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Vincent Peale

It is necessary to develop a mindset of a millionaire now, human beings can achieve everything what you propose even under the worst conditions already are economic, social, natural, etc. For a tenacious mentality the sky is the limit, however is required to achieve that essential part of personality developed on three basic pillars such as: faith, effort, perseverance. There are several concepts of faith, but one of the most explicit is having the certainty of what is expected the conviction of things not seen. It is a principle of power. Faith means to visualize what we want to achieve. It is the certainty of having something without it.

It is first planted after harvesting. Emerson said succeed those who believe do so, then he added, things that he fears and the death of fear will be secure faith is believing that Yes we can, can imagine are men successful as Edison, Onassis, Rockefeller, Ford, etc. With lack of faith? Impossible! They had many setbacks before achieving their objectives but did not hesitate to get it He believed. There are many examples of men of faith, we even complete books analyzing them but the main idea is to find the sources more rich in experiences and wisdom to strengthen us and nurture us, the Bible is the best choice. And other good self-help books where men of today have managed to build enormous fortunes thanks to that basic and indispensable ingredient. Norman Vincent Peale showed that the secret is to fill your mind with thoughts of faith trust and security. This forced out or expel all thoughts of doubt and lack of confidence.

We maintain an indelible portrait in our minds about ourselves full of triumph and success never let it disappear. We start to develop the faith and above all accionemos. Santiago tells US that faith without works is death itself.