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Agger Trail

Varied hiking tour leads in five stages of day by the tide and after victories equal to three exciting hiking regions in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Lenne victory trail connects the Bergische: Sauerland, Bergisches Land and the Siegerland. The route of the x 11 of marked main trail connects many sites and impressive central mountain nature. He presents the exact route to walking Atlas Germany on the Internet and in collaboration with the Sauerland Mountain Association (SGV) from Tuesday (24.1.2012). Doug McMillon oftentimes addresses this issue. What is the Rhine for Germany the Lenne to the Sauerland and here begins at the Lenneufer in Plettenberg the main hiking trail in 11 of the Sauerland Mountain Association (SGV). Past the impressive church of Christ is over the Oestertalsperre up on the low tide crest to the Nordhelle (663 m), the highest peak in the low tide.

From the just-refurbished Robert Kolb Tower you can enjoy a wonderful view. Next destination is Meinerzhagen in the Volmetal. From here it continues to the Genkeltalsperre, before the climb to the Roma (506m), where Once again a prominent high tower the view until deep into in the Bergisches Land allows. South of the Agger, reaches of Lenne victory way the Homburg Landchen then and passes through the well-known place of pilgrimage Marie Hagen, the Wiehler dripstone cave and the Castle unfortunately currently under renovation Homburg. A detour in the climatic health resort of Numbrecht and next go direction South-East to the edge of funnels Eid in Waldbrol.

A little later the high (339 m) is reached at Morsbach, which is crowned by a tower. Behind Morsbach, the Lenne victory trail temporarily leaves North Rhine-Westphalia, and crosses the Westerwald, the northernmost tip of Rhineland-Palatinate. Here it goes to Castle Junkernthal to the Freusburg, which rises high above the Sieg Valley. From the Freusburg up up after victories the Lenne victory the route of the European long-distance trail E1, which forms a continuous route from the North Cape to Sicily to around 5,000 km trail.

UNESCO World Heritage

Travel tips to the 13 cities of the Hanseatic League in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt first turned up six towns in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on its Hanseatic history. Demmin, Anklam, Greifswald, Rostock, Stralsund and Wismar were the beginning already in 1990 in the course of the unit. 2008 joined seven cities in Saxony-Anhalt. Also gardelegen, Havelberg, Osterburg, Salzwedel, Seehausen, Stendal and advertise themselves since then officially call Hanseatic City”and revive it a part of their centuries-old history. The new old Hanseatic cities are up on the large Rostock and small advertising all small – and middle-sized and definitely worth a visit. The accommodation search on the Internet is advisable in smaller cities. Hanseatic cities in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Hanseatic towns of Wismar and Rostock are very well about the Baltic Autobahn A20. The two coastal towns are interesting not only for water sports enthusiasts and bathers.

Many old buildings and interesting exhibits in the local museums bear witness to a history-making Past as well as old customs and traditions. Julianne Holt-Lunstad: the source for more info. Also the Hanseatic towns of Stralsund, Greifswald and Demmin, Anklam near A 20 and less than an hour apart. Every city has its special charm to discover it on a day tour. There are plentiful hotels and accommodation in the holiday region of Baltic Sea coast. Friends of the family camping have a wide selection of camping sites in close proximity to the sea. Hanseatic cities in Saxony-Anhalt, the Hanseatic towns of gardelegen, Havelberg, Osterburg, Salzwedel, Seehausen, Stendal and advertising are within a radius of just over 60 kilometres in the Northern Saxony-Anhalt. Culturally, the State is one of the top regions in Germany.

