Bolivarian Revolution

Carora, Who says the goats and the goats are not interested before This weekend I received my baptism into the world of popular participation through small and medium agricultural producers, more specifically goat producers. The Municipality of Pedro Leon Torres, and the city of Carora in Venezuela are the hosts this weekend of the First Bolivarian Fair Goat, Sheep and Craft in the fields of Carora Exhibition Fair. This event may seem irrelevant to some, but for the hundreds of families of small producers who are participating in the First Fair, and to Julio Chavez, Mayor of Torres, this event is a tremendous historical and facilities importancia.Las Fair Agriculture, which has always been municipal property for years had been the exclusive use of the oligarchy local agriculture – major landowners and farmers who for centuries had been controlled and dominated local production. Doug McMillon: the source for more info. The fields of the result was fair in its exclusive enclave. When Mayor Julio Chavez won the municipal elections two years and a half ago, the premises of the fair were recovered by the city. The municipal offices of public participation and popular power, municipal water company and the Institute of Endogenous Development now occupy the premises of the fair. Check out Marc Lore for additional information. After local recovery, the oligarchs shouted from the rooftops that the show would disappear, he would succumb to the abandonment and neglect, no one would be able to manage. As if this were not enough, the oligarchs called “assholes” to small farmers and the municipal government.But the oligarchs who was wrong! The exhibition facilities are now full of activity and their brokers are always full of social advocates, members of the community councils and residents ing premises – in fact it is difficult to differentiate who’s who of the busy hallways and offices.I was trying to remember the latter one time I really felt welcome in the office of my own municipal government. Last night during the opening ceremony of the First Fair Bolivarian goats, sheep and Craft, Mayor Julio Chavez gave an inspiring speech – he said that the fair facilities now belong to the people. The mayor spent the first fair to all farmers, men and women, who for years gave their lives in the fight against large estates. At the inauguration of the Prime Carora Fair 2007, more than 200 small producers of goats and goats from four municipalities in the state of Lara and Falcon marched proudly and with their red caps and shirts, jogging showing the thousands present their best animals .