World Championship

Warned is that during these two days of grotesque madness, not only are bull testicles that are left to see. Festival Buffet Mono Lopburi, Thailand November 2010 as example of adoration toward the primates, the population invites to dinner each year to some 600 monkeys at a large table with more than 3,000 Kg of fruits and vegetables. The purpose of such an event is to thank the monkeys for his help to attract tourists to the region. The easiest way to Lop Buri is to take a flight to Bangkok and then travel by train, which takes about three hours. Tunarama Port Lincoln, Australia South January 2011 which caught a flight to Australia may visit the Tunarama Festival, which is held in honour of the main industry in Port Lincoln: fishing and tuna breeding.

The highlight is the World Championship of launch of tuna, where competitors throw one of these fish as best they can. Battle of the NaranjasIvrea, February 2011 each year in the city of Ivrea, Turin, Italy residents recreate an ancient battle with costumes medieval and armed with an ancient well known weapon: the Orange! Nine teams composed of more than 3,000 combatants faced in one battle throwing oranges, while eating beans to stay with forces. You’re still in time find cheap flights. to Italy for the summer. Holi: The festival of colors India March 2011 with the arrival of the florida spring, is celebrated the Holi, a popular hindu Festival.

People throws colour powders (made of medicinal herbs) and water each other throughout the day. The consumption of drinks with bhang (cannabis) is also an intrinsic part of the party, further enhancing the spirit of the occasion. Flights to India are very popular at this time of year, so you must book in advance. Festival of the Kanama Matsuri penis Kawasaki, Japan April 2011 imagines a penis of giant wooden 2.5 m long ported on the shoulders of local inhabitants, while it is adored by multitudes. Because that’s exactly what happens every spring at this annual festival held Shinto fertility in Kawasaki. All that is offered is related to our dear friend: sweets with shape of penis, falo-llaveros and even vegetables carved with suggestive shapes. Note: Festival of the penis not confuse with the Hadakamatsuri or Festival of the man nude, a different holiday, where touching the one that goes totally naked and hiding among the crowd, gives good luck and happiness. Original author and source of the article.