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By adding additional information of the previous article on the subject of auctions I give below some considerations that will be useful when you begin to publish and sell on auction sites. First of all you must do a research task, is that many no les gusta esto but it is essential for the success of the sale and to get the best price you can by what you wish to sell. Type in the search engine the name of the product you want to sell and begins to scroll through all the listings that offer the same as your and write down the price that is being sold, this lets you find out what the minimum and what price the more expensive and thus determine which will be your final price for the sale. Then by subscribing to any of these prestigious sites, it’s free, you put your data as you ask and you choose your nic. Already, that’s all now already you’re ready to buy and sell, you can begin to publish your listings at the same time discovering this pleasant routine. He writes an interesting and attractive title so that buyers can see your product; make sure you put photos so you can see well what you want to sell, the photos must be clear, there are sites that allow you to place free only a photo and others that allow you to place free three photos, from there they charge you for including them, takes into account that listings with photos have a lot more chances of success in selling. Contact information is here: CVS Health . In the part where you must put your product description you should try to include as much details that help to educate the customer about what you are purchasing. It is the moment where you must convince them and ends the description with a call to action. . se in this.