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How To Choose Ski Boots

Boots – the main part of the skier’s outfit, and their choice is an important task, which is more important than just health. We will not consider those episodes when people buy stock following the latest fashion trend (in order to keep pace with the party). For them, the ski industry generates a huge selection of comfortable, soft, nenapryagayuschih shoe lets you clip it to the sticks with curved ends and finally descend from the top bar is already at the bottom. We talking about people who have realized that they want to get the most out of these crazy descents from the mountains. Serenade hard shoes: 1. Hard shoe – it’s subtle sensations, faster signal to the brain about what is happening. (control) 2.

The higher the speed, the harder the need shoes. 3. The greater weight of the skier, the more stringent needs shoes. 4. Hard shoe – not Spanish Sapozhok, despite the restructuring of the Internet and littered with such waste.

5. Hard shoes is necessary, as almost all soft refinement expose a specific leg and then they are better than slippers. Shoes in the store, in essence, a piece by a certain standard leg where there is little in nature and even the most ideal may not be suitable for this ‘standard’. BUTFITING – this is the secret weapon that brings joy again tormented for years. All the serenade was devoted to shoes riding on the ‘motorway’, as it is needed there subtle sensations. Boots mogul (riding on the mounds) and freeride may be softer than the shoes produced tracks, but these figures ‘rigidity’ are in the range 100-150 for ski-lovers. If you throw an extreme option, then the choice will be not so great: 120,130,140. Ride itself weighs 75kg body stiffness to 130 after butfitinga, I feel great in all conditions, and only when driving Sports highway (with the flags and staffs), they seem very soft and slow. So for me they are universal. Regarding the choice of skiing, we can express respect for Dime moderator of familiarity (see the thread in the forum). From themselves only add the main rules that should not be forgotten as the choice of skis, and (more importantly) shoes: 1. The wider toe ski, the easier entry into the turn. (Control) 2. The narrower heel, the treatment of its fold, flat – not on the edge- rotate beneath them. (control) with a broad heel Ski will get you to finish the movement in an arc, ie go to the edge 3. Waist width affects the ability to travel through deep snow. The more the better. 4. Soft skis small velocities, elastic for large ones. 5. If you want to feel more confident at speed, look for more growth and more natural range of skis. Skiing for downhill skiing have a radius of more than 45m by the rules FIS. (Stability) 6. Ideal of universal ski does not exist in nature. Everyone chooses for himself what he is more important to get from skating, but it is always a compromise. I wish you all the most successful acquisitions.

Spend Holiday Without Luggage

Offering cheap sistema search Skyscanner.ru conducted an international survey – users were asked how long they had to wait for luggage on arrival. It was found that one in ten traveler at least once in a situation when the holiday had to be carried out without their belongings, as well as luggage does not arrive at their destination. While 15% of the tourists prefer to travel with hand luggage. Poll Results commented Dmitry Konovalov, manager Skyscanner to work with Russian and CIS markets, "Alas, delayed baggage occur during flights happen often – 6iz 10 users of our system admitted that they had to carry out a tape transporter at least one hour. After many hours of flight such an expectation may impair a "holiday" mood. However, loss of baggage are rare, and their risk can be reduced to zero, if uncomplicated follow the rules. " To avoid problems and disappointments, Skyscanner recommends: – If possible, pack all the stuff in your hand luggage. Pre-specify the requirements for hand luggage on the website or by calling the airline.

– Do not check in luggage bags and suitcases that look expensive. – Write your name on the outside and inside of the bag or suitcase. – To facilitate the identification of luggage, label it labels, and / or tag. – Always carry cosmetics, contact lenses and solution for them, charging for phone, keys and passports in hand luggage. – If you go to the sea, put a set of clothes for changing and bathing suit in your hand luggage. – During the check-in check that you are fitted with a luggage ticket – otherwise you will be hard to prove you passed it at all. – Do not check in luggage is nothing of value. The results of the survey "How long have you had to wait for delivery of baggage": Within an hour – 57% * I always travel with hand luggage only – 15% Not more than 15 minutes, 18% few days – I had to leave without my things because I was / and your luggage only return home – 10%


But you, in order to lose weight or do sports. courageously overcome floor by floor. Many, of course it's not scary. But most, as experience suggests, come with their children, grandmothers or treat joints and degenerative disc disease. There is only one thing to say: God help you. And who needs a rest … Nevertheless, the inhabitants of a private home above the second floor is almost no climb. We always arrange a place to rest.

It is a local traditsiya.Chto means the court, where there is no place to sit down after a tiring day or to lie down in the shade and drink a glass of wine cold, dry wine, great fatigue and thirst. Factor number 3. Fire. What kind of vacation without barbecue? Of course you can sit in a restaurant and order a batch of fortune and of dubious quality. You can try to cook barbecues on the balcony, but there comes a rule according to neighbors. As a result, will either have to treat that is not profitable, given the price of summer, or to spoil the evening emotional utterances with elements of the national falklora. In both cases, the evening will be ruined.

e sure that you have to treat more and firefighters. However, residents of private housing near the places of rest for his personal territory always include at least BBQ, as the maximum area for kebab entertainment with songs, dances and other elements of local color. Here it is – freedom. And who will tell you that if there is no nikogo.Nu and if there is, then treat it with understanding. Earth to all of us enough. Here are we – the inhabitants of the Old Evpatoria. Factor number four air. Tell me what you breathe … What's the point of arrival to the south, if you sit in a cage of concrete, which according to our local traditions as an oven heated to hell? Valid.