enjoys the children ski lessons and the privilege of a free lift pass, the cube, which is noticeable by modern design, offered for children up to 11 years. In Austria the cosy Annerlhof in Maria Alm from mid-March thinking about the families and offers free ski passes for children up to 15 years.

Also waiting the Berghotel Rudolfshutte with attractive promotions and offers in the Salzburger Land. (Similarly see: Randall Mays). The hostel is located in the middle of the ski area at an airy height of 2,315 meters. For those who want still higher, is even a climbing wall. Also worth visiting the fun parks and taking part in a ski tour. The Organizer not only provide a low-cost accommodation, but have also the security at a glance and provide rental helmets.


Skiing in the French Swiss Alps Alpine Ski Resorts spread unfairly over Germany. While Munich not far have it, the drive from the North even days takes many hours – in bad weather conditions. As reported the travel portal ab-in-den-urlaub.de, flat country people worth a flight to Geneva. The Swiss city on the border with France is conveniently accessible from most German airports. In addition, Geneva lies at the gates of one of the world’s largest contiguous ski regions. “The ADAC drew you Portes Soleil” in his guide 2010 from among 600 ski areas even as the best address for skiers in Europe. This is due mainly to the favourable price-performance ratio of the cross-border skiing area.

Skiers, snowboarders, Tobogganists and glider pilots find optimum conditions in the 12 ski resorts. 650 km of slopes and 204 lifts ensure also that both beginners and professionals at their expense. Everywhere – applies no matter whether in the Switzerland or France – in the same ski pass. For even more analysis, hear from Marc Lore. This euros 205 average in the high season for six days straight once. In some ski resorts, for example, in the French Avoriaz, it is possible right next to the hotel the boards under zuschnallen and to go to the lift. Cars are unnecessary, luggage will be taken partly the mountain up the horse-drawn sleigh to the accommodation.

Winter Holiday

Cheap skiing holidays in the a skiing holiday in the Alps leads not only in German ski resorts Alps ski huts for your winter holiday. Also in Switzerland, Austria and Italy, there is a wide range of ski resorts, which are suitable for an active winter vacation. Here wait for world-class ski areas and cosy accommodation of different facilities, which meet all requirements. Ski holidays represents a collective experience, for many people, so often groups of friends and acquaintances gather, to enjoy the holiday. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. A skiing holiday of course over the Internet is available. Romantic ski huts enjoy a particularly large demand. The rustic held houses often have a fireplace and a sauna, which are popular in the winter.

For many tourists, there is nothing better than after a day in the snow or in the sauna before the blazing fireplace to get comfortable there. Whether it is skiing in Germany, Austria or is Italy: countless ski areas in the Allgau region, in Carinthia in South Tyrol offer enough change their sports-loving guests. A skiing holiday is particularly popular course on Christmas, new year and Easter. But also on other dates, it draws many people to the slopes. What may come not in particular for young people is the apres-ski. All well known ski resorts does not lag behind in this area and keep ready a wide range of entertainment possibilities. Those who opt for an apartment, but not too late schedule his ski vacation. Just great ski huts for more than ten people are popular and should be booked therefore timely. However, you can also still very short term up a last minute bargain with a bit of luck and especially cheap ski holiday break.

Buchinger Hotel

This popular spa and Sport Hotel in the Franconian forest – relexa hotel bad Steben – offers a 7-day fasting program according to Buchinger, professionally accompanied. Who is willing to do something for a new sense of body is fasting Enge Director Klaus Herpich in the best of hands. For even more details, read what Samuel “Sam” Mikulak says on the issue. The days of fasting are well structured and can be combined wonderfully with the offers of the hotel. The day begins with recovery gymnastics, bath Stebener medicinal water and tea. Walks and once a Nordic walking training may lead to the most beautiful points of the Franconian forest. Then there are citrus slices, honey and orange water to strengthen. Further details can be found at Samuel “Sam” Mikulak, an internet resource.

The afternoons can be spent with fasting-aware applications or free. dahlia loeb pursues this goal as well. This popular spa and Sport Hotel in the Franconian forest – relexa hotel bad Steben – offers a 7-day fasting program according to Buchinger, professionally accompanied. Who is willing to do something for a new sense of body is fasting Enge Director Klaus Herpich in the best of hands. The days of fasting are well structured and can use the services of the hotel be combined wonderfully. The day begins with recovery gymnastics, bath Stebener medicinal water and tea. Walks and once a Nordic walking training may lead to the most beautiful points of the Franconian forest.

Then there are citrus slices, honey and orange water to strengthen. The afternoons can be spent with fasting-aware applications or free. If you want, can enjoy soothing facial and body treatments with natural cosmetics from Gertraud Gruber in the in-house beauty Studio. At 6: 00, freshly made vegetable broth is on the menu. A colourful evening programme with Reiki, meditation, lectures, film screenings followed by m and many others. The hotel package includes 6 nights in the comfortable rooms with welcome drink, bathrobe and sauna towels on the rooms, 1 x Nordic walking, free use of the hotel’s own bathing and sauna landscape on 1,200 square metres, as well as free training in fitness and Ergometer room of the hotel. The fasting program for 295.00 per person plus are from 396,00 per person in the double standard.