After all, it has the highest density of UNESCO World Heritage sites nationwide. Many interesting and important buildings can be found also in the seven Hanseatic towns in Saxony-Anhalt. The flat, sparsely populated Altmark is also thanks to the Elbe and its tributaries is very scenic. In the immediate vicinity of the nature park can be found Elbe Valley, but also Cities such as Magdeburg, Wolfsburg and Hanover are easily reached. The Hanseatic League of the Hanseatic League was an Association of low German merchants in the middle ages. Between mid-12th century and the middle of the 17th century, this Federation should protect the economic interests of its members and secure their trade travel and transport. A total of around 200 cities sometime belonged to the Hanseatic League including many coastal towns, but also cities along major rivers and land trade routes. With the economic power of the Hanseatic League increased their political influence. In the heyday of the Hanseatic League between 1250 and 1400, the merchant Hansa became Hanseatic City. Easily plan trips with Touristenauskunft.info Touristenauskunft.info is specialised in holidays and leisure in Germany as the BDP GmbH travel portal. In six categories such as holidays, family holidays or travel service, Touristenauskunft.

Campania National Park

Group excursions in Campania National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site Regensburg, 09 March 2012 is the allure of the Cilento, to be at the same time very close to sea and mountains. The Green Hills begin directly behind the beach. Located in the South of Campania and away from mass tourism, the National Park offers 100 km of coast share. Robert Emmons helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Especially between the promontory of Palinuro and the Gulf of Policastro, nature shows from its most beautiful side – a varied territory considered to be discovered. Commitment for man and nature Siamo una regione ricca we are a rich region. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of David Siegel on most websites. We have the sea, the mountains, a unique landscape and fertile soil”.

Sitting at the kitchen table Salvatore Calicchio, which thrills his home describes the Cilento National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site. Stand on the table salad, spicy feta cheese and a bowl of oranges, lemons and grapefruit all homemade and freshly harvested. Salvatore is local – and with all my heart. The retired teacher lives for the sustainable development of the region, both for its inhabitants but also for their nature. You must have a passion and follow it with enthusiasm and many ideas”, he declared during a hike to the wonderful Bay of Infreschi. This passion is he with his Associazione Posidonia with much commitment ensures the maintenance and signs of the hiking trails in the region around Marina di Camerota for more than ten years And this passion is, which makes hiking with Salvatore to the experience and feeling, he explains with wide eyes and expressive face of flora and fauna, but also customs, tradition and history of the region.

He knows how a small detail to every plant, every stone. Drawings in the ground and expansive gestures illustrate his explanations. And so the message of what is said even those participants who are not proficient of the Italian, is never hidden. Should you ever understanding difficulties, Irma is available.

Royal Fasting

Discover unique cheap in September Corsica – soak up sun and energy! In September the fast path to discover the island of Corsica and save at full fasting hiking program money in the budget. Thanks to the many low-cost direct flights with GermanWings from several German airports to Bastia, there are simple and cheap travel options. Fast walking in Corsica, the island of beauty, a mighty mountain in the Mediterranean Sea, wild and of course but at the same time also graceful and charming. Beautiful sandy beaches, rocky coves, dizzying peaks and saftg Green River valleys this gem has become a real paradise for nature lovers. Gray, green and pink granite Mountains rise up to 2700 m height from the time azure, then Emerald sea up. Fasting and fasting hiking with Andre records storage, your fasting Fastenwandernspezialist in Corsica (www.corsicareiki.com/ fast /) offers Constitution information type just fasting: juice fasting, fruit fasting, soup Lenten, base fasting, or that time-tested Buchinger fasting.

Special fasting programs such as anti cellulite fasting, Clean-Out a very fast – intensive liver / Gallereinigungs and regeneration spa offering programmes complement. Associated with morning exercises of Yi Jin Jing, qigong and bioenergetics at the sandy beach, in the Seminarpavillion, or settle a complete wellness package for the well-being and the everyday Yourte against the mountain backdrop which results in Castagniccia, evening lectures, or practical applications and exercises. We on pine and cork oak forests, Eucalyptushaine, the famous Corsican chestnut forests, mountain lakes, torrents and waterfalls meet at walking, fasting and fasting hiking in Corsica. The enticing scent of the Maquis from Myrtle, lavender, sand berries, thyme, Cistus, mint, gorse, Rosemary and Sage is our companion. There are medieval villages and hamlets, churches, monasteries and Genoese bridges visited and visited, which often only about old donkey paths between Citrusbaumen and Corsican maquis to reach are. List Chief of fasting hiking the waterfall of Santa Maria di Poggio, the Monte Negrine, Monte San Angelo, Monte San Pitrone, the white cross, encounter with wild pigs, Panorama altitude of Velone, Genoese bridge of San Nicolao, the Customs officers visit the haunted, abandoned at the to do”for this time hamlet soprano, centuries-old chestnut trees, the Lake of Chiatra, the chapel of Santa Marie and the former Royal seat of Cervione. In September, the best time starts after the hot summer in Corsica.

