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Yaowarat Street

Singapore (Jan 12, 2011) Agoda.es, the global site for online booking of hotels with base Asia and part of Priceline.com (NASDAQ:PLCN), celebrates the Chinese new year with special offers at hotels throughout Thailand. Chinese new year is one of the most celebrated events in this Southeast Asian country since 14% of its population is of Chinese origin. It is not surprising that Bangkok is an important center of activity during this period, and that related with new year’s festivities extend far beyond the Yaowarat Street in the heart of Chinatown. Add to your understanding with ecommerce. In 2011, the start of the Chinese new year is located on 3 February, and in many parts of Thailand, celebrations extend up to three days. It is in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai, where more extensive chino-tailandeses settlements are, and where the most spectacular Chinese new year events take place in the country. The more exotic, and noisy new year’s custom are the parades in the streets. These are characterized by strident patter of drums and cymbals and firecrackers lights (popular belief says that loud noises repel evil spirits). They are also integrated by traditional lion dance, by the passage of cheerfully decorated floats, acrobatic displays, elaborate lanterns and effigies of the Chinese gods.

In Bangkok, the Yaowarat Street is the epicenter of the events of the Chinese new year. Along its length are located centers of food and souvenirs, impressive lanterns, statues of the astrological sign of the year, which is the rabbit, located in the most important spaces in 2011. Visitors who book a hotel near Chinatown is found in an excellent location to attend the street parades and delight in the authentic Chinese food; as well as to visit the Grand Palace and the Temple of the reclining Buddha, two iconic attractions of Bangkok. Chinatown this next to the terminal of Hua Lamphong, the most important railway Center trains of Thailand, offering convenient access to all Bangkok as well as the outlying provinces.

Impiana Resort

In Phuket, Chinese new year offers visitors an exciting and truly exceptional experience. The historical buildings of the old Phuket Town sino-portugues style, create an impressive backdrop for displays of kung fu, Chinese opera, and cultural exhibitions from different Chinese provinces. Both the old town and the beach of Patong populate lanterns and traditional decorations that color red and gold streets. The island of Samui, on the other side of the peninsular South of Thailand, is also home to special events. Less developed than Phuket, but with a wide variety of great restaurants, facilities five stars and an international airport, Samui offers services for travellers who seek a place of retreat in a quiet island with an endless number of excellent shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. The North of Thailand, specifically Chiang Mai, is also stained celebrations this season.

Stunning processions of dragon, lion dance, feats of martial arts and acrobatic exhibitions flood the streets of movement, while the talent pageants and parades occupy the center of the scene. Travelers who book a hotel in Chiang Mai for the Chinese new year may also enjoy numerous historic attractions, as well as the nearby of the Karen hill tribes villages and explore the magnificent temples that surround the city. Wilfred Fan, Director General of Agoda for North Asia, referred to the local particularities of the celebration: the Thai Chinese inherit the vibrant festive spirit of their ancestors and in many cases they have adapted traditional customs of Chinese new year. The rituals are transmitted from generation to generation and differ from the modernized form that is currently in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Visit Thailand during the Chinese new year offers the opportunity to learn how these customs have been preserved and how have adopted different particularities in Yaowarat, in the Centre of Phuket and Chiang Mai, where the celebrations extend by a week. Agoda.es has obtained some special promotions from hotels for travelers wishing to enjoy gastronomy, festivals and fun of the Chinese new year in Thailand. Promotions of hotels in Agoda.es to the Chinese year of the Chinatown rabbit, White Orchid Bangkok Hotel 3 stars. Premier room from 56 night.

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