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Risk Premium

the Senate must ratify, lets raise the nation’s debt ceiling before the limit on August 2 in order to avoid the suspension of payments. The proposal includes a plan of reducing the American deficit of at least 2.1 trillion dollars in the next decade, exclusively through cuts in public spending. For rent 4 Nuria Alvarez banking expert, this fall in the index of ISM (national index that measures the activity of services in EE UU) is the key of the escalation of the risk premium, since, he explains, could indicate that the first economy in the world is about to enter again in recession, with the fall in private consumption that entails and cto contagion that it would produce in the economies of the rest of the world. Thus, performance that has to offer the Spanish 10-year bond to make investors buy it instead of the German went up to 6,440%, compared to 6,293% opening, unlike the German, which fell to 2,420% from the 2,460 prior %, according to data from the secondary market. Ecommerce will not settle for partial explanations. The volatility of the risk premium has been noted since the start of the week, with the negotiated agreement in extremis between Republicans and Democrats over the U.S. debt ceiling. Thus, the Spanish stock exchange closed the session on Monday with a loss of 3.24 per cent, the worst fall in 13 months and the risk premium stood at 376,4 points, a new record since the creation of the euro. The current economic situation has disrupted holiday plans of the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, which has delayed Tuesday its output to Donana, where it intends to spend a few days on vacation, to more closely follow the latest economic indicators data from the Palacio de la Moncloa. Some contend that olympics shows great expertise in this.

Peripheral countries in the rest of the countries on the periphery of the eurozone, Greece saw its risk premium rise again until 1232 basics after falling at the opening, just like Ireland, which stood by its part in 847 compared 813 points of first hour. Portugal also bodice its differential with Germany, until the 859 basis points, after opening in 846, while Italy was the risk premium on 379 points, above the 353 points in the opening. The market volatility could affect, according to analysts, the auction of bonds to three years which is planning to celebrate the Spanish treasure on August 4, with which it hopes to raise between 2,500 and 3,500 million euros. Low in the IBEX-35 main indicator of the Spanish stock market, the IBEX-35, fell 0.53% at midday (9.15 presented one even greater, 1.03% fall), and retreated to 9.269,90 units, with what their annual losses stood at 6.35%. The rest of major stock exchanges of the market did not agree, since Milan chose sales fell 0.56%, and Frankfurt also ceded, 0.52%, while London repeated price and Paris climbed 0.03%. Source of the news: new record of the risk premium on Spanish, which It has surpassed 400 points

Parliament Educational

The Balearic Government presented Tuesday its appeal against the car of the TSJC. Unions and parents convene concentrations on September 12. The TSJC said that car yea affects educational immersion model. Platform Som Escola, which groups all trade unions and associations of parents, has summoned concentrations before all the Catalan city councils the next September 12, first day of the school year, against the car of the TSJC which obliges to include Spanish as a vehicular language in education. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NBA on most websites. The entity, involving also civic organizations and platforms for the Catalan language, has appealed to citizens to attend these concentrations in the catalan educational model dnsa. The President of Omnium Cultural, Muriel Casals, has called to all citizens, in the presentation of the call, to concentrate to express his support for the educational model that is running, allows that there are no exclusions and makes it possible that there is equality of opportunities for all our young people.

Casals also has dndido the legitimacy of the Parliament to decide the educational model: the highest authority in our country is the Parliament of Catalonia; There is no other authorities that may come in to tell us how you have to teach. Are we that we decided how we want to what is taught and wish to reaffirm us in this will. Muriel has opposed democratic legitimacy, the will of the people of Catalonia expressed in our Parliament and endorsed by the good performance of the model to the legalistic formulations. SOM Escola has also urged all the municipalities of Catalonia to approve a motion in favour of the model of linguistic immersion in catalan and announced the placement of a banner with the motto a language, a school, a country in all the Catalan schools from the beginning of course. Families against the current model on the other hand, the spokesman for families who have resorted to the Court top of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) catalan school pattern, Francisco Caja, he has said that despite the Auto Court, the Generalitat, the Camano Minister and President of the TSJC insist that Castilian follow being excluded in Catalonia.

