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The Areopagus

His laws were written in special wooden cylinders (kyrbeis) and placed in the Acropolis. He had great friendship with Anacarsis the Scythians, who scoffed at Solon for his faith in the written laws to keep out of greed and injustice of his countrymen to be tells us that he decided to end the caste rights, the rights to adapt and duties of citizens to their respective incomes, the process of dividing the population into four classes. This political system, which according to the income of each class (unit of measure: medimni) was awarded certain political rights and responsibilities, is known as timocracy (timokratia). Timocracy meant dividing the population into four classes according to the "medimnoi" produced by one person. Wealth determines the political participation because only Zeugitai Pentakosiomedimnoi and perhaps could opt to "archons" (executive magistrates).

Thus, participation in the Areopagus was limited to them. Only the three upper classes could participate in the army, able to afford the necessary weapons. The Hippeis ("knights") could also afford a horse. The Areopagus or Aristocratic Council in monarchical era was the Privy Council. In monarchical era was called Boule, but changed his name when Solon created the new Boule.

In Solon's time was kept as a prestigious board overseeing the city government, the work of judges, opined on the government and acted as a court for serious crimes and bloodshed. She could not decide, but have tried ecclesia in his favor. It was composed of life by aristocrats, powerful families and the exarcontes As interesting facts about the Greek, is reference to the next; Disputabanse with arms the Athenians and the island of Salamis, Megara, his homeland, until having already shed much blood, began to be a capital offense in Athens Salamina propose the purchase of arms through.