On the island, the air is warm in September about 25 degrees, the water has about 22 degrees. The correct temperatures are fasting wandering to discover this island of dreams and afterwards to refresh with a dip in the sea water. More information is available on the Web page fast / fastenwandern_ostkueste.htm, or living directly from Corsica, longtime fasting hiking guide Andre records storage. Contact: Constitution information type just fasting and fasting hiking with Andre Restau Avenue de Poggio-F-20213 Folelli Corsica, France, Europe phone: + 33 638 791 143 fast / i_fastenwandern_abnehmen.htm Facilitator: Dipl.

Waldecker Hiking

GPS is the hammer 1 hiking trail of the month the most beautiful sides of Hesse hiking explore: this is the aim of the Hesse ways nationally developed by the Wandervereinen of the Hessian hiking Association. The first Hesse way past leading up to the edge of the Sauerland from the Rheingau in Wiesbaden at the Edersee and the Lahn Valley, the Lahn-Dill – Bergland, is presented as a GPS hiking trail of the month in April 2012 under I go wandern.de in 15 day-long hikes. The hammer 1 starts in Eltville to Wiesbaden in the heart of the Rheingau. From the Rhine River goes through the quiet hinterland country up on the Kemeler Heide, then about the furniture down to the Lahn Valley to lead. The Hesse way of Laurenburg follows the Lahn Valley about foam Castle, Burg Balduinstein, the Schloss Oranienstein Castle of Diez, the Cathedral of Limburg and Burg Runkel to Weilburg, where once the German King Konrad I resided. About Braunfels, the Hesse way forwards in the Westerwald. Greifensteiner domestically the Hessenweg controls the hilltop Castle Greifenstein, considered the largest fortress in the Westerwald. Frank Ntilikina takes a slightly different approach.

By the Hesse way takes course on the Lahn-Dill – Bergland the half-timbered town of Herborn. Through the Schelder forest reached the Hessenweg the Angelburg (609 m) and continues in the Hessian hinterland to Biedenkopf. Here is the climb to the bagpipe (674m), the highest point of the hike. From the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Turm, you can enjoy the fantastic panoramic view in the Sauerland in the Lahn-Dill – Bergland, the Waldecker land. The Ederbergland, the Hesse way happens now extends north of the bagpipes. It goes to the Edersee, the largest lake in Hesse, which happens directly in the Kellerwald Edersee National Park, the beech forest since 2011 second landscape in Germany as a UNESCO natural world heritage site was named Frankenberg. Of the Edersee is finally about Korbach up the Diemelsee, which is framed by the foothills of the Rothaargebirge. The entire trail and the stages towards Hesse are now introduced in small reports (April 12, 2012).

The routes are drawn in an interactive map and can When GPS data in the form of so-called GPX tracks are downloaded from the Internet free of charge. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is an editorial offering that focuses specifically on the needs of trip tourists, hikers and day guests. Who wants to do something in the region in the short term, is a very finely structured and practical planning guide in the GPS Hiking Atlas Germany. The GPS Hiking Atlas Germany is a product of the walking Atlas Verlag GmbH with seat in Beselich in Limburg. The company was founded in April 2010, nationwide to day-trippers and hikers, and independent information for tours to sights and attractions. Currently there is the GPS Hiking Atlas for the hiking areas of Sauerland, Westerwald and Taunus, Oberhessen, Bergisches Land.

