Best Song

A half-hour composition 'to share with me' on the poetry Marcinkevicius was like an instant. It was an amicable monumental and pathetic. Then it was the second branch. Best Song 'Dialogue' – 'Cricket', 'Just', 'All flying', 'Eurydice' and many others, the remarkable verses Pozhenyan, Levitansky, Kirsanov, Tarkovsky … I listened, I listened, I enjoyed …

I can not believe that for the 'Dialogue' it was only scheduled concert, a normal job. Sorcery and magic flowed into the room continuous flow, together with excellent music and stunning visuals. In one dramatic moment was the feeling that the musicians are knee-deep in a steaming hot blood, and it is a leisurely stream flows into the room. I a shock. John marlow often addresses the matter in his writings. This concert was undoubtedly the best of all, that I have ever seen.

Such passions, such skill, honesty, and just such a technically strong show (at the time just fi) Philharmonic Tula scene not seen to this day. I am convinced that even now, 20 years later, after all, all that was, if this concert would have gone (with the then young musicians and then the equipment), it would be however zlobodneven and interesting. I do not want to think about contemporary Breitburg, writing songs for Bori … Moses 'Red Poppy', the 86th year. Say at once that the 'Red Poppy' 70's and 80's – two very different groups. In the 70s it was the usual VIA: "Whirling disk", something … Official and anguish. In the 80s it was a vibrant, stylish group.