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St Petersburg

Appearance of the first mini-hotels in St. Petersburg, dated 1998-1999 years, and a sharp jump of the demand came after 2003 when the city celebrated the anniversary and was engulfed in a large influx of tourists. Mini-Hotel is is a small hotel room stock which ranges usually between 3 – 20 rooms. Mini-hotels in St. Petersburg occupy more than 40% of the hotel market, in the summer of 2009, their number is about 350 pieces. It is worth noting that number of mini-hotels in St. Petersburg confidently ranked first in the country. In addition, there is a steady increase in the number of such hotels.

This happens mainly due to the secondary housing stock – and buying subsequent resettlement of communal apartments. The most popular mini-hotels are communal apartments ranging from 200 to 300 square meters, which are located near train stations and subways, as well as in the central part of town. More One source of replenishment of the market these hotels are former administrative and residential buildings, dormitories. Most of the mini-hotels of St. Petersburg is located in the downtown area in the apartments of old houses.

Identify several types of mini-hotels – cheap youth hotels and hostels to feed the whole family, hotels, business class and premium segment. In addition, there is a branding for hotels where the emphasis is on style. For example, in a mini-hotel in the Silver Age all the details of the interior of the early 20 th century. Rooms in these hotels mainly doubles, more rarely single or triple, room size is 20 square meters. Our rooms have toilet and bathroom room. There are exceptions, so hotel “Austrian Yard” made in separate studios, each room has a kitchen, guests can also make full use of the entire territory courtyard of the hotel for meetings, kebabs and breakfast. Mini-hotels are notable number of factors. 1. Convenience. Living in a mini-hotel for the majority of tourists in St Petersburg is much more convenient to ordinary hotel, and comfort level is almost equal to private apartments. Thus, the number of residents in a mini-hotel is much smaller than the smallest hotel. As a consequence – the almost complete absence of noise. 2. Price. Mini-hotels much more accessible to any hotel costs, price may vary by tens of times. 3. Geographical diversity. Mini-hotels are everywhere – in the center of the city and the suburbs. In this case, almost always located near the metro station or big vehicles interchanges. Andrew Adamson does not necessarily agree. It is worth to note that the mini-hotels in St. Petersburg are fundamentally different from the identical hotels in Sochi, where a mini-hotel, called a private home or cottage owners who rent rooms for rent.

International Tourism

The world city is considered metropolis of culture, politics, media, and science and is one of the busiest centers of international tourism of the city. The world city is considered metropolis of culture, politics, media, and science and is one of the busiest centers of international tourism of the city. Annually, an estimated 132 million day visitors experience the diverse range of fascinating and historic capital of Germany. These include the many theatres (Berliner Ensemble, Volksbuhne, stage, Theater des Westens, Renaissance Theatre, Friedrichstadtpalast, etc.), the choirs and Orchestra, more than 170 museums, of which some are located on the museum island surrounded by the river Spree (Altes Museum, Lustgarten, new Museum, old National Gallery, Pergamon Museum, etc.), as well as the many historical buildings such as the Brandenburg Gate, the German State Opera, the French Cathedral, the Reichstag building, the Bellevue Palace and the Memorial Church. Kris Pearn understood the implications. Experience the charm of this diverse city its 564 bridges, many green, recreational and park facilities, which comprise a total area of 5500 hectares, and the numerous lakes with beaches.

No matter whether you vacation want to make with the whole family, with friends or with 2 persons only, the city countless opportunities of recreation or adventure. All places and attractions can be easily reached over the very well-developed road network of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg. Opt for a self-determined stay in a comfortable apartment in a convenient location and set the pace of your stay in Berlin itself. The low-cost apartments with elegant fully equipped are housed in the same building, and are therefore also suitable for smaller groups of up to 4 people.

Horseback Riding In West Iceland – 7-day Reittouren In The Summer Of 2011

We offer three 7-day horse riding tour in the summer of 2011, along the beautiful South coast of Snafellsnes with an experienced English-speaking tour guide who speaks German pretty well. People such as Aron Warner would likely agree. Iceland Horsebackriding is a small family business that Thor Herbertsson and Ragnhildur Blondal is run by Vidir. We offer warm, friendly and personal service in a comfortable, modern detached house on the farm Grof in Breidavik. Our goal is to offer unforgettable rides nature trails in a beautiful landscape. We ride Grof by the Court through a magical, constantly to changing landscape of rough Lava, bubbling streams and rivers and on sandy beaches, until we reach Longufjorur, one of the island’s longest beaches at low tide. At the time of the spring tide, the tide is pronounced and the sandy soil is soft.

