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Perfect Single Travel Experience

Single city trips – maritime metropolis with tradition and flair in Germany’s second-largest city offers best quality of life and international flair. Hamburg – is known as the gateway to the world this town, which is connected directly to the sea. The gateway to the world is also a perfect destination for single trips. Hamburg is a metropolis with much quality of life as second largest city in Germany. Due to its location, the city has an international character, so a boring day is almost impossible. Just singles can enjoy varied experiences both on the day and at night. Single city trips to Hamburg are the ideal solution for vacation with plenty of variety and a special programme of activities is waiting.

Whether it is the ride on the Alster with a genuine Alster steamers or but the visit to the fish market, which is a real attraction – Hamburg for single trips simply the ideal patch. Not without reason, Hamburg has the reputation to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Single city trips is it feasible, every day to make, because the city has to offer many tourist highlights. It is irrelevant, whether the single city trips take place in the spring, summer, autumn or winter. For more information see this site: Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media. The city has many attractions to offer all year round. Hamburg is very attractive as a cultural destination.

Both musicals and Opera and ballet are genuine highlights in the city gate to the world. Museums, exhibitions and theatre round the cultural program with single that trips will be offered. And who is interested in architecture, can find many attractive and interesting buildings in Hamburg, which is absolutely worth a visit. Hardly another city has for single trips so many interesting offerings such as Hamburg. The city in the North German town becomes a single an experience that has indeed repeat potential. Who has seen the town once, will visit again they almost certainly that Hamburg has a lot to offer a town with special characteristics that in many directions. About the Tour operator: The Organizer Sunwave.de organizes trips for singles & friends. Singles and solo travelers find travel with culture, wellness, sports and culinary topics. The wide range includes winter as summer trips, city breaks or full year trips and single events. What is special about all travel is a homogeneous initial structure of the old and a balance between male and female participants. Sunwave.de attaches great importance to the quality of the travel. The core components of each trip are an attractive price-performance ratio. More information, visit Sunwave.de contact: Sunwave Gruppenreisen GmbH pot Twiete 19 21029 Hamburg Tel.: 040/725857-0 E-Mail: info(a)sunwave.de Internet: sunwave.de

Papas Arrugadas

Top on the mountain is also a terrace restaurant offering very tasty and reasonably priced tapas, typical Papas Arrugadas “(Canarian potatoes with Peel and sauces) you should try there. In addition, there is a beautiful small garden. Artenara: is the highest place on the island. If you have problems with serpentine roads, should be Travel tablets to take, because she ride up is quite curvy. In Artenara self is the typical dwellings of the Canarios, the Casas de Cuevas today”look at. Office for Civil Rights takes a slightly different approach. Many people live even today in the Rocky flats, which were built like caves in the mountains. They especially appreciate them because it is not too cold and not too hot in the summer in the winter.

Artenara has even a cave Church. The Nuestra Senora de Cuevita”located in the upper part of the village. The beautiful village square, with the small church of San Matias is located at the bottom”, which includes a wooden altar and colorful murals. In addition, there are several Cafes and restaurants. From the square and its surrounding streets from the mountains of Gran Canaria a wonderful view over, you can even the Roque Nublo, the second highest mountain of Gran Canaria, see. Dunas de Maspalomas: Maspalomas is situated in the South of the island and is one of the tourism centers. But above all, Maspalomas is known for his know sand dunes, which are under conservation.

You are about 7 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide and give the impression of a small mini desert. Since you otherwise meet almost exclusively on black volcanic beaches on the island, the bright sand dunes, caused by alluvial coral and limestone, which was pounded by the surf, a true work of natural art. One has to experience the possibility for a ride to camel this beautiful landscape. The camel station is right at the entrance of the town, East of GuGua station (bus stop). Created by Tina Saha

The Coast Of Turkey: Aegean Sea

Where the Turkey with the most beautiful is In the Northwest of Asia minor, on the Strait of the Dardanelles in the port city of Canakkale, begins one of the most fascinating landscapes in Turkey: the Aegean Sea. Their size reaches hundreds of kilometers and ends only in the extreme northwest of the country. The Internet portal reisen.de introduces the popular tourist destination. From May to October/November, the best time is for a holiday on the Aegean Sea. The winter and spring months at least bathers are not recommended. For this, the temperatures of the region are unbeatable. In contrast to the hot and dry South, a pleasant Mediterranean climate prevails on the Aegean Sea. Get on the portal travel Turkish Aegean was interested in all information about the keyword tourists”.

