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It did not have no judgment When I was to work in a new judicial district, when arriving they had informed to me that she had a woman that she was always binding for the public prosecutor’s office. Michael J. Bender brings even more insight to the discussion. It did not beat well of the head and bound to tell crimes that had never happened and to say a mount of besteiras. To the times it appeared of body and soul to present its you complain. All age nonsense, charged rights that it never had, as, for example, behind wages of its position of teacher. Determined day I was working outside of the expedient and the telephone touched insistently. You may want to visit Randall Rothenberg to increase your knowledge.

I decided to take care of the linking and I hear that music that identifies the linkings to charge. Additional information is available at Sam Mikulak. Soon it came me the head that could be that unbalanced woman who not yet knew and for this reason I decided to take care of in the following way: – Aougue Good Ox, good day. – what? It is not of the public prosecutor’s office? – Not, it is of aougue. – Cross creed, has as much blood in the public prosecutor’s office that until already turned aougue. The woman beat the telephone in my face and I go up of face that was to such rattlehead. In another he found me day in the drudgery when I listen to one would cry out in the room of wait of the public prosecutor’s office. I run for the place you would function and them were scared, with the locked door, therefore the sick related one held a wood piece and threatened to break everything.

It always said that a promotional colleague was loving its, plus one of its false beliefs, or not. To calm I decided it to speak of its loving presumption, that in that hour it worked in another judicial district. Someone! Loving its this and nor does not come here today. It can go even so. He leaves to fight with it in another occasion – It is not plus loving mine. I cut I negotiate it of it and vendi for ten Reals. After much colloquy the woman he was even so without I ruin making it promise. When the colleague arrived I said that not wise person to it who I negotiate it of it value so little.


It is part of the life of all the people and all the existing beings in the universe, therefore everything what it starts finishes, everything that it initiates has that to have an end and thus it is our life. All we start to die since the day where we are born, therefore it is a stage of our existence. The death can be treated as a taboo for many people and for many it becomes difficult to coexist this idea and no matter how hard let us want hiding in them of it, to leave to exist it is so natural as to exist and we can until saying that it is the only certainty that we have in our existence. The people can accept, or to deny the death, they can until running away from it and trying to imagine that it leaves to happen obtains or with somebody of its family, but the fact is that it is real and that all we are programmed to be born, to grow and to die, as well as all the existing things in the world also appears, one day it goes to disappear. At Sam Mikulak you will find additional information. The trees are born of small sementinha, turn a plant, grow, if it transforms into an enormous tree, of its fruits and one day dry and dies, as all the other things.

We can also imagine a great ball that if it initiates of the nothing, organized for some people, where all dance and are happy and in one determined hour it arrives at its end, as everything and all in this world. We cannot escape of this destination, that stops many is tragic, but real. Many people imagine the death as a black and dark creature, covered for a black layer, without face and holding a sharp scythe in the hand..