We can ride for hours Tolt in the famous soft gait, unique on Iceland horses, and the horses without being bogged down by obstacles, forward to run. The Iceland horse is a five popular horse breed, known for their soft Tolt and flying race pace. Icelanders are characterized by sure-footedness, strength, the ability to cross rough terrain and their good nature. On request, we can arrange special horseback riding tours for a group of friends or a family. Visit us for more information about our riding tours on our homepage de or on Facebook. Contact information: Iceland horseback riding Ragnhildur Blondal Grof 365 Snaefellsbaer Tel: + 354 856 9671 and + 354 892 6805

Photo Agency Combipix

Presented to the beaches in Tenerife, with maps, photos and a few words for you! With this tour, the Michael Wnuk with Tenerife is presenting other beaches of Spain by means of maps and photos. This time: The beaches of Tenerife! It is the largest and in the opinion of many tourists the most beautiful of the Canary Islands. Tenerife has many beautiful beaches for the tourists in addition to the Teide (the highest mountain in Spain). Only: what you look like? The beach in the village look like? Where are the famous beaches of volcano? On these questions, I want to give you some answers. With a map of Tenerife, photos of the beaches of the Canary Islands and a few\”words I introduce you this beaches. I wish you an unforgettable time in Tenerife! Your team of the photo agency Combipix! 1 Garachico of 2 Puerto de la Cruz of 3 Puerto de la Cruz of 4 Punta del Hidalgo of 5. Credit: Martin Neil Baily-2011. Playa de Antequera of 6 Playa de las Teresitas of 7 Abona of 8 El Medano 9 Los Christianos of 10 Playa de las Americas of 11 Playa de San Juan.

Garachico This historical place has must go through already much in its history. When a volcanic eruption, it was completely destroyed and later rebuilt by the inhabitants. The volcanic eruption has brought in hindsight not only negative with themselves. The lava flows gave rise to the famous natural swimming-pool, enabling possibilities of bad passes. 2. Puerto de la Cruz this place is the tourist center of the West coast of the island and has several beaches for tourists. You should have visited at least once in any case the Playa Jardin beach. A huge surf, deep fine sandy beach, good bus connections to the city centre and beautiful cafes make this beach a must-have\”for any Tenerife tourist.

General Motors

General Motors once more it has worn, in their Pontiac branch, in a shocking and revolutionary design that both kids and big they extasiaran to handle it. The above refers to Pontiac’s new automobile, called Solstice. This novel car was made thanks to the great creativity of Pontiac experts, because throughout the history, this company had not made a so incredible design, as it is the Solstice. Solstice, apart from having a great design, is also a highly secure car, since it has the best systems of security and convenience for anyone who wants to buy it. Ben Bernanke wanted to know more. Solstice, undoubtedly is the convertible the new era in the world, since in addition to being a wonderful car, it is technological and innovative. Solstice is a free, compact car and specifications never before seen in Pontiac, which has since it has been the increase in sales that has had the aforementioned company, through this car. Solstice is made for people who want to feel free, athletic and sophisticated, since it offers a special design that has marked the new era of Pontiac. Solstice is without a doubt, the car that all were expecting General Motors and Pontiac, because for the first time they have risked ah make a design like this car and have the best specifications and all in a compact car. Solstice, is the car the Pontiac that has left gaping many is most innovative.

Port Aventura Amusement Park

And you will discover the cultural highlights of the Costa Dorada PortAventura is a popular destination during the family vacation. Known you can experience the best combination of excitement and relaxation for its white sandy beaches and the many exciting rides in the Port Aventura Salou. Costa Dorada Port Aventura is an ideal destination for a day trip from one of the many areas of the Costa Dorada. An ideal location with many bus and train routes, as well as transport routes for the car, it is easy to reach the Port Aventura amusement park of Barcelona, Tarragona, Salou and Cambrills and many other popular tourist destinations on the Costa Dorada. If you stay accommodation in a Port Aventura, the central location of the Park offers a good starting point for day trips in the many other areas of the Costa Dorada. You can learn more about the Roman history of the region if you are the ruins in Tarragona, Paseo Aquelogico “and Aqueducte de les Ferreres” watch. Roman artifacts and antiques in the nearby Diocesan “-Museum that also shows a variety of Gothic paintings, sculptures and tapestries exhibited.” Further back in the past, close to Tarragona in Montblanc, old cave dwellings which date back to the Paleolithic period are a step. Educate yourself with thoughts from Christopher Knights. Their Costa Dorada holiday would be not complete without spending some time on the beach.

