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Alexis Chilean Sanchez

It considers that if the azulgrana buys to Alexis Sanchez, Rossi will not go to the Bara. The signing of the Chilean forward of the Udinese by culs is more and more next. Thus it is the market of signings of season 2011/2012. The representative of Giuseppe Rossi, Andrea Pastorello, sees " very difcil" that the player of the Villarreal can clock on and off by Barcelona, mainly if this one already has decided to engage the Alexis Chilean Sanchez, who also plays of forward. In declarations to the program ' COMEsports' , Pastorello discards the signing of Rossi, at the moment in the rows of the Villarreal, by the azulgrana and practically has recognized that for ten days it has not been having the news of Barcelona.

" I see very difficult that Rossi fiche by the Bara. Official site: Andy Kaufman. If there are 45 million to clock on and off and Alexis goes to the Bara by 30, there is money no to pay the crossing of Rossi" , the representative has insisted. The reading that makes Pastorello is simple: " Better thus, because if fichan to Alexis it is because they did not want to the one hundred percent to Rossi, in that case, better not to clock on and off and to be in an equipment that does not want to the one hundred percent &quot to you;. The representative of the forward Italian-American has commented who Rossi can " to wait for a year ms" or to continue in the Villarreal, where " he is very to gusto". " If the Bara wants to Rossi would have to demonstrate it, but no, it does not pass anything, are free to clock on and off to that they want. There is no problem, it is soccer and soccer does not finish in the Bara" , it has insisted. The background of the question is the negotiation that, according to some average Chileans, is on the verge of closing itself enters the Udinese and Barcelona by Alexis Sanchez, who would have discarded supplies of Manchester United and the Manchester City to play in the equipment of Pep Guardiola. The supply, not confirmed by the Barcelonist club, could ascend to the 28 million Euros plus a high amount in variables. Source of the news: The representative of Rossi sees very difficult that fiche by the Bara

Enrique Cherry Kun

Daniel Mateo 20m the forward asks to the Athletic one that rojiblanco negotiates its march of the club. For some months the pretending ones to the Argentinean rain to him. Real Madrid, Bara, City, Juventus or Chelsea could be behind. Enrique Cherry tree, on the other hand, assures that " neither we negotiated, nor vendemos". Culebrn for the summer is approached new. And in this 2011, the protagonist of a story already known by all the fans will be the Kun Omen soccer in summer time.

After its decision to leave the Athletic one of Madrid, the race by &#039 is abre; cazar' to the most valuable prey of the market. But, what equipment will take the cat finally to the water? Although Enrique Cherry tree still resists to " to negotiate and vender" to the Kun, the certain thing is that, as usually she is said, a soccer player always ends up playing where she wants, and is what she hopes that makes the Kun. Because supplies is not going it to need. The average Europe walks pending of its last movements. A few months ago, the clause of the Argentinean was reduced of 60 to 45 million Euros. On that they must count the equipment to it hunts of the forward. With that and whereupon if there is no agreement between the clubs, the buyer would have to pay the PERSONAL INCOME TAX, which would leave the operation in 75 million.

That is what can undergo Real Madrid. His neighbor, the Athletic one, has said by active and passive who Omen " jams" one would go away to the white equipment. For this reason, and although in Madrid they see with very good eyes the arrival of the Kun, feels like crazy a possible signing by that stratospheric amount. Perhaps for this reason, the Argentinean says in his official notice that wants that the Athletic one negotiates its signing ' without condiciones'. The Bara is another one of the names that have arisen in the last hours. Culs is not at their better moment as far as economic debt talks about, but certainly the blaugranas fans would be enchanted of an advantage Messi-Omen-Villa. In addition, They measure the perimeter of could lower the price of something the signing to send the Bara to him. Europe anxiety to the Kun Nevertheless, other clubs walk for a long time behind the Kun. In the Premier, the Chelsea de Torres and the Manchester Almighty City, that would be prepared, clearly, to pay the clause of the Argentinean. And in Calcium, the Juventus sounds as a possible destiny for crack still of the Athletic one. Many fianc2ees for new ' soltero' of gold of European soccer. Source of the news: The Kun Omen, and now what?