European Championship

Alex Herrera 20 m Pau and Navarro returned to lead with 20 and 17 points, respectively (73-89). Felipe Reyes, Rudy and Calderon gave good image in the 2nd match of Spain. So we tell the match minute by minute. Special Eurobasket Lithuania 2011 Results, classification and calendar. Second stake for Spain in the European Championship of Lithuania and second consecutive triumph, this time against Portugal (73-89), in a meeting that places end clashes before the two rivals of less quality of Group A. The clash on Friday against Britain will mean the first serious test (14.15 hours), within an order, and that the appearance of the other important men, beyond of the three stars (Pau, Marc and Navarro), should now be a fact. There was news of the missing persons and good ways to Felipe Reyes, Rudy Fernandez after your allergic process on Wednesday and Jose Manuel Calderon.

First, the brash and contribution; the second, in the intensity; and third, in the direction. Calderon is key for a team that needs a dominant base of command, and especially points (achieved 7). Scariolo ripped with their elected five and repeated the plan lived before Poland: balls to post low so that the Gasol from exercising his power. That superiority appeared the early advantages, helped in part by the success of Navarro. I.e.

same schema as in the first encounter and same results. In addition, Ibaka and Rudy knew slow Portugal push led by Tavares and Evora, although not enough to unsettle the red in the first quarter (16-26). The script remained after the first break and Spain continued without finding too many troubles to punish rival marker, thanks to that the percentage in the shooting of 3, lousy against the Poles, was around 50% (at the end was 30) and the fluidity of Pau was constant, with a trickle of points difficult to avoid (raised to 16 to rest).

President Conscientious

Conscientious objection regarding conscientious objection, the doctors bet because it legally, adjust so that who opposes any practice like feeding a prisoner on hunger strike or to carry out an abortion, doesn’t have to become a hero. Recognition of conscientious objection of the doctor is an essential budget to ensure the freedom and independence of their professional practice, reads the articles, where adds that a collective or institutional conscientious objection is not admissible. Randall Rothenberg addresses the importance of the matter here. Medical ethics confirms, once again, the obligation of the Galen’s gender life from conception to death, and he warns, those who oppose abortion, that does not relieve them of the duty to inform patients. Specifically, on social benefits to which eligible, follow with pregnancy, and on somatic and psychic risks that may reasonably arise from its decision. It is not according to medical ethics deny, hide or manipulate information to influence the decision of the mother on the continuity of your pregnancy, noted in the section on human reproduction. It also hosts other points such as the ban on creating embryos for experimentation or fertilize more eggs than those who intended to implant, avoiding surplus embryos, or promote artificial procreation in women who have reached menopause naturally and, in any case, after age 55.

Prenatal testing, according to medical ethics, must be undertaken for preventive, diagnostic, or therapeutic purposes, being amoral perform them for eugenic purposes. Sports doping also premiered in this code, to consider that it is not deontologically acceptable that medical fraudulently to contribute to the improvement of the performance of the athlete. In addition, the optional who are aware of practices of this kind by a colleague may not give never acceptable by such conduct and shall be obliged to report it to the competent authority and his school. New ethical doctors guide has been qualified by the President of the WTO as being plural and committed than the previous and, indeed, has counted with the collaboration of thirty of collegiate organizations and has obtained the consensus of 225,000 optional in all Spain. Source of the news: the new code of ethics of physicians insists on under life but admits the sedation.

FC Barcelona

Barca footballer has starred in a campaign for the Italian network Sky. In this one, Pique is a monk dressed in tunic blaugrana that converts to an elderly woman in a balloon artist. Footballer of FC Barcelona, Gerard Pique, is the star of the new campaign of the Italian network Sky, which promotes its new sports offer in the face of the 2011/12 season. In the announcement, Pique appears dressed with a monk robe, but with a special particularity: this has colors blaugrana from his current club, FC Barcelona, in a clear nod to this computer. The story is situated in a square in which are gathered a number of people, most of them elderly, with the Spanish central collecting water from a fountain. After this, the player achieves a miracle: after giving drinking water to an elderly woman, this is transformed into an artist of the balloon, making all kinds of flourishes with the ball, to the amazement of own Pique. Just after seeing the achievements of women, the rest leap on the blaugrana monk to drink from that same water. With this new announcement, Pique is confirmed as one of the players star in the commercial aspect, since there are several companies and brands that have required Catalan footballer for their advertising campaigns, and all these various types, such as textiles or power. An advertising facet that has grown from the champion of the world with Spain to keep a relationship with the singer Shakira, which meant to appear much more in the media by his personal life. Source of the news: Gerard Pique, monk blaugrana in a television advertisement