Jorg Grimm

The Feet must take the fumes themselves and switch to the front walk. With this technique, the primitive man has hunted already supposedly fast-acting wild today world class sprinters win so their medals. What a masterpiece of mechanics nature we gave with our feet, we notice only after we have taken a few days barefoot shoes. If then again felt the muscles and avoid an unprecedented power and dynamics in the feet, hardly any more want to miss this feeling. Also in solid shoes feet are close up involuntarily as if they were filled with anticipation, soon to be released from her prison. Barefoot shoes athletic running barefoot is actually the most natural thing in the world for the people. For this reason, barefoot or in minimal shoes lie increasingly in vogue. More and more people looking for a free feeling of walking and freed”feet: the manufacturers respond to this need with a corresponding selection on Models.

Toe shoes, especially where each toe has its own Chamber are visually unfamiliar. Stones are indeed perceived by the thin soles, but it helps to know that they can cause no injury. Some barefoot shoes from the range of the brands have a modern and colourful design and are indistinguishable at first glance almost indistinguishable from normal running shoes. You have a firmer sole, nevertheless the foot it feels like a comfortable slipper. While jogging, many buyers will find it as enjoyable that they can feel any roughness of the ground and concentrate on their sport. There are also especially designed, somewhat heavier barefoot shoes that have but only a few millimeters thick sole for the winter. The feeling of barefoot running is also supported by a low explosives, the gradient of the heel to the toe.

It makes no difference whether moving the runner to pebbles, split, or asphalt. The foot can move freely inside the shoe, without that puts it somewhere. Barefoot shoes, the structures of the feet will be charged more. Therefore it is advisable to wear them initially only for one hour a day and gradually to evaluate how long keep your feet in their new environment out there, without tiring. Trained runners also recommend barefoot shoes, which have the lacing in a zip, so it is well protected and will not open on rough terrain.