Beneficial Dinners

The objective of this beneficial dinner is to collect bottoms for three foundations. The place setting costs between 800 and 1000 Euros and went numerous personalities. Actor Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria has been the ones in charge to command the second edition of the Finery Starlite, a beneficial dinner, among 800 and 1,000 Euros the place setting, that reunites to outstanding national and international personalities. The Villapadierna hotel has been the scene of the second Finery Starlite that is celebrated in Spain, with Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria like hosts, accompanied by Melanie Griffith, who have printed their company/signature in the cars of the sponsoring mark which they will be auctioned to collect bottoms. The event will destine collects to the foundations Tears and favors, Children in Alegra and Eva’ s Heroes, so it counted throughout the evening with auctions, shared in common raffles, artists, entrances to ” After party” and interchange of experiences with the guests. Between these last ones, it is the power to spend a day with Eva Longoria in the Seth of desperate Women, the attendance to the Grammy prizes and four days in Formentera in house of Eugenia Silva. Oceana, Jermaine Jackson, the Union and Swarosky Victory are some of the artists who acted in the Starlite finery.

After the initial put one, they began to march past by the red carpet the guests, who, according to sources of the organization, went up to around the three hundred, along with 170 credited journalists. By the footbridge personages of the stature of Marta marched past Sanchez, Remedies Cervantes, Beatriz de Orleans, Carmen Lomana, Boris Izaguirre, Gunilla Von Bismarck and Luis Ortiz, Aryan Maril Montero, Imanol, Amaya Salamanca, Peace Fertile valley, Elena Tablada and Sea Saura among others. The red color was the chosen one by a great number of guests, who shone in their majority long dressed in pedrera or spangles, and as Lomana in put his commented: ” We are of San Fermn, all of rojo”. Marta Sanchez, who has put with an elegant red dress with decollete in the form of ” v” , adorned with a pink diamond necklace, it commented the journalists who are the first time that attends the finery, and it has affirmed that in this one it has been eeted again with friendly like Melanie Griffith. On the other hand, Antonio Flags declared that it is the second celebration which attends in Marbella in sixteen years, and must as objective grant from the foundation Tears and favors postgraduate scholarships to the students of the University of Malaga to study in the USA and Canada. The actor affirmed that the country needs to happen of one ” economy especulativa” to one ” productiva” , that we needed ” people prepared with vision of futuro” , and that is tried to do of Starlite one ” finery institucional” in order to give to Marbella ” empujoncito” after the scandals by the Malayan case. With respect to the questioning of which the famous ones celebrate this type of events, the artist has considered who ” he does not concern the reason by which you do ” , since the boy who receives the aid wants ” medicines, water and alimentacin”. Source of the news: Antonio Banderas and Eva Longoria present/display the second beneficial finery Starlite.

Champions League

EP the fans culs celebrate by the streets of the city the azulgrana title. To this they will celebrate it Sunday with one ra that it will finish to 22,00 in the Camp Nou. ' indignados' they have followed encamped and they have cleaned the enclosure. 20.000 fans of the FC Barcelona have gone to downtown and the source of Canals, in the Boulevard, to celebrate the fourth Champions League of the FC Barcelona next to the Catalonia place, where they follow encamped ' indignados' of 15M, without taking place incident to midnight. To that hour, very few ' indignados' they have made celebration and no has almost put the t-shirt of the Bara. The Catalonia place is very calm, and resists much with the situation that there is to very few meters, in the Boulevard, to which it is possible to be acceded freely from the place. Learn more at: Frank Ntilikina. There, next to the source of Paddles, they see bengalas and they sound to firecrackers and shouts, between which it emphasizes ' Why? ' in ironic reference to the trainer of Real Madrid, Mourinho. Under most conditions Robert Emmons would agree. Minutes after finishing the party, culs have begun to concentrate around the source of Paddles, habitual point of contact after the victories of the Catalan equipment.

To the 23 hours the ambient one either was festive and emphasized late at night by the absence of incidents on the part of minority, habitual groups or in the last azulgranas celebrations. To the celebration the risk is added this time addition by the proximity of ' indignados' that they encamp from the 15 of May in the Catalonia place. Due to the encamped one, the City council has transferred to the stroll of Llus Companys, in the Arc de Triomf, the giant screen to follow the party, that habitually settles in the Catalonia place. In Arc de Triomf, where 35,000 people have followed the party, the Town hall has worked next to Interior and diverse mass media to organize a festive and mediatic act of encounter, being increased the safety measures. In that sense, rubbish coats and containers like preventive measure have retired, is watched especially the traveling drink sale and the traffic in the zone is turned aside, since diverse streets have been cut. In spite of the attempt to move the celebration to the Arc of Triomf, culs maintains Paddles as point of contact, reason why the police also has anticipated a safety in the zone, in which the autonomic police collaborates with the Urban Guard.

