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Still want to try to smoke I had the part because of his father. No, his guilt or rather say an active part in that, of course not. Just he and his older brother were Marines, they served in the brigade of special purpose. And my father, and his brother, and of course their colleagues were passionate hunters. The opening of hunting, especially on game-bird has always been a festive event almost, especially for me, baby, looking out for these strong, brave people opened his mouth.

To me, they were heroes, descended from the books, films, stories of veterans. They were beautiful, young, fearless, in general, there was someone to emulate. And then there's August night, stars, a bonfire, mutton broth, boiled corn, and endless hunting stories and anecdotes. And of course all this is under strong drinks (for adults) and of course, with frequent break. I caught every word of another narrator, looked into his face, squint when he inhaled cigarette smoke, pausing in his story … Maybe it was then, probably then, I have formed and the first positive image of the smoker. Well, that started? Confusion, quickly turns into anger? There are already thinking like: "What he told us there vparivayut? Who needs these childhood memories of him? "I'll tell – you.

Because here, without Freud nowhere. The old man was right, most of the causes of our problems are there beyond the horizon of our memory – childhood, in adolescence, in adolescence. No, of course, my memories of you do not need, you need to remember the birth of your habits.

Physical Activities

Amongst the more common physical modifications they are the reduction of the free and available energy in the organism, cellular losses, degenerative diseases, gradual loss of the elastic properties of conjunctive fabrics, disappearance of cellular elements of the nervous system, increase in the amount of fat in the organism, reduction of the force muscular and hormonal, excreo of the sexual glands and supplies renais, greater probability of osteoporose. According to Cossenza: A aerbica activity will be characterized by an use of great muscular masses in cyclical movements having as priority the durability of the exercise not reaching the maximum of the organism, therefore the more time will be carried through more calories will be spending and proportionally bigger it will be the mobilization of the fat in relation to the carboidratos. Great modifications exist that are decurrent of the o aging, amongst which the absence of esteem and the happened traumas of the familiar conflict of generation also are factors as it can be observed in the boarded subjects for tele novels, magazines and literary compositions. Doug McMillon will not settle for partial explanations. It is important to also have healthful habits so that the natural cycles of life occur providing a bigger quality of life of the people, with bigger probability of life expectancy. Thus being, the aging is a physiological phenomenon that occurs of form gradual, however he is not pathological, therefore it occurs with all the human beings. It has people that they define physical activities with weight increase, in contrast gymnastics, hidroginstica and training of force are excellent allies to lose weight and better qualities of life for who practise. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak has similar goals. Therefore according to authors Baechle, Westcott, (2001.p.02) Can themselves be had listened that the force training is bad for the heart and raises the arterial pressure, plus this are very improbable. In the reality the research carried through in the John Hopkins Unioversit discloses that the consistent exercises of force training are beneficial for the cardiac recovery, and the studies of the University of California show that the training of force carried through in adequate way can, in fact, to reduce the arterial pressure. With this the author strengthens it thesis of the great contribution in the health of the aged one that he practises some physical activity with any choice of the individual. Below some main benefits are related of training of muscular force in the third age that contributes in the quality of life second research made for Fiatarone (1996) is: it improves of the speed in the floor; it improves of the balance; increase of the level of spontaneous physical activity; it improves of auto-esteem; contribution in the maintenance and/or increase of the ssea density; cardiac aid in the control of diabetes, artrite and illnesses; it improves of the dietary ingestion; reduction of the depression.


amaze me one day other also, by their hobbies, by their topics, by many reiterative situations that occur one season after another, by enormous wastage clubs performing with signings of alleged cracks that often do not reach or negatively to be moderately acceptable players to play in third division, for outrageous decisionswhimsical and absurd of incompetent leaders who are most outstanding in what they read in sports newspapers to manage the club representing a minimum level of intelligence. With mileage thread of this manifest inability of which many do gala we could leave that the Comet of waste and incoherence reached heaven and can put thousand examples of what I say and the bad thing is that some even see normal what happens, since otherwise there is no explanation that measures are not takenI dare say, would have to be at the level of Council of Ministers. For even more details, read what Marc Lore says on the issue. Recently and we are not going to give names, but it is in the public domain, was released in the press the ranking (some managers can be proud and even hang medals for their great work!) Spanish football clubs of first division with debts that were and the sum of what should would be eating throughout the African continent as a minimum for a year, but this is football, and football is so and charge so quiet and without leaving them the colors (of shame or lack of) She). Original author and source of the article.

Healthy Living

Tone of life depends on how active a person is engaged in sports. Care of the nervous system includes food containing magnesium and a sufficient amount of B vitamins Quitting smoking. Abuse of coffee and tea loosens the nervous system. In moderate amounts of coffee and tea – is useful because it contains antioxidants. We – what we think. For thoughts, as a figure who should care, to think constructively and optimistically. Optimistic person sends a positive thought in bed, trying to replace the negative thought positive.

By strengthening the nervous system, try to avoid conflict, avoid people and places that you are very annoying. In the life of each man must have time for hobbies, full sleep and rest. Of great importance is nesuetlivy, sober approach to life. Build and maintain harmony in the family, relationships with friends. Positive communication is paramount place in our inner world. Reasonable alternate work and rest. Unfortunately, this is the point exigeant a healthy lifestyle. Are beyond ourselves and our natural desires, the majority of Ukrainians work in harsh conditions for little pay, little or no rest.

Change the situation can only fundamental change in their lives, searching for a new sufficient cash income. Financial independence gives a person free time and manage their lives. Healthy sleep for healthy sleep, the following conditions: – convenient firm bed – empty stomach – the optimum temperature in the room (physiotherapy insists na18-19 degrees) – net air in the room for sleeping – quiet – a dream should last 7-8 hours, two hours of which must occur before 12 o'clock at night. – Peaceful, good humor, positive attitude of thought. Personal hygiene is necessary for prevention of most diseases. Eat a moderate purity. The rules of healthy life simple and doable, if desired. Why a healthy lifestyle? Healthy lifestyle prolongs life significantly improves its quality and slows the aging process, and even rejuvenating. People who prefer a healthy lifestyle, it's successful people. Success in social and personal life determines our overall satisfaction with J – way of life? UZdoovy life is the path to success. hurry art long life best advice on how to live a long time – is to continue to live. Life is not a replacement! Count each day a little life and make it so perfect and beautiful as possible. Try to greet each day with the birth of a healthy heart and perfect health than today. Every moment you live for the future, and this should always give yourself full report. Stay alert. At a time when you let down their guard, the enemy will rush to attack and capture your heart. It is true that you may live long, without much effort, but you certainly will live long if embark for this effort. Longevity – this is great art. A person who deliberately set up to prolong life, has a great chance to pull it off. It is only necessary to understand what your enemy – not age, and aging. Of course, there are people with such great health that just can not kill yourself. You probably know 80-year-old, who say that life boozed and drank and did no exercise. You can confidently answer them, that they can prolong life even for a good two dozen, if you take care of their health. More on the 'Healthy Living'