Month: December 2013

Anne Krueger

The capitals in Argentine assets have become very sensible to any negative news. In its attempt to return to the markets, Argentina ahead must close the cancellation of the debt with the Club of Paris. The decision to pay of a single time US$ 6,700 million that were considered was the debt that Argentina maintains with the Member States of the Club of Paris, it seemed to be the tie door of a fast solution of the proposal, but questions to the final estimation of the debt of Argentina (the person in charge of the club, the French Xavier Musca demands US$ 7,900 million), and the problem of holdouts, has prevented the outcome. In an article published in site economic Ieco Bugler, reproduces the opinion of a source that participates in the negotiations, that said in relation to the influence which they can have holdouts in the acceptance or not on the part of the Club from Paris to the Argentine proposal: Japan and Italy follows in intransigentes and belligerent positions on the Argentine responsibility in front of the bondholders . A well-known one by the Argentineans, ex- number two of the IMF, Anne Krueger, said in relation to this: Argentina can do what wants, but does not agree to him to be isolated of the market of capitals. With this, Krueger wanted to insinuate that Argentina must render accounts before international the financial markets if it tries to return them. Beyond which Argentina can draw for the cancellation of the debt that maintains with the Club of Paris, the access to the financial markets does not appear much less like something simple and, of low cost. On the other hand, international the financial crisis is repelling in the prices of commodites, as much of energy as of foods. The fall in the quotes produces a positive effect in the economies when reducing the inflationary pressures.