Month: January 2019

Alexandra Farina

Slim in advent – the Munich diploma sports scientist and personal trainer Alexandra Farina to conscious feast and effortless weight loss with JOLKING, advent, advent, a light on fire. First one, then two, then three, then four and then the big shock on the scale again. Studs, mulled wine, Christmas celebrations, the goose to the feast day and at the same time lots of gingerbread and biscuits. There, a few unwanted pounds too much on the scale show quickly. But must you forgo so all the delicious and unfortunately also high-calorie temptations? You must not. “, said the Munich-based personal trainer Alexandra Farina and gives us five simple tips that everyone can well survive Christmas: Tip No. 1: you eat consciously every mouthful before swallowing twenty times chew.” with this Council, even our grandparents have annoyed us, yet this has still his permission.

Take time for lunch and enjoy slowly each bite. To the natural Satiety is, can take up to 20 minutes. If you excessively stuff everything in this time in itself into, you have swallowed up many unnecessary calories. Drink a large glass of water an hour before meals in appetite or hunger, and about half. That fills the belly ever. Tip # 2: eat right if you follow an invitation, you want to upset the hosts not one rejects the lovingly made cakes and cookies or other feasts. But what can you do? You do not need delights to give, but keep them in bounds. Treat to a little piece of cake or a few cookies, for example, to the advent of coffee.

The portion control is important. Fruitcake and gingerbread have way much less fat and if you have a choice, would rather eat a baked apple or nibbling nuts. Also at dinner yet so savory feast, you can save calories. You eat only a lump, little sauce, a small piece of duck or goose without a skin, but accessing strongly when red cabbage and other vegetables.

Trend Jackets Winter Fashion 2013

It is cold outside cuts, colors and patterns in the current fashion collections and uncomfortable, the jacket should be all the more warmer and cozier. But of course she should not only against wind and weather protect, but also as fashionable look. But with the coats and jackets are we up to date in the winter of 2013? In muted colours the jacket must not be missed down jackets in winter. Both men and women dress in warm quilted jackets with goose or a long down coat. Those who prefer sporty fashion, finds a wide range of established sports and opportunity. They offer maximum function and now fashion chic.

But also in the classic segment are finding beautiful jackets with warm stuffing for ladies and gentlemen. While colorful, colorful models were in demand last year, the coats and jackets are in the autumn and winter 2013 more muted colors to find. In addition to black, it is also the trend colour grey, put on the fashion-conscious people. Dark green is also the color currently Trend. Metallic elements in silver, gold and bronze make for interesting effects and accents. The most current models have a hood with fur trim. Shiny fabrics are currently more out at the coats, most designers put on a matte look. Oversized jackets are jackets that look as if they were actually too big, this year an absolute fashion trend.

The oversized look dominated also the jacket fashion. But the wide-cut coats are not every woman, they are advantageous especially for great and slim women. The classic Duffle coat with toggle buttons in the English style is also up to date. Buy a this elegant winter coat for example in Bordeaux red or dark blue. Another popular form of coat is the Caban jacket. This is a short coat, which is often used with a belt in the scene. The new coats fashionable details such as a wide lapel collar, leather sleeve, or flashy buttons are interesting. Double jackets for the sporty look double jackets there are in the Outdoor area has been for many years. But they are becoming increasingly popular in large city. Depending on the model, they have a down-filled or fleece inner jacket and a upper jacket that is especially windproof and water repellent. The highlight in the double jacket is that both elements can be separated from each other wearing. The Undervest can be used so well in the spring as a light jacket, the upper jacket is a perfect rain jacket in the fall. Plaid in the coats the most coats are plain, but there is also a trend to traditional designs such as the herringbone or plaid pattern. Squares in many different shades and variations are decorated with the coats of current fashion collections. Wool fabric with plaid pattern are particularly said. Lined denim jackets with or without rivets jeans jackets were an absolute must have in the fall fashion. Especially the models in the grunge, which is decorated with rivets were style can be seen everywhere. This trend continues in the winter. Currently, there are coats and jackets in denim as a padded version. Jeans jacket with Teddy fur that looks sporty and keeps us nice and warm is especially beautiful. Jacket trends you can in the stores of course buy or order online. Here lined and unlined denim jackets for example in a wide selection. Eva Otter

SDA Exam Preparation

And come in your life that day, when you decide to get a driver's license and buy a car. lated topic. It's no secret that in order to reach a goal, you must at least make some confident steps and to avoid mistakes, and this will help you experience those who have walked this path and not once stepped on a rake. Time to start learning before you start work, you should think about what time of year, you're ready pass the driving test. It should be noted at once that pass a practical exam in the winter or in very rainy period, not everyone will be easy, despite the fact that experienced driving instructor are confident that pass the winter easier. So as bad weather conditions allow you to move at a slower rate, and thus gain time for comprehension of the situation, so that during the execution of maneuver to avoid mistakes. A large amount of snow and icy road surface "Erases" marking, thereby excluding it from the objects of attention. Statistics show that on average, to prepare for exams in the traffic police trainees spend about 6 months, which means that if you want pass a driving test under good weather conditions recorded for training at a driving school is in winter or early spring. Driving Thus, the first choice that you have to do – choose from a variety of driving schools that, which do not create unnecessary barriers so no easy way. Definitely worth noting that the largest number of negative reviews can be found on those driving schools that enjoy the greatest popularity, because of numerous studies, more people to want to share their negative emotions, positive and keep to themselves.