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JSC "Perm-Mechanical suspension spring plant" has extensive industrial facilities to increase production of springs and spring to 1.5 million units per year. Quality, uniqueness and reliability of products of JSC "PPRZ" due to the high level of applied technologies, their "know-how" as well as the use of highly automated lines of the American (Gogan – Holcroft) and in Russia. Modern methods used in the company, helping to create varieties described below, spring products: various parts of complex shapes springing from the tape width from 0.02 to 2.5 mm. spring screw (tension, torsion, compression) of rod diameter 0,3-60 mm locking ring (eccentric and concentric) in diameter 6-300 mm disc springs with an external diameter of 10-350 mm, with spring spacing 600-1550 mm wide spiral for the screws to 25 000 mm; Implementation of industrial casting billets and helps to create products of industrial and technical use of bronze, brass and aluminum of various grades, followed by rough and finish machining processing products according to customer drawings. Galvanic device ensures smooth surface and allow to obtain high precision metal layer (6 to 24 microns) deposited on the piece.

To increase the corrosion sustainability, with the release of the springs, they should be applied to various protective materials: enamel, lacquer, primer, or a polymer powder coating. Such a coating of automobile springs made of electrostatically automated painting complex company ITW GEMA AG (Switzerland). Availability of modern instrumentation and test equipment and application of the developed techniques provide for a full range of tests in the manufacture of springs and the springs. Springs tested geometric dimensions, hardness, and characteristics siladeformatsiya cyclic endurance. Probably the implementation of additional tests detection neispranostey Ultrasound, as well as means of X-ray and radiography. Manufacture of instruments provides SPRING tools, dies and molds are shops (areas) of the main production. Creation of molds and dies is performed by EDM equipment Robofil (Charmilles Technologies, Switzerland) and vertical milling centers of production CBFerrari (Italy). Significant investments in design and technology development department technological help organizations successfully meet the challenges of technical re-equipment, modernization of the technological methods and equipment that are used in the work, creation and launch resource processes. Source: Orders are sent to the factory spring.

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Chinese Parts Chery, Geely and Great wall. Search problem. Once on the Russian market relatively recently, the Chinese car very quickly earned the trust of Russian consumers through low prices with a good set. Chinese cars are usually, by analogy with a variety of models of famous world brands such as Ford, Toyota, Peugeot, have a similar structure to them, yet are much cheaper. Thanks to the Chinese automotive industry as successfully conquering the Russian market.

Domestic customers simply do not want and will not pay extra money for labeling the manufacturer if there is an analogue of standing twice, and then three times cheaper than original parts and not significantly different quality. I will bring a jump in Chinese auto sales of the Russian Federation, the producers do not have time to create the necessary number of stations for repair and the machine. Due to this problem of finding Chinese car parts geely was for our owners of Chinese cars is very topical. Because at this point in the Russian segment of the market there is a shortage of spare parts for Chinese Chinese cars, motorists had to spend very much time and money in search of parts needed to fix broken cars. And as you know, time – money. By using our site you can without additional difficulties to buy the necessary spare part for China's Chery cars and save a lot of time that could be spent more useful and enjoyable way. Find the necessary parts of the plant cherry value.