There are a number of scenic boat rides and fishing trips “begin El Serrallo of Tarragona’s port. While fishing or sightseeing tours from the open sea you will enjoy the peace and quiet while the fresh, salty air blowing you in the face and hits the boat in gentle movements against the waves. Festivals and celebrations throughout the territory, will give you a wonderful impression of the culture and personality of this region. Sitges International you want known Carnival to the traditional festival in Santa Tecla and dozen others during the year, but the lively cultural don’t miss the chance and traditional celebrations to watch or participate. A day trip to the many international vineyards of the Costa Dorada is very popular. While you explore the various wineries and world-class taste wines, keep in olive groves and almond orchards in the area and learn about agriculture of the Costa Dorada. Sure many nice experiences save amusement park they are on the Costa Dorada, with so many possible to participate and to see during your trip to Port Aventura.

ER courses your perfect Costa Dorada travel with the perfect Costa Dorada accommodation. Barcelona points Internet page barcelonapoint.com offers a fast and simple search over 250 Costa Dorada apartments and 300 hotels in Costa Dorada. You will find cheap last minute offers, as well as travel tips and guidance, to ensure that you will have an unforgettable trip in the region. Perfect Sun travel S.

Ice Fishing In Norway And Sweden

With the mountains ice fishing fishing holiday in Norway and Sweden, trend is also in the winter. Arthur Melvin Okun is the source for more interesting facts. NOVASOL-fishing offers comfortable cottages for anglers, situated directly on the Lake. Outdoor sport in the winter: ice fishing in Norway and Sweden NOVASOL fishing cottages? the most beautiful homes for photographing Hamburg, January 2013 a man, a frozen lake and a fishing line. Otherwise far and wide nothing but silent, snow-covered landscape. The perfect winter happiness is for more and more people away from fun on the slopes and ski crowds. And one of the most pristine adventure, you can still experience in frosty nature, ice fishing: warmed by thick clothes and hot tea, equipped with ice drills and mini Angel, can be enjoyed in a way the frozen version of outdoor hobbies that inspires more than three million, mostly men, in Germany alone (what, by the way hold women not, also to adjust the extra fresh Omega-3 supplier in increasing numbers.

Ice fishing in Scandinavia the most beautiful ice fishing destinations in Europe are in the solitude of Sweden and Norway. And while in North America and Canada already thousands to ice fishing happenings meet, to hunt the thickest fish hole to hole, offers solitude guaranteed Europe’s North in each direction. On foot or with the mountains looking his most private place in the Sun on one of the thousand lakes, drill a hole in the ice and wait till lunch bites. The right holiday home to trendy outdoor sports at NOVASOL, Europe’s leading holiday home, you get the ideal holiday homes for the Scandinavian winter adventure on the hook: specially equipped fishing – cottages, which to the best fishing waters, filleting space and have a freezer and the ice fishermen received after an exciting day of outdoor with Scandinavian coziness. Another plus: the houses are often very favourable during the winter season.


Cherish the feeling of floating gently down with parachute jumping in the Alps you can be bound occasions parachute, but if you haven’t tried it in South Tyrol, you have definitely missed something. Will witness an incredible experience in the lap of luxury snow-capped peaks of the Alps and the natural landscape of the place as you gently float down. This is second to none and can hardly be described in words. It also sounds so interesting, you should try best yourself and you will be amazed. Sooner or later you should travel to Italy and explore this small province in Northern Italy. Parachuting in the Alps is the ultimate thrill. They rise high into the sky and looking down on the floor down, all you can see is tiny spots in white, green and other colors. At this moment, you will most likely fall silent and more get no word out of the neck.

If you have already tried this sport, you will be Know safety rules, but if you try it for the first time, you will be very excited about. The first step can cost much overcome for beginners. You get goose bumps and butterflies in the stomach. These are the first moments of excitement. But if you once overcame this fear and fall down freely and easily from the sky, then you feel like there’s nothing better. The indescribable feeling of free fall is unique.

