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Because locusts in various sizes, they can be fed on smaller reptiles. When the locusts without Zusatzsstoffe were fed purely biological, they offer an excellent opportunity for food due to their high content of protein, vitamins and minerals for reptiles. Locusts as food animals are also very popular, especially because they weed out any odors and are relatively easy to keep. In particular locusts and desert locusts are suitable particularly well as prey animals. Grilling – food animals with good nutritional value at affordable prices even grilling include the family of grasshoppers.

Grilling include the most popular feed animals for reptiles and other pets, feeding on insects in addition to the hiking and desert locust. Since crickets are relatively easy and quick to grow, they are sold mostly at very low prices. Especially the good nutritional value and the relatively low prices when grilling as life food help that grilling are among the most commonly requested feed animals. Mehlwurmer-include mealworms to the larvae of DARKLING beetle larvae with high fat content. Mealworms are among many domestic animal species of a great popularity as prey animals. They are known primarily as bait on the hook. As meal worms without great cost can be grown all year round, they are offered relatively cheap as the crickets. However, measurement should be kept in the feeding with meal worms, because they have a very high fat content.

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