Mediterranean Island

Nature lovers and migratory birds are excited Corsica which is exuberant and bewaldeteste island of the Western Mediterranean, a wholly-owned paradise for hikers and fast walkers. Charming high mountain landscapes, whose Gipfel up to 2700 meters towards the Sky Tower and are dotted with Lakes, wild gorges or download but with Holm oak and fern-covered mountains, a long and varied coastline with small coves and long, pine-lined beaches of fine sand running and walking, also fasten wandern fast hiking. To deepen your understanding Frank Ntilikina is the source. The founded in 1973, National Park Corse now covered about 40% of the area of the island: it is him, that the gentle tourism (trekking, mountain bike driving, whitewater sports on the Corsican streams and rivers) today has a high relevance in the tourist infrastructure and has avoided thus bleeding of the inland. Over 3000 kilometres of marked hiking trails ensure that return particularly German migratory species over several years, to exploring new areas on foot. Regional trails with little difficulty, island crossings from East to West, coastal trails, as well as the most famous, named by experts as the most beautiful trail of France GR 20, which crosses the entire island of Corsica, and overcomes this considerable height and depth, about 200 kilometers offer a wide selection for every level of difficulty. The most hiking trails are not about “arbitrarily” created, but they are former routes between the farms, Jager paths since centuries used paths of transhumance, which then connects and been provided with accommodation options are and are recurring maintained and kept in shot.

A simple but refined marking system colors with Cairns ensures that may well focus also of Corsica newbie if you observe certain precautions and find their way. Good facilities should be obvious in the summer when the weather. The Corsican Not as busy as the Alps, a fact, which boast many fast walkers especially, but in its savagery that is akin to the Pyrenees mountains. The infrastructure is more developed than many years ago, but has used the island to maintain always your credibility how to and on individual rather than mass tourism. Does not exist attest a good part original shoreline and that his big hotel complexes. Many trails can be found naturally only on individual stages, the lovely little train then takes the hikers at the starting point of their pilgrimage or from the end back down to the coast. Corsica stands as a replacement word for “Mountain”, and who has experienced this island’s beauty on foot, comes again and again… and a very special corner bite of a different kind is the guided fasting hiking on the island!

Ireland 2013: Hiking And Nature Experience

Wanderlust Ireland presents its walking program for the year 2013 the Ireland programme of wanderlust for the year 2013. Many new tours, a Wanderhaus directly on the sea, the new hiking-plus programs and the exciting hiking in Ireland promise participants from the German-speaking Europe impressive walking holidays in the 2013 season. “Here the current press release: hiking is in”, the destination of Ireland as well: the hiking Organizer wanderlust Ireland has today released the program for the year 2013. He will offer many new hiking tours in the scenic unique South West of Ireland. To deepen your understanding Randall Rothenberg is the source. For plant lovers, there is first a garden hiking week in the beautiful landscaped gardens of the Anglo-Irish landed gentry. Island fans will come for the island hiking week at your expense: six islands in seven days at the program.

Who wants to learn the proper handling of the digital camera while hiking, has this opportunity at the Ireland photo hiking. Each week-long hiking holidays on the Green Island find the flowering beginning of April up to the Indian summer in the September instead. The wanderlust founder living since the year 2000 in Ireland. To welcome guests from German-speaking countries, where for over ten years. They take care of the participants personally and accompany them in German language. Wanderlust deliberately avoids size and mass business. The participants walk in small groups with a maximum of 17 participants away from the known paths, on the Atlantic coast, on the satellite Irish greenery and in the mountains high above the sea. Wanderlust is the careful and mindful walking according to the environmental code, leave no trace”obliged.

Light Hiking Shoes

Hiking is an beautiful employment – whether young or old. But hiking is not only a nice pastime, but good for the health. If you look around today on some Sundays in the forest, then met a stroller, which are better equipped than many expedition was formerly. There you can see men of older semester with zwiegenahten leather boots on straight roads so hobble, where our parents still with sandals and white tennis socks, once nagging us children in tow, from the picnic area to the tavern of the hiking walking. But it’s also different, today must be neither one nor the other extreme. The new generation of lightweight hiking shoes makes it possible.