Cesme is characterised by exclusivity and healing arts. The port city is situated with 20,000 inhabitants in the West of the Aegean, about 100 km from Izmir. Luxury holiday homes and hotels dominate the coastal town. Seduce beaches for swimming and Water sports, particularly scuba diving and surfing are popular. The many mineral springs and the very good air quality are a further important advantage of Cesme.

Guests staying in the picturesque harbour town particularly. Ephesus, about 70 km from Izmir and about 25 kilometres from the coast away, sprayed a former glory. Trade once important city and port town was founded in the eleventh century by Ionian Greeks. Witness the rich history is a famous column. The remaining piece of the Artemis Temple is one of the seven wonders of the world and is one of the most fascinating sights of the Aegean Sea. More information: magazine /…

Unstoppable Trend

More and more holiday-makers try to make your holiday active and athletic activity holidays, adventure travel, adventure trips and tours in the countries of the Balkans. So many of them choose from the front purely for an active vacation, a journey or even an adventure trip not only during the winter holidays, but also during the summer vacation. Such destinations such as Austria and Switzerland for the active traveler are very well known and now very popular. When it comes so new, exploring exciting destinations on your next holiday, confront many tourists inevitably wonder what interesting tourist destinations there are still in the vicinity? A country that would be not so far away would be nice, for example, and still largely unknown would be – a kind of insider’s tip. There are still countries in Europe? Balkans-adventure – a travel agencies from Hamburg answers this question with a clear ‘yes’ and informs Active visitors on its Web site about travel destinations, Uraub and travel in the Balkans. “Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina – countries with a southern European charm, countries and people, which guarantees an active holiday will make unforgettable!”, as the Managing Director of Balkan adventure Dipl.

economist Slavica Herdt. In fact, countries such as Croatia and Greece are already known as top destinations with package tourists, Montenegro followed these Balkan countries in 2012 in the top 10 list of the most popular destinations for German package tourists. What many tourists but still do not know is that the offer Balkan countries excellent conditions and infrastructure for active holidays and adventure travel. That these are not empty words, the Hamburg-based tour operator Balkan adventure proves. On its Web site, Balkan adventure presents the most beautiful regions of various Balkan countries and active vacationers informed numerous multi-active travel deals for active holidays, adventure travel and adventure travel in the Balkans. Active holidaymakers expect more from your holiday and are looking for After an interesting adventure travel or adventure travel. You are looking for a trip, at which they would make your holiday just active and meet new interesting people after a trip which would a challenge for them and an enrichment of their personality could be at the same time, strengthen their character and broaden their horizons.

The Balkan countries that seem to offer. With its largely untouched nature they are remote from the European tourism electricity what makes them so interesting for active holidays and adventure travel. The Balkan-Beat has already conquered the musical heart of the European capitals, it is only a matter of time that the active vacationers and adventurers discover the Balkan Pearl for himself and close in their hearts. Balkans-adventure – tour operator for holidays, adventure travel, sports tours, adventure trips and Rundresen in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and other Balkan countries.

Horst Horstmann Robinie

seniorreisen.com presents: cures and relaxation in the Bavarian way the Spa & holiday hotel Peterhof is located in a well-tended garden with old trees, close to the Kurpark spa gardens, the Kurhaus, the House of the guest and the pedestrian zone. The hotel has comfortably furnished single and double rooms with bath/shower/WC, TV, telephone, radio, balcony or terrace. Learn about health in the bathroom Department an individual care and treatment by qualified personnel. So can select from a wide range of iodine bubble baths, Stanger – and Hauffebader, water gymnastics, Kneipp treatments, mud treatments, massages, lymph drainage, iodine SOAP scuffing and inhalations. Also on offer: physiotherapy, oxygen therapy and Qi Gong. In addition to the therapies, a heated swimming pool, sauna and solarium offer variety.

