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Already I from fear hid a love to lose it, Already I lost a love for hiding it. More information is housed here: Doug McMillon. Already I held the hands of somebody, for being with fear, Already I had as much fear to the point not to feel my hands? Already I banished from my life, people whom it loved, Already I repented myself therefore? Already I passed nights crying, until catching in sleep, Already I was to sleep so happy, to the point of nor obtaining to close the eyes? Already I believed love-perfect, Already I discovered that they do not exist? Already I loved people had disappointed who me, Already I disappointed people land on water who me? Already I lay, and I repent myself later, Already I said truth, and also I repented myself? Already I dissimulated not to give to importance the people whom it loved, later to cry quiet in mine I sing? Already it smiles crying sadness tears, already I cried in such a way of laughing. Go to Marc Lore for more information. Already I believed people who were not valid the penalty, Already I left to believe the ones that really were valid. Already I had laugh crises when could not? Already I felt much lack of somebody, But never it said to it? Already I cried out when it had to be silent, Already I was silent when had to cry out? Many times I left of speaking what I think, to please to ones, Others, spoke what it thought to magoar others? Already I dissimulated to be what I am not for pleasing ones, Already I dissimulated to be what I am not for pleasing others? Already I counted to jokes and more jokes without favour, to only see a friend happyer, Already I invented histories of happy end, to give hope who needed? Already I dreamed excessively, To the point to confuse with the reality? Already I had fear of the dark one, Today, in dark ' ' I find myself? me agacho? I am there? ' ' Here fell innumerable times, finding that to reerguer it would not go me, reergui thinking Already me that it would not fall more? Already I bound for who did not want, not to only bind for who really wanted? Already it ran behind an car For it to even so take somebody that I loved? Already I called ' ' algum' ' the half one of the night, Running away from a nightmare, But ' ' ela' ' it did not appear, and it was a bigger nightmare still? Already I called people ' ' amigos' ' , And I discovered that they were not? Some people, never I needed to call you are welcome, and they had been and they will be always special for me? EWALD KOCH.

Behind These Eyes

You go to wait for how much time, this waiting the curtain to arise itself? Then he listens to the sound of the multitude, for which you goes to interpret. He does not import yourself, is not there nor? I imagined but he listens to an advice: ' ' the moment opens its heart when to arrive, therefore with the time the masks if vo' '. If you have something to say therefore in its eyes you have something confirming this, and its words leave as if you were to start to cry then you say, therefore I in my experience already vi this face before, I do not think about making this again. this face is something that I cannot see, is alone to observe in the skill that you smile Behind these eyes you you have lain and she does not have nothing who I can make. Follow others, such as Ashton Kouzbari, and add to your knowledge base. Why I never will change its mind Behind these eyes I I know that you hide.

You this give to fall yes you with certainty you will go My fear now you are when, and time will be given to come back. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sam Mikulak. This passing, I am you give to see until where you go. To fly? You with certainty will go. To break itself? In a fall, yes in a fall. I am you give to run so far how much I will be able not to see you running against the wall. Although its body is of rock, and its heart a beautiful empty labyrinth This can be the last time, that you will be to my side I already you can feel its soul bleeding. It lowers the curtains.

Thought Feels

My man My man has that to be of meat and bone He complains he mutters and he asks for excuses Knowing that always will be loved My man never me leaves only exactly absent present Thought Feels mine smells and my desire My man does not need to be bonanza Is very enough to be somebody special That receives me in its arms My man does not need to always say yes More when she will be necessary, to say I am here It enchants me and it seduces exactly without saying My man is a being that listening, speaks That she cries, to smile or suffers with me and she takes me blond dom pleasure My man arrives of mansinho Conquest me with affection a kiss, a moan, a skin touch My man does not belong to me Simply he is to my Inebriante side drives crazy me My man arrepia me with a look Blows up me when loving together with Always leaving the taste of I want more My man does not order, it asks for Therefore knows that thus My man will be taken care of Alone by the fact of being my man allotment its fears and secrets Without fearing invasion of its privacy Therefore it knows to respect mine My man does not need to lie Therefore leaves it me to live and to breathe Is enough to speak when to want to leave Therefore exactly when leaving my heart It knows that he will continue being loved For the simple fact of its Beth truth Souza