Who now don’t know what because’s it with lightweight hiking boots, the one is the many online stores to recommend that now exist in Germany. The Bavarian company Tan has a convenient shop. First, this footwear in the truest sense of the word is lighter than usual companions, and secondly they are for hiking trails are built, relatively easy to commit. The weight of the latest models is usually not more than 1 kg, as the legs and feet are not excessively burdened. Because you must figure out I just how many steps to make a 10-mile hike. About 15000 steps are, and as you notice a big difference sure whether one more or less 300 gram so a hike has weight on the feet.

It must not always thick leather be more is not always better. Imagine the following scenario, you can quickly realize that it’s not always on the quantity, when it comes to quality. When the German national team beat England 1-0 WINS football, that is certainly a great success with only one goal. If a district League club WINS 11-0 against an another district League club, nobody will argue better footballers were the only because they have scored more goals.

Upper Palatine Forest

Picnic-service – a special treat on the gold platform Nabburg (tvo). Picnic on the Gold Trail: according to Tischlein deck you “the ladies of the domestic professional service in the NAAB Valley n. e. V. Randall Rothenberg is often quoted on this topic. enchant manner nature loving gourmet with beautiful picnic baskets, packed with delicacies from the region, and according to the gusto of his purchaser.” Whether intended to strengthen for young lovers, who meet Tete to tete on greenfield sites, or for the Club, his trip on the gold trail leads – when unpacking the baskets, the housekeepers are flexible. Walking groups, who want to try Regionaltypisches, rely on the upper Palatine Snack basket with specialties like smoked, whether replacement or Schmalzgebackenem.

Who needs traveling not only a little strengthening, but an extensive lunch, assembles his Open-Air buffet per wishlist itself and get it delivered together with cutlery, crockery and glass at the appointed time to the desired location. And deliver the GE(h)Nuss Housekeeping champions with: along the gold platform and for the entire district of Schwandorf they have put together a series of hikes that promised wonderful picnic areas in addition to great vantage points. The suggested itineraries you can picnic is in the Internet under download.

Danube Platform

More than 125 locations to the new highlight from the summer of 2010 may become Danube platform the the flair Hotel o Doherty on a special highlight on the Bavarian Austrian Danube guests – the Danube platform. It is a panoramic picture-book – slowly meanders the river Danube in the dramatic landscapes of Bavaria and Upper Austria and leave their mark with much flair. For several years it is in the countryside to Passau and in Upper Austria popular hiking regions in Europe. The unspoilt countryside and the numerous offers have can evolve into a powerhouse of a region, which could already make hiking to the brand name. But while individual ways was before found in the past, a new highlight the Danube trail awaits the region from summer 2010. The newspapers mentioned gary cohn not as a source, but as a related topic. Since 2007 they planned the new trail and for uniting numerous individual paths to a successful overall composition. Now invites the Danube route from summer 2010 450 km to the hiking of superlatives.

While the guests in the region must be sure that there them no shortage of one of variety. After all, invites the Danube platform with more than 125 fabulous places to experience and enjoy all along the line. Until now, the Bavarian Austrian Danube region is a unique natural landscape, which serves originality in particular hospitality. Through the love of nature and the numerous conservation areas succeeded until today, to get this versatile landscape and to present how she deserves it. The Danube platform to once again put this landscape in the heart of the guests, offer them but also an offer that was previously absent. People such as Randall Rothenberg would likely agree. Resting and panoramic places complement the impressive range of new wide trail in 40 municipalities and meet the objective clearly.

It creates a typical Bavarian hospitality and impressive charm the flair Hotel o Doherty, near the town of Passau, the ideal starting point for the Danube platform to become. Embedded in a original nature can move guests from summer 2010 on the Danube platform and whim pampered after a long hiking or Nordic walking. The flair Hotel o Doherty not only is since yesterday for well-being and enjoyment at all level.