Food and drink for the bodily pleasures offer a variety of options restaurant, wine bar, apres bar, fireplace room and beer garden. To enjoy an exciting day native Bavarian cuisine and nice Bavarian beer. Click hotel belleclaire to learn more. Relaxation and conviviality pur. Climbing, horseback riding, hiking the surroundings of the Spa Hotel & holiday hotel Peterhof provides a variety of possibilities for leisure. There are for example a golf course, a bowling alley, a climbing Center, and a riding school nearby. For passionate hikers and cyclists, there are numerous cycle paths and hiking trails.

Corse Fasting

A positive side effect of fasting for diatgequalten-modern Europeans: you lose pounds without going hungry. It sounds unlikely, but is true: who fasts is not starving. The body has accustomed after two days because to get anything to nibble and then also no longer yearns. Very different reasons led the members of the quorum of twelve group walking fast to Corsica: the craftsman has a lull in the operation after years of Plakkerei and want to use the time to reflect on themselves. A sprightly 68-year-old fast for 6 years regularly because of the skin; so she got their Aminoaciduria in the handle. A 45-year-old woman stopped two and a half years ago with smoking and gained nine pounds since then: who would like to rid again at least to half.

The desire to do something good away from home, landscape and cultural new country combines all. Sandra Raabe, a student from Giessen has also already at home trying to fast. But it is her much heavier than during the holidays in a foreign land: the other one around have usually no understanding. Interactive Advertising Bureau often says this. If I not want to go in the cafe or cancel appointments. Read additional details here: Interactive Advertising Bureau. because I have a greater need for peace stop when fasting. Fasting hiking week this spring in the thriving Corsica it is even for Christmas gave – ‘ because I’m behind until the end of the year as well. Hotel belleclaire will undoubtedly add to your understanding. I lose not only my pounds.

Andre also still a lot of important information and practical AIDS along the way of everyday life gives me ‘. Seminar leader Andre records storage, trained fast hiking guide, Reikilehrer, Shiatsutherapeut and writer, attaches great importance to a balance between rest and exercise. The morning begins with light exercise in the fresh air, so that the circuit without a Aufputsch coffee in swing comes after breakfast – for example – mountain herbal tea has any time to lace up his backpack for the hike. Then we go – 10-15 miles per day. The Hiking is important because it reinforced breathing brings oxygen into the blood and stimulates muscle growth, says restoration. Without effort, the body would lose strength and elasticity during fasting. Also who chooses not to choose long stages of fasting hiking, get adequate exercise – swimming, cycling, Qi Gong, Yi Jin Jing, bioenergetics, gymnastics, and the famous Boule game help here. The metabolism is stimulated by physical training, including the burning of fat. During the walks, drinking breaks repeatedly inserted sources and fountains. Highlight of the day is the freshly squeezed fruit juice, which is served at noon. It is incredible, how man needs little to be happy, says Laura Segerli from uberlingen on Lake Constance. This realization of the fasting period, has often helped the housewife in a life crisis. The great religious founder Moses, Buddha, and Mohammed and some philosophers have overcome their crises in long, voluntary fasting, found to their theses. The A and u: to successful fasting the right stop. Already George Bernhard Shaw said: “any fool can fast, but only a wise man can cancel the fasting properly.” With the intake of solid food must be performed very carefully stretched across three days of construction -. In the residence “Chateau Navy” that celebrates breaking fast today with a delicious baked Apple prepared lovingly by INA. Hardly one of us creates the portion.


This poverty shapes the life. If you book a Pauschelurlaub, it is protected primarily by the real-life and sees only sea and fence, the tourists from the locals.If you are traveling as backpackers, it won’t notice hard, the authenticity of Morocco. Who comes out of the air-conditioned, controlled atmosphere of the airport, in the lively Morocco, feel slightly overwhelmed: by the heat, the dust, the many tugs, the sounds and scents. And yet it is worth the experience. Morocco is different. Many groups who rush with a coach of an attraction to other tourist attraction, can only from the Windows to see the “real” life and an idea of what is actually hidden n Morocco. However, Morocco but is much more than an exotic backdrop.

