Training Centre Bergler

To maintain quality of life for people or achieving, learning a profession is certainly very desirable and trend-setting, as it is taught in the training centre Bergler. From A to Z without following a rating, the list of training topics in alphabetical order is training areas to lead, starting in AYURVEDA. As certified Ayurveda well feel practitioners or certified Arddam practitioner, but also as a certified yoga teacher, graduates many career opportunities are open. Much in demand, the BEAUTY area with the conclusion as Dipl. is beautician, Dipl.

FusspflegerIn. Also power completes as certified human Energetiker. Like the professional masseur or the therapist many special areas where the medical massage therapist with many special skills as one of the major field of activity of MASSAGE with its offer also good prospects for a secure job. For the nursing education in the medical sense, creates the best basis with the training to the care assistants, laboratory assistants, operation assistants or ordination assistants. In the activity areas in the SHIATSU, in which the graduate as a Shiatsu practitioner is used are coming. Trained Bergler graduates for wagers on sports and WELLNESS, where the certified Sports therapist, certified Pilates Trainer and the graduate for Aktiosomatik, a wide field of activity are very much in demand.

The Training Institute Bergler gives insight into the training the prospective customer with an open day every Friday and the opportunity taster days or info evenings about career goal to learn. With a very clear and informative web site, a first impression about the Training Institute, the functioning and the many areas of activity can be obtained under. Training Centre Bergler J.Bergler GmbH, Josef Bergler Babenbergerstr. 88, A-8020 Graz Tel.: + 43 316 38 10 71