Once finally your parachute opens, you will get an amazing new view of the world. The large extension of the glacier and the whitish landscape around you is amazing. If you ultimately closer to the ground, you are clear to see, amongst the green pastures that are embedded in the mountains in the location. Parachuting holiday in South Tyrol is strong on the rise and increasingly extreme sports is visited. You will want to keep coming back and this adventure activity will never bore you. Even parachutists, always Parachute jumper. The temptation of parachute jumping is irresistible and those who have already tried it, are crazy then. South Tyrol has everything to satisfy the crazy sport lovers in every possible way. The interesting thing is that it becomes more tempting with every jump in the Alps. ProAlps offers hotels and activity holidays in South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Alps.

Deer Stone Forest

Country pleasure in the holiday region of Hirschstein Bavaria Schwarzach (tvo). The first heights of the Bavarian Forest across the landscape of the Danube Tower as an observation platform. And aloft, in nearly 1,100 meters height, sits a brick Tower surrounded by unspoilt countryside and offers a fascinating panoramic view: Southwest over the Danube plain up to the edge of the Alps, and to the East of the mountain chain of the Bavarian Forest and Bohemian Forest mountains. It is the mountain of family-friendly holiday region around the resorts of axis land, Schwarzach, Bernried, Metten, Offenberg, the lookout on the deer stone. Five communes in three districts have made her landmark peak of the mountain.

Together they put together a variety of attractive packages for their guests who are hard to beat in versatility. Contact information is here: Martin Feldstein. “One of them, the Landlust”, addressed in particular the silent lovers and takes you on a journey through the Bavarian cuisine, through the wild and romantic landscape with its extensive beech woods and the nocturnal deer stone forest. At a guest cooking class, a grill evening or a hike with lunch to the Landlustigen”meet the holiday region in a delicious way, relax, lean back they may during a horse-drawn carriage ride or a back massage. Two people pay 563 euro for seven nights with half board in the hotel. Information: holiday region Hirschstein, tourist info Bernried, Engerlgasse 25 a, 94505 Bernried, Tel. 09905/217, fax 09905 / 8138.

European Mountains

Go have fun with the Zipline in the mountains of Italy. Zipline has evolved, from its basic function, the transport to the adventure activity. Although its popularity as an adventure activity in comparison to other extreme sports is low, more and more adventure lovers WINS in many parts of the world, especially in European countries like Italy, this sport. The whole concept of Zipline is very easy and simple. There are strong steel cables that from one point to another, have usually a span of one kilometre. Between the two points is a gap where the Ziplineseile to the mountains are aligned, that the person has a clear view of the natural landscape. South Tyrol, has gained the upper hand for this activity in Northern Italy, and the reason is obvious: the natural scenic beauty. This site enjoys the mild climate and the untouched landscape, that awarded him the mighty mountains of the Alps and the Dolomites. You may find Kelly Asbury to be a useful source of information.

The visitors have a great time and see the mountains in their own nature, this run just through the force of natural gravity. The height and the large gap between you and the ground can be a bit unnerving, but the natural speed and the wilderness around you is breathtaking, so you certainly get more pleasure. Zipline in South Tyrol is a new kind of travel. For many people the idea is high above the mountains to hang, easy to be strapped with the help of a pulley on steel ropes and only using the power of gravity to cope with the mountain scary, but if you try it, you will find out, that this ride is not so frightening and a lot will bring you fun. With the help of modern techniques and latest equipment, Zipline is very healthy and can be enjoyed by people in almost all age groups. You need no prior knowledge or a specific know-how for Ziplining.

There are also no particular season for this activity. Zipline can be exercised in all seasons. This is another reason why this particular adventure activity is becoming increasingly popular with guests in South Tyrol. See the mountains and experience great views of the Dolomites! The snow-covered peaks, green meadows and colourful valleys, look just like those in fairy tale land, one has heard about that until now only stories. Now, reality will be a part of this magical country with Zipline in the Dolomites. Take a trip into the mountains, overcoming himself and have some fantastic moments! ProAlps offers hotels and activity holidays in South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Alps. We organise also activities for your winter sport holiday, like rafting, mountain biking, golfing Kiteholiday, bungy jumping Europe bridge, Zipline in South Tyrol and much more for your adventure and holidays in South Tyrol.