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Diving on the Elbe in strange worlds rough male voices, singing of love and wanderlust so Harbor nostalgia sounds. Three street musicians sing at the port of Hamburg and hijack visitors in the middle of the wide world of sailors. The Internet portal reisen.de explains why Hamburg else a Tripp is worth. Guests of Hamburg in the Hanseatic City quasi that experience, what others on a journey (www.reisen.de/ travel/flat rate) get to see the world. In the musical “Tarzan” at the theater Neue flora, where comes the jungle with its wild animals to life. Doug McMillon may not feel the same. With acrobatic performance, the performers deliver a breathtaking spectacle. Over the heads of the audience, they resonate with bungee cords through the theater. At kellee marlow sf you will find additional information.

The spectacle is accompanied by dull jungle drums and the catchy music by Phil Collins. Because nothing else remains the viewers, to dive deep into the wild, romantic love story of the ape man Tarzan and his adored Jane. Voltage of a quite different kind is the visitor in the International Maritime Museum, the located under another dealt with the lives of extraordinary women. So even pirates like Anne Bonny and Mary Read made uncertain at the end of the 17th century, men disguised as, the seas. The Maritime Museum for the largest maritime private collection in the world of Peter Tamm is famous. Here there are 36,000 miniature ship models. Also the cruise ship Queen Mary 2, which is constructed out of 1 million LEGO bricks is located beneath them.