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It is possible I dreamed that the possibility was given to me of is with God and, to be able thus, to have a colloquy the two, being able to know d? It, who flavor Its History walks giving to It, and if what he determined was relieving the waited satisfaction. We talk e, suddenly, a pause called me attention: in Its silence and distant look, I could understand that It also was not happy. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Interactive Advertising Bureau and gain more knowledge.. Not for having bred the man, but for the writing of determined points that Its penalty traced. First for having placed, in the Garden, the forbidden fruit (gn 3:3); later, for not having if become attached of it offers of Caim as if it became attached of the one of Abel; for having placed in a barren womb, as of Raquel (gn 25:21), the two lives, determining that oldest it would serve to new, and that they would be two nations, where one would be determined to be successful to another one (gn 25:22 e23), exactly when not yet had made nothing of good or badly (Rm 9:11); for having more loved the Jac that the Esa (Rm 9:13); It seemed to lament for, in the conquest of Cana, to have hard heart of as many kings, to fight against Israel (Js 11:20). At Samuel “Sam” Mikulak you will find additional information. I could also perceive that it was not contented for having raised the Nabucodonossor tyrant, as Its servant (Jr 25:9; 27:6) and to have commanded to advance it without mercy (Is 13:16,18; Ez 9:5,6; 21: 8,9,22). At some moments, for Its expression, I found that It would like to have traced Its penalty for other tracks the History of the men, since made them to Its image and similarity. That it would like to have loved plus Its creatures whom the prophecies (TM 26:53 – 56); it seemed to also lament for not having given to the man a new heart e, thus, saved the Son of the crucificao. Finally, Its air of reflection, it seemed to promise not to deviate plus Its look (Is 1:15), to join the five, before separate ones in three and two (Lc 12:52,53) and even though to receive excluded of the book of Life (AP the 13:8; 17:8 20:15).

Light and Happiness

Silveira de Moraes I wanted to be a flower it its garden to inhabit a fruit its orchard to award One jacarand for shade to shelter you a butterfly to put in its flowers a kiss-flower to suck the nectar of its plants the oxygen that of the life in abundance the coolness of the morning and for of the sun of the sunny afternoons moonlight and the mantle of stars that decorate the night I wanted to be the water that you kill the headquarters and you bathe with pleasure You want to be you call the candle that it shines in its altar the words of sincere love that the patience and the tolerance sprout of its soul that calms the palms that it beats e, for the art with joy applauds the innocent kiss that of the one in to all I hug It people in the sadness hours and affliction the charity that touches its heart the conjunct that add values of faith and hope the music that makes to enternecer of commotion and the dance that puts into motion and baila the emotion Wanted to be one passarinho that it sings glad in its window the ray of the sun that it beats in its face in a wakening the life that beats in its body the holy ghost Everything I wanted to be to see you happy To help to surpass all vicissitudes of the life and to leave victorious person in all lesson and chore Wants to be able to always bring joy and color its life to see to shine of emotion its eyes and wanted to be the tear that rolls of gratitude and also the one that rolls in the hour of the pardon Wanted to be the acceptance of the different one To take off all enigma of the preconception half Wanted to be the existencial satisfaction To be the start and end For a new to recommence in the cycle of the life Wanted to be the love that everything can and knows That one that the blanket inside brings wisdom of the chest quentinho inthe winter of its stream bed the sigh and the smile to bailar in its lips the noble dream purest and that can exist the valuation of the life in all the directions Wanted to be a drop in the ocean of the life to only see peace reigning in its home a magician and invention of the most beautiful castle Where it can make dwelling its soul and go of meeting to the God, Father of its heart Wanted to dry its tired face after the drudgery and to give mine shoulder so that it can rest For recommencing a new day tomorrow Wants to be its brother in God Therefore thus our destination will always be as It desires Is what he forever desires for all we and all the centuries, infinitely Deep peace you who had patience to read and to repass This message of extremity to want well that trusts God in action That is everything that is much more. Therefore he conducts the life and he loves in them and guard Is enough to open the heart and to trust.

Louis Chamboulin

It squares it of recreation for a children was narrow and badly been even; the boards of the galleries were tired, thus it was more easy to break the leg of what there to take a walk in the shade. To all, the situation was not very favorable for a formation house, disciplines to keep it, to take care of of the health, etc ' ' 1.4 – The presence of the Marista Congregation the Marista Congregation appeared in France, in 1817, after French revolution, being established for the Foot. Marcelino Champagnat. In Belm? Par, the maristas receive an invitation from Dom Francisco of Mayan Rego, that enters in contact with the General Superior, To go. Thephane Durand, requesting religious to assume the installations of the Old Carmelite Convent, meeting this in decay, since the ticket of the Congregation of the Espirito Santo, that had directed the Lesser Seminary of the Carmo up to 1897. The General Superior, then, asks for Ir. Librio so that I will choose the religious ones that they will go to work in Par, this nominates as head of the expedition Ir.

Louis Chamboulin together with the Brothers Ludovico Jallat, Augustus Robert and Pablo Oddes, leaving of France in 18 of March of 1903. The impressions with regard to the building of the Old Carmelite Convent had been the following one: ' ' The maristas brothers had been disappointed when seeing completely abandoned it. They had had an arduous work to place everything in functioning conditions. For surprise of the brothers, who badly had learned the language Portuguese, was announced in the periodical of the city, that the opening of the College would be in the first days of May of 1903.' ' As the group of maristas arrives the Belm in 21 of June, third, in September and the room in 09 of October, having until the end of 1903 forty religious ones.