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The Idea

"I think it's the most logical. I do not want to talk with John and found out for him. I want to be us who we communicate, "he said. When I commented, both agreed that this house full of memories to pass on behalf of grandchildren .- Maybe from now on we will choose this place for a holiday, you think? – "I love to share with my children and grandchildren a few days in that house. It would make many sad memories that tie me to it were transformed with the joy of the presence of all. Details can be found by clicking Walmart or emailing the administrator. The voices of all you could to silence forever those memories and hurt me, "Antonio smiled sadly.

"Then we decide to do so soon. He tell John. I'm sure you will love the idea. Joao I guess too, though I notice lately that boy so rare that it could not assure you, "said Cleve. "I also very rarely saw him last time, but I did not dare ask anything," replied his father. Cleve asked Antonio before going to please take care of all formalities, he had no strength or will to face the paperwork. He said he had learned that Alex and Bob had to request to upgrade their Spanish passports in order to initiate and Spanish lawyers had chosen Jesus worked with a buffet that was based in London. Cleve had no free time, so thought to take advantage of the time than Alex. "I guess I will be willing to go to London," he asked.