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ISO Master Gnome

Why are so many, still think that Linux, rather, for programmers and system administrators? I have to disappoint those people. 'Friendly' distributions lot! If some think that Linux trouble with the software, then it is not, get rid of this stereotype! Programs in Linux too much! I want to look at the distribution Ubuntu, version 9.10. Six months ago I switched to Linux. Tried many distros, but stopped on Ubuntu. Learn more on the subject from CVS. I do not know why, probably liked it. Ubuntu refers to the so- called, friendly distro where everything is simple and clear to use which does not need to have some special knowledge of programming, for example.

In ubuntu, I use Gnome, in Russian Dwarf. It is a graphical shell (what we see). Many people use KDE, in Russian sneakers. This is also a graphical shell, but a little different. In the picture below, shows a screenshot of my desktop.

Thus, approximately, is Gnome: Use sneakers or dwarf matter each. Let me just say that I can not imagine Linux without Gnome. I'm used to Gnome If you have recently installed Linux on it and still nothing then I will help with the software, and it tell you about the programs that I use. To begin with, that in Linux software called packets. Packages can be installed from the terminal by typing this command here: sudo apt-get install, or through sinaptik (Synaptic) Programs that I use: 1) Wine. This boot windows programs. Makes it possible to run the system. Exe. Only strongly do not rejoice. Opportunity it gives, but not the fact that everything will start and work stably. 2) Arista Transcoder. Video converter. If you honestly never used them. Set 'to be'. 3) Audacity. Record and edit sound files. In windows, By the way, too, have such a program. You can use both analog GoldWave. 4) gtk-recordMyDesktop. Analogue Camstudio. Records all actions that occur on the desktop. 5) iriverter. Another video converter and also for 'to a' 6) ISO Master. To work with izoshnikami. 7) Kino. The program for video editing in Linux. 8) ZynAddSubFX Software Synthesizer. Synthesizer allows you to turn your keyboard into a musical instrument. Personally for me a useless thing, but you can kill time. 9) Audiokonvertor. Convert your audio files. Here all clear. 10) Player VLC. I listen to music and watch video in it. In total player for Linux dam, look for what you like. 11) Fotovideobudka Cheese. Program to work with a webcam. 12) XSane Image Scanner. To operate the scanner. 13) BitTorrent client Transmission. Torrent customers a lot for all tastes. 14) Linux DC + +. Client to the hub. 15) FileZilla. For FTP. 16) Google Earth. I think, needs no comment. 17) Kopete. ICQ client. 18) Skype. 19) VirtualBox OSE. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but I called the cornerstone

Auctions Live

WordPress platform is no longer a pure blogging and enhances its flexibility and functionality with each update. Thanks to the huge number of plugins WordPress site can turn into anything. There are plugins that allow blogger add to your site based on WordPress opportunities for e-commerce. Today we look at plug-ins, which have maximum flexibility to create an Internet store based on WordPress blog. They provide all the the tools necessary to conduct such business and provide a functional administration panel for administration. Below is a list of plug-ins using that site owners can WordPress use for online sales.

All of them can be easily integrated with CMS and provide a full-featured store. These plugins are easily adjustable and provide ease in managing the store. To make the blog the look you want recommend you to use professionally designed templates WordPress from TemplateMonster. WP e-Commerce is a free, full-featured plug-in shop for WordPress. Official site. Plug-in provides all the necessary shop capabilities and allows the purchase of downloading a single page. This greatly facilitates the purchase of goods such as electronic books, mp3, clothing and much more.

Among the supported features sovmetsimost with SSL, merchandazingovye possible, processing of multiple payment options including PayPal, Google Checkout and manual processing of payments. Additions to the basket include the possibility of scrolling products and modules are responsible for shipping. YAK free plug-in to create a simple store to sell products referred to in the post. It turns the page ID to Product ID and a description of the post in the product description. You can download it on the page. YAK can handle products of different categories and provides customizable sales process. Payment is possible by the following methods: a standard form for a credit card, check, deposit, and integration with Google Checkout, PayPal and Authorize.net. YAK support products are available for download, different types of products, order management, promotions, sales reports and SSL. To deepen your understanding Doug McMillon is the source. For simplicity of plug-in provides three screen display and processing orders for product management and basic sales reports. WP Auctions is an innovative eCommerce Plugin for WordPress, which allows you to handle the auctions for free on your website or blog. WP Auctions allows you to create any number of simultaneous auctions, upload multiple images for each auction, selling possible under the scheme 'Buy It Now'. May customize the display of advertisements at the end of auctions. Getting paid is possible via PayPal, there is an RSS feed for all updates and much more. There is a WP Auctions Live service during the registration where you can get more traffic to your website.