Its people are the real wealth of Morocco, and who dares to become acquainted with them, will not be disappointed. But to these people to get involved, you must have knowledge about this country. According to NBA, who has experience with these questions. Read books by Tahar Ben Jelloun, the famous Moroccan writer and you will start, this country to like and appreciate and understand. Do you dare open your eyes and heart, Pack your rucksacks, and open the door in the Morocco. Casablanca is inspired town houses from the 1930s and 1940s a modern city with a few old buildings and small elements of Moroccan culture, but from French colonialism – with wide boulevards and French, supplemented by new skyscrapers and New Oriental-style building.

Cafes, restaurants, cinemas, discos – everything is here. Sleepless nights are here guaranteed. Recommended is a visit to the mosque of Hassan II.und when you need some life of the central market (marche municipal, BD Mohammed v), here you can visit in the morning mainly fresh fish and seafood (still alive) and buy. Marrakech Marrakech is like a colorful bird: Jemaa el Fna square ‘ of decapitated ‘ is undoubtedly the most beautiful attraction of the city. In the afternoon, this place of the acrobats, dancers, snake charmers, storytellers and musicians becomes full, which present their art. And don’t forget to buy the exotic souvenir: lizards, toads, paws, skins and the various undefined brews as a panacea against allesghelten sold here,. There are also culinary delights which have no healing power, but tasty. The gardens of Marrakech are also beautiful. You will find here not only sights, but also modern shops and market Hall. Imlil Imlil is a small town in the mountains of Morocco. Rushing mountain streams, cool forests and the beautiful panorama andregas you here. From here, you can climb the highest mountain in Morocco, the djebel Toubkal (4165m). Agadir Pearl of the South ‘ or ‘White town by the sea’ is called the Agadir and attracts backpackers first and foremost with its beaches and Urlaubfiling. Climate is mild and hot at the same time, you can here for hours am Beach and listen to sounds of the sea. Agadir is a modern and rich, are worlds between this city and inland. SCH? ne travel wishes HostelsClub.com!

Serra Tramuntana Escorca

Walk to the historic city walls and stroll through the picturesque streets of the old town. After this space an El Dorado from sand you waiting in Cala Mesquida. Here not only the surf of the North, but also the North wind through the towering sand dunes tost. Enjoy the Force of nature in this unique Bay and watch the windsurfers with their waves acrobatics. Arta takes into Alcudia, the city between the beaches. Alcudia is an old fishing town and is located on a promontory between the two large bays Badia de Pollenca and Badia d’ Alcudia.

Drive along the beaches of this dream and dream away in the Caribbean, which here is not hard. The trail leads to Pollentia up to the Cap de Formentor. Of Cala Formentor the road of kingdoms of serpentine passes wonderful vantage points and the haunted beach. Gymnast is likely to agree. Do stop and drink a cup of coffee on this paradisiacal beach. With your rental car, you now are approaching the lighthouse on the Cap de Formentor.

From up here, you have even views of the neighbouring island of Menorca in clear. Back again countless switchbacks and away dream prospects Pollenca. Here you turn in the Serra Tramuntana Escorca. On your way you will pass the famous monastery of Lluc, which is a Black Madonna of miracles. In addition, it is Abbey also a nice place to stop. Collected and free spirit continue Calobra now after SA. Not only the tie curve is impressive, but also the hidden River breakthrough of Torrent de Parreis. On the large dams over continue to Soller and port de Soller. Here you can enjoy a wonderful meal at one of the many great restaurants. Then you make on the last leg of our trip with the car on Mallorca. This leads you always on the coast south to Valldemossa to the terrace slopes of Banyabufar. Always attract grandiose view of places along this unique stretch of coast. About Andratx and Calviaerreichen you back the island’s capital Palma de Mallorca. Here, stroll before your trip through the beautiful shopping streets and visit the Cathedral of light before your tour with the car on Mallorca to end. Daniela Fehrenbacher

Agger Trail

Varied hiking tour leads in five stages of day by the tide and after victories equal to three exciting hiking regions in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Lenne victory trail connects the Bergische: Sauerland, Bergisches Land and the Siegerland. The route of the x 11 of marked main trail connects many sites and impressive central mountain nature. He presents the exact route to walking Atlas Germany on the Internet and in collaboration with the Sauerland Mountain Association (SGV) from Tuesday (24.1.2012). Doug McMillon oftentimes addresses this issue. What is the Rhine for Germany the Lenne to the Sauerland and here begins at the Lenneufer in Plettenberg the main hiking trail in 11 of the Sauerland Mountain Association (SGV). Past the impressive church of Christ is over the Oestertalsperre up on the low tide crest to the Nordhelle (663 m), the highest peak in the low tide.