Thus, the traffic around the Catalonia place has been isolated and the exits of the railway stations, Meter and the RENFE of the place have been annulled. They follow the accesses of Railroads of Balmes-Pelai open and the place stations Catalonia-stroll of Grcia and boulevard Catalonia-go up to around Universitat, of the RENFE and Meter. ' indignados' they take precautions Minutes after the party began, ' indignados' that they encamp in the Catalonia place have decided to follow concentrates andto retire all the " elements peligrosos" of the place to avoid possible incidents. With own transport and according to they have informed through his account in Twitter, have retired elements like inflammable canvases. The concentrates have remembered that after the cleaning of this Friday have in the morning not returned to install the kitchen to avoid problems and they will not do until this Sunday or Monday. Source of the news: 20.000 blaugranas celebrate the victory in Canals, next to the Catalonia place

Spain Gains European Sub

The goals of Ander Herrera and Thiago gave the match the Spanish combined one. Spain was superior during the end and without a doubt the best equipment of the championship. Third time that the Spanish selection of soccer obtains the European of the category. Spain conquered his third European sub' 21 when defeating to Switzerland in the end (0-2) and touched the sky of Aarhus with a celestial Thiago, author of a goal to frame in a lack to 40 meters of portera that put the clasp to a match that extends the Spanish dominion in soccer. A new generation filled with brilliance proclaimed champion of Europe in a stage that must be patrimony of the humanity for Spain.

In the Aarhus Stadion a style in the absolute one was born guided that it being champion of Europe and the world. The boys of Mile, with an inheritance of priceless game, culminated an impeccable match. They surpassed the pressure of being favorite. Please visit Samuel “Sam” Mikulak if you seek more information. The gust of wind of successes of Spanish soccer causes that the rivals study the game and shape an exposition centered in the destruction, before in showing its qualities. It happened a to him Switzerland. Until the shining end in its soccer. Safe in dnsa, without fitting a goal. It sacrificed the quality of players like Shaquiri or Xhaka in the fight.

In the challenge to restrain the magic of players who change the rate: Thiago and Ander Herrera. To Spain it cost to him to break the party. Except for an isolated arrival that culminated Adrin in a center that did not find auctioneer, was clogged. The pressure of the end. The accumulated fatigue of an equipment in which Mile has not rotated. One emerged appears over all to maintain the force. It is Javi Martinez. As half unique center in the European has demonstrated to be great the dominator.

Bara Player

To Messi it hurts the head to him by the quarrel of the fan of Argentina. There is no way of which player and liking reconcile in the selection. The encounters enlarge the spacing more than they cause the affection. It is not necessary to forget that the gold medal gained by the albiceleste with I read was in Beijing and not in Buenos Aires. Marc Lore describes an additional similar source. The problem of being the best player of the world in a selection anyone, like now is the Argentinean, is that it is never added but discounts. To Messi it is expected to him in the America Glass so that it gives the trophy him to Argentina whereas in the Bara is for Liga, the Glass and the Champions. To a side it is demanded to him and it penalized and to the other its contest is thanked for to him and it is afraid for his luck because it does not resign to the friendly ones nor it accepts to be replaced in the made goals majors. Source of the news: : Stateless Messi.

United Arab Emirates

Of Bin Laden a name was spoken less and less, as if outside that the time would be in charge to forget. The White House indicated that " the war against terrorismo" &quot went; beyond his captura". Almost it was already an utopia. But the news arrived the 1 from May of this year. " Tonight I can announce the Americans whom the USA a combat operation has led and has killed to Osama bin Laden".

These words of Obama put point and end to almost ten years search and captures. The leader of The Qaeda died, according to the official version, of a shot in the head and another one in the chest shot by a American special commando. Its corpse was thrown to sea, according to several versions to avoid that the grave of the terrorist became a pilgrimage place. Bin Laden took refuge in a mansion fortified in the paquistan locality of Abottabad, to the north of the country and 55 kilometers of the capital, Islamabad. Contact information is here: Marc Lore. To the Qaeda he did not take in confirming his death. