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Day of these vi it of abraos with Juan inside of the car! Luiz: worse is that the treason is in double. Everybody knows that on people to the Carlinhos cannot nor speak with the Juan who is not for saying a palavro. Clio: – therefore it is! The Carlinhos hates the Juan. Suddenly it arrives I fall. When seeing Luiz with Clio makes face of irritated! Clio wise person who the two were not smelled! Without losing the chance of being cruel I fall account for Clio on an accident that finishes to happen! I fall: vocs had not known? Clio: What? I fall: Of the car accident involving the woman of its friend! Clio and Luiz are in shock state. Clio: It was with somebody in car, died somebody? I fall: It was with a man. Connect with other leaders such as Randall Rothenberg here. They came arguing! It died in the hour! Clio starts to cry.

Clio: excrement! He was the Luiz! I fall: unhappyly not. He was the Juan! Clio: its son of puta! I already supported you speaking badly of the Carlos, of the Luiz, I only moved away from my friends for its cause and you me of the kicks? I fall: – And I go it of the one beating pra to learn to respect me its dog! You not age thus, linguaruda! (I fall goes saying and taking off the belt)? already I know you wants to create wing why this with its amiguinho! – I put the sole in the two. Luiz: – he does not go to be necessary friend! I go to be alone seeing. In fight of husband and woman Clio: – today you go to know who you are I, its deer! It goes for top of it with the belt. Immediately it takes, knocks down it and of the one in the face. The first one! It arises it knocks down it and of the one peak in the face.

Open Archives Initiative

Thus, the environment makes possible that all the community on the basis of has access to the revision process and versions of generated texts the suggestions; – interoperabilidade: it becomes related the metadados formats of, to the system architecture that remains underlying to these choices, to its opening To the creation of services of digital libraries for third, to the integration with the established mechanism of scientific communication/academic, to its possibility of use in contexts transdisciplinares, to its ability in contributing for a metric system of use and citation. Still regarding to the basic principles, Triska and Caf (2001, P. 93), approach the inserted aspects how much the beginning of the interoperabilidade and to the creation of the repositories. Interoperabilidade: – definition of a minimum set of metadados; – agreement in the use of a common syntax XML, in such a way to represent and to carry OAMS (Open Archives Metadata Set) as the metadados sets of specific from each repository; – definition of a common protocol? Open Archives Dienst Subset? to make possible the extration of the OAMS and the specific metadados ones of the participant repositories. (Not to be confused with Interactive Advertising Bureau!). Creation of electronic document repositories: – submission mechanism; – storage in the long run; – politics of management of the submission and the preservation of inserted documents in the repository; – open interface that allows that third they can collect given of the repository.

After the happened events of the Convention inside, a new landmark of the movements of free access was observed, that was, in fact, the increasing number of repositories (picture 3), making possible the sprouting of new technological perspectives to adjust these repositories, therefore these, according to Saints, Teixeira and Pinto (2005 apud BOMF, 2008, P. 313), ' ' they had appeared for the necessity to preserve digital documents, making possible its access to ample pblico' '. Another excellent point for the evolution of the movement of the open archives was creation of the protocol of the Open Archives Initiative, that it aimed at to assure an exchange of communications between diverse articles. In a question-answer forum Randall Rothenberg was the first to reply.

Initial Fasca

According to Piaget, ' ' an experience that is not carried through by the proper person, with full freedom of initiative, leaves of being, for definition, a experincia, changedding itself into simple adestramento, destitute of formador value due to enough compreenso of the details of the stages sucessivas' '. This means that an experiment where the pupil is only spectator or that one where somebody previously follows an established script, without having participated of none of its stages (identificao of the problem, survey of hypotheses, sugestes of verification of these hypotheses, comment and collects of data, quarrel, etc.), little will fulfill of its formadora function. (LIGHTER). When to teach on chemical reactions, uses the fire as example. It is justified for the fact of being the reaction most common in day-by-day, and that all the pupils know. One is about a reaction of combustion, therefore irreversible and that it is only processed in the presence of three basic factors: Combustvel; Comburente; Initial Fasca. See more detailed opinions by reading what Interactive Advertising Bureau offers on the topic.. then pass to describe the theoretical part: Combustvel is the material that goes to react, is what it will be oxidated (burnt); Comburente is the gas oxygen that it goes to react with the fuel; Initial Fasca.

An initiated time the chemical reaction of combustion, this will only be interrupted with the exhaustion and or the withdrawal of one of the components, that is, with the exhaustion of the fuel or the supporter of combustion. It is there that the agreement of the amount of available and existing oxygen enters in the atmosphere. With this simple experience, but not of total precision, we can prove and or clarear three scientific facts: the existence of the oxygen; the evidence of the composition of atmospheric air with oxygen text 21% and the existence and evidence of the atmospheric pressure. to leave in open the question of the pollution for the produced carbonic gas production in the reaction.

Airton Sena

The author affirms that the creation of this space is fruit of contradictions and tensions, therefore in it is involved the interests of the Capital in its diverse segments, of the force of work and the State. After to transit for the place, we were to the bridge of the salvation, way of access between the popular nesting Airton Sena and the quarter of Hunter, where one perceives the different forms to inhabit. While we see to the right edge a scene of poverty and pssimas habitability conditions, in the right edge of the Capibaribe what one sees they are luxurious building with requintes. For the Bridge of the salvation it is possible to have a sight over the barracos, that allows in them to analyze a little of the form of occupation of the ground, the alleys and the subdivided houses to more than receive a family in one same space. Of the one to perceive that the size of the houses is very small its walls not very high.

As it points Ribeiro: The popular production of the great cities is marked by the sign of the quotidiana fight and by situations of life that launch the poor population in situations without recognized legitimacy and legality (clandestine slum quarters, land divisions, informal commerce of street). The legal not-recognition of these conditions of the urban survival makes with that, in fact, either white permanent of the devices of repression and social control. To speech in this repression the author sends in them to the onslaughts against this type of habitation since the decade of 1960 (Campaign against the Mocambos), on the part of the governments in the three instances: municipal theatre, state and federal. Currently if it has not only a concern with the embelezamento of the cities, as in passed projects, but thanks to the social movements, if fight for projects that offer worthy conditions of housing for poor, allowing that also they can have quality of life for itself and for all of the community.

Imperial Museum Arts

To speak of patrimony is not so simple thus, still more with the reality of educating in this school specifically, in function of the vulnerability where they live socially and economically. At another moment we search in the infancy game the motivation for the exercise of to think and to make being looked a differentiated language, through the apparent trick searched to construct a real and dynamic situation. The finishing with these materials establishes a bond with varies languages of the arts, involves photograph, painting, drawing and glue and inserts educating in the patrimony biggest of daily convivncia: the school. Educating if constitutes in the process where the child or the adult coexists the other e, when coexisting the other, if she transforms spontaneously, thus its way of living if gradually more makes congruente with the one of the other in the convivncia space (Maturana, 1998b, P. 29).

The recognition of what it is patrimony, supported for the theory and you practise with them pedagogical, the search for the apprehension of the knowledge became more pleasant and revealed efficient. Leaving I break up of it individual arriving at the patrimony architectural, with the envolvement of the students in all the activities, we establish dialogues of the students with way where they live, we search to organize the thought, and in this process of meeting failure in meeting, adaptations, we verify with satisfaction the persistence of the young in the elaboration of the works. I conclude that always it is possible to provoke situations so that educating can think, and thinking, to become independent and ccomplishing of action of auto-they esteem as citizen. The future professor in the education of the arts and others you discipline, will be able to stimulate action involving family, community, school, to stimulate the preservation and valuation of the cultural patrimony. References CAVALCANTI, Zlia.

The Art in the classroom. Porto Alegre: Medical arts, 1995. FUNARI, Peter Pablo de Abreu and PELEGRINI, Sandra de Cssia Arajo. Historic site and Cultural. Rio De Janeiro: Jorge Zahar Ed., 2006. HORTA, Maria of Lourdes Vine arbor. Basic guide of Patrimonial Education. Brasilia: Institute of National Historic site and Artistic, Imperial Museum, 1999. WE READ, Carlos B.C. What it is Historic site. So Paulo: Brasiliense, 2006. MATURANA, Humberto. Emotions and Language in the Education and the Politics. Ed.

Ambient Education

Ambient education Counts that Mahatma Ghandi, after the independence of India, to the being asked on the British style of life, answered: ' ' Great-Britain needed the half of the resources of the planet to reach its prosperity; how many planets would be necessary so that a country as India reached platform the same? ' '. According to mythology Greek, the Land was a gigantic organism, called Gaia, where all the life forms were subsystems composed that it. Any disequilibrium that occurred in one of the species would cause a bigger disequilibrium that would influence the planet all. Currently we know that an interdependence relation really exists enters the diverse forms of life, forming a complex system, interacting with physical components as the water, the atmosphere, the rocks and the ground, of form that the beings livings creature suffer the influence from the way, at the same time where they are great factors of alteration of the same. The species human being, as integrant part of this great system, is total dependent of this relation.

Its difference in relation to the other beings is exactly in its bigger capacity in producing alterations in the way. The disordered growth and the lack of control in relation to the consumption of the populations cause impacts that reduce the natural potential of maintenance of the life and production of wealth. The conservation of our biodiversity, as well as the development is, therefore, essential for the suppliment of the necessities of the man. If not to take care of of the conservation of our natural environment, the economic growth, instead of taking care of the demands of the population, will be the responsible one for the misery of our brothers and also for the comprometimento of the possibilities of survival of the future generations. It has 50 years the wisdom of Ghandi already alerted in them for the indiscriminate consumption, as social crime, therefore today we know that the developed countries, even so with only one sixth of the world-wide population, consume five times more than what the nations less developed, where five billion inhabitants exist. Lcia Maria of Academic the Giudice Rose of the course of graduation in Pedagogia, modality EAD Federal University of the Rio Grande? FURG, Polar region of Vitria Saint of the Palmar


The art in general that it brings deeper feelings must be watered as sedentas plants that only causticam to the sun and thus they can bring fruits more lasting candies and in the soul of the human being. The art has a divine linking, directly leaves the heart of the artist the spectator. It in itself does not need many apparatuses and yes only an artist of opened heart, so that it can loan it its body and thus it to be able to manipulate it and to get life. An art requires only one canal of escape, of revelation, to be able to materialize itself and to play the role of it being set on fire to whom, as the artist, is also in peace I obtain exactly to enjoy of a present the holy ghost, am it in any manifestation, either painting, ilusionismo, circus, music, poetry, scenic, or exactly when an adult if twists all and makes faces and mouths only for the smile of a baby who observes to it intently. why not? If We can say that to take joy, ternura, satisfaction, among others good sensations can bring a welfare to other people is art, then of similar form it can be concluded that to live well, to always send joy, ternura for other people also is an art, where the artist is of opened heart to communicate itself with other human beings, then art is to live well obtains exactly and with the others. Therefore, when saying that to live well it is art and it is also a weapon against the rind that the human being that does not have without retouchings, searching to evolve, any perspective, he tends to construct exactly in return of itself, isolating itself of the world and the good sensations that the life offers and seems to be of so ephemeral form, if not to water, mainly if the said artist, exactly being of opened heart, will not be persistent when seeing its canal the holy ghost (art) to find many obstacles. The artist before everything has that to be persistent and to always think about using its open heart to only sow the joy for where to pass, therefore these things will come back toward it, searching to disclose everything what it has of more intrinsic in the art, collaborating so that life in the world exists. The artist is the collaborating greater to prevent the bankruptcy of the human being in the world.