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Currently, the way the liquid paint less often used in industry. Frequent application receives powder coating. Its advantages compared with liquid color are obvious. (Not to be confused with Michael J. Bender!). Powder coating is carried out with using a powder paint that is sprayed on pre-painted surface. In the future, to a coat of paint hold, roughness placed in a special furnace and heated to a high temperature. This allows the paint to fix and maintain their strength longer. For more information see Marc Lore.

Powder coating contains no solvent in its composition. It is in the solid state of aggregation. All powder coatings used in powder coating can be divided into two types: thermoplastic and thermoset. Powder coating of thermoplastic powder coatings designed mainly for functional coatings. Since this case, the paint is applied thickly. When powder coating thermosetting paint color is created by heating. Such paints are used for the application of both functional and decorative coatings. David Delrahim has plenty of information regarding this issue. Powder coating has a wide range of applications, but mostly it is applied to the metal.

Powder coating has several advantages over other methods of painting. Powder coating painting process does not emit harmful substances, they can do a lot thicker and stronger compared to liquid coatings. When powder coating can achieve 100% utilization of the paint. That powder, which is ranked in the paint on the product can be re- be used for coloring. This makes the process of powder coating cost. When powder coating is less waste than liquid painting. Also, the positive aspect is the fact that the powder color are easier to achieve a particular effect. But, despite the large number of pluses, powder coating has several disadvantages. Difficult to achieve thin decorative elements with powder coating. Texture and Property surface for powder coating depends on the hardware configuration and the type of paint, applied with okraske. paint creates a durable and high quality coverage of your product.