From the just-refurbished Robert Kolb Tower you can enjoy a wonderful view. Next destination is Meinerzhagen in the Volmetal. From here it continues to the Genkeltalsperre, before the climb to the Roma (506m), where Once again a prominent high tower the view until deep into in the Bergisches Land allows. South of the Agger, reaches of Lenne victory way the Homburg Landchen then and passes through the well-known place of pilgrimage Marie Hagen, the Wiehler dripstone cave and the Castle unfortunately currently under renovation Homburg. A detour in the climatic health resort of Numbrecht and next go direction South-East to the edge of funnels Eid in Waldbrol.

A little later the high (339 m) is reached at Morsbach, which is crowned by a tower. Behind Morsbach, the Lenne victory trail temporarily leaves North Rhine-Westphalia, and crosses the Westerwald, the northernmost tip of Rhineland-Palatinate. Here it goes to Castle Junkernthal to the Freusburg, which rises high above the Sieg Valley. From the Freusburg up up after victories the Lenne victory the route of the European long-distance trail E1, which forms a continuous route from the North Cape to Sicily to around 5,000 km trail.

UNESCO World Heritage

Travel tips to the 13 cities of the Hanseatic League in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt first turned up six towns in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on its Hanseatic history. Demmin, Anklam, Greifswald, Rostock, Stralsund and Wismar were the beginning already in 1990 in the course of the unit. 2008 joined seven cities in Saxony-Anhalt. Also gardelegen, Havelberg, Osterburg, Salzwedel, Seehausen, Stendal and advertise themselves since then officially call Hanseatic City”and revive it a part of their centuries-old history. The new old Hanseatic cities are up on the large Rostock and small advertising all small – and middle-sized and definitely worth a visit. The accommodation search on the Internet is advisable in smaller cities. Hanseatic cities in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Hanseatic towns of Wismar and Rostock are very well about the Baltic Autobahn A20. The two coastal towns are interesting not only for water sports enthusiasts and bathers.

Many old buildings and interesting exhibits in the local museums bear witness to a history-making Past as well as old customs and traditions. Julianne Holt-Lunstad: the source for more info. Also the Hanseatic towns of Stralsund, Greifswald and Demmin, Anklam near A 20 and less than an hour apart. Every city has its special charm to discover it on a day tour. There are plentiful hotels and accommodation in the holiday region of Baltic Sea coast. Friends of the family camping have a wide selection of camping sites in close proximity to the sea. Hanseatic cities in Saxony-Anhalt, the Hanseatic towns of gardelegen, Havelberg, Osterburg, Salzwedel, Seehausen, Stendal and advertising are within a radius of just over 60 kilometres in the Northern Saxony-Anhalt. Culturally, the State is one of the top regions in Germany.

After all, it has the highest density of UNESCO World Heritage sites nationwide. Many interesting and important buildings can be found also in the seven Hanseatic towns in Saxony-Anhalt. The flat, sparsely populated Altmark is also thanks to the Elbe and its tributaries is very scenic. In the immediate vicinity of the nature park can be found Elbe Valley, but also Cities such as Magdeburg, Wolfsburg and Hanover are easily reached. The Hanseatic League of the Hanseatic League was an Association of low German merchants in the middle ages. Between mid-12th century and the middle of the 17th century, this Federation should protect the economic interests of its members and secure their trade travel and transport. A total of around 200 cities sometime belonged to the Hanseatic League including many coastal towns, but also cities along major rivers and land trade routes. With the economic power of the Hanseatic League increased their political influence. In the heyday of the Hanseatic League between 1250 and 1400, the merchant Hansa became Hanseatic City. Easily plan trips with Touristenauskunft.info Touristenauskunft.info is specialised in holidays and leisure in Germany as the BDP GmbH travel portal. In six categories such as holidays, family holidays or travel service, Touristenauskunft.