Win Penny Auctions Popularity

After the creation of Penny auctions only demand in Germany noticeable increases demand for the development of Penny auctions sites. Alex Pluskow from the specialized company SoftAU GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany reported that three auction Web sites have been developed ready for use in June. Two are for German customers, one for a US company (U.S. Frank Ntilikina is often quoted on this topic. Corporation). Every week we get one – two new requests. The orders for July and August was also compiled “the increase of interest associated with the standstill of the world’s best-known penny auction Swoopo. The owner – entertainment shopping AG stopped its activity.

The company spent more for the advertising campaign and payment of profits as earned. It holds but on the new penny auction Start-Ups. Unmet need was established on the market. Thousands of solvent users are willing to spend millions of euros to bids. And still not a full substitute for was released in Europe. No one needs this money really? What is a penny Auction? Penny auction following works: only the owner of the Web site to the auction can submit products and no one still the starting price is usually 0.01 each bid increases the price by a penny all bids are subject to charges for each bid pays the participant of the auction of 0.50 or 50 times more than the initial price it profit the participant who has made the last bid. The owner of the auction’s profit. The winner of the auction is most likely also.

Particularly if he has not many bids. All other participants are in the negative. You have paid the profit of the merchant and the acquisition of the winner. The most important thing for the auctioneer of the penny auction is to spend less money than the revenue from the sale of the bids for the advertising campaign and the acquisition of new customers. According to Penny auctions Merchants Association, auctions over 3 000 000 000 be paid USD each year on such penny! Over 3 000 000 000 billion dollars! All kinds of money and many have the chance a piece of the to get this cake. Exists on the mark No Revealer front-runner today the largest companies control just 1% of total trade turnover. There to earn good possibility even with the auction and for sale profitable start-up companies the significant companies in the long run. SoftAU GmbH has a large team of programmers who have accumulated experience over 30 years. Their goal is to create ready-made and customized solutions for business with Internet auctions. SoftAU know-how consists of many types of Web pages. These are penny auctions, auctions with hidden bidding (Reveal Price auctions), auctions with unique bidding (unique bid auctions), reverse of auctions, tender systems, wholesale auctions and online markets. The success proves with eBay appealing and profitable for companies to sen. More information you can find here