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Vetel marked the best lap in one minute, 24 seconds, and 10 thousandths. JaimeAlgersuari won the fourteenth Chrono. German Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), leading leading the world of Formula one, was the fastest on Friday, in the second training for the Grand Prize of Italy, which takes place this weekend at the Monza circuit, in which the Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) was fifth. Vettel scored, in the best of the 27 laps that gave to the circuit, 5.793 m, a time of one minute, 24 seconds and ten-thousandths, 36 less than English Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), who managed the second best time of a session in which Alonso, who turned 31 times, marked the fifth time, to 423 thousandths of the German pilot. The Mexican Sergio Perez Czech (Sauber) managed the eighth time of one minute, 25 seconds and 97 thousandths, while Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) marked the fourteenth Chrono. Barcelona’s pilot turned in 1: 25. 758. The Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado (Williams) coated, to the best of its forty turns, the circuit in a time of one minute, 26 seconds and 353 thousandths. Source of the news: Vettel, the best second Monza and Alonso free training, fifth

Eighth Champions League

They were imposed to the Renovalia Ciudad Real in the final by 27-24. Goalkeeper Daniel Saric partidazo was decisive for the cule triumph. Barca recovers so the highest continental title after six years. The Barcelona Borges has achieved its eighth title of Champions League to overcome the Renovalia Ciudad Real by 27-24, after an extraordinary meeting of both teams and that the performance of Daniel Saric, the Bosnian goal of the Catalan team, with 22 stops, had been decisive. Without a doubt the two best teams of the world handball, that have thrilled have been confronted to the nearly 19,000 spectators that filled the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, which barely a thousand were Spanish, but who has seen one of the best finals in history.

Barcelona Borges so retrieves the highest continental title after six years and precisely against the same opponent to then and that has been the great Dominator of the Champions League with three titles and two finals in the last six seasons, but that has been completely superseded by a team demolition. The powerful Catalan dnsa has been the key to the meeting in the first half, with impressive Saric embraced by three towers Barca, Sorhaindo, Nagy and Jernemyr, which has neutralised all attacks of the manchego team. The shock has been totally balanced in the first twenty minutes (10-10) and equality has been broken with a goal from Jesper Noddesbo, with eight goals the best player for his team, and with another own Saric, from goal to goal, surprising Jose Javier Hombrados and that left the score at 12-10 (m.24). It was a hard blow for the Royal City, that went down with two new so many that gave a clear advantage to the Catalans to rest (14-10) once Daniel Saric stop the second maximum penalty to an offset Kiril Lazarov. Raul Entrerrios more opened the gap at the start of the second half (15-10), but the men of Djushebaev responded by Alberto Entrerrios, although the Catalan dnsa not ceded and Rutenka placed the maximum advantage in the electronic (19-12, m.39).

Leonardo DiCaprio

It has come to Australia to start a shoot that will last four months. Construed to Jay Gatsby, the protagonist of the story. This will be the fifth film in Scott Fitzgerald’s novel adaptation. The American actor Leonardo DiCaprio arrived Monday in Australia to shoot his next film, the remake of the adaptation of the novel by Scott Fitzgerald, the Great Gatsby. DiCaprio landed at Sydney Airport followed by his dressed Entourage of security guards with a sports Sweatshirt covered with hood and a baseball cap, to which were added some sunglasses and beard for several days. The Hollywood star ignored questions from the local press that awaiting its arrival while he is distracted by sending messages to your mobile phone.

The actor, 36 years old, remains in Australian land the next four months shooting the Great Gatsby, where will interpret the main role embodied to Jay Gatsby, a young millionaire of dubious reputation. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel takes place in the New York of the 1920s to portray American high society of the time. This will be the fifth time that adapts the Fitzgerald book for the cinema or television. DiCaprio has been nominated on several occasions to the Oscar without a win none, and he has shot with some of the most celebrated directors of the seventh art. Source of the news: DiCaprio, ready to shoot the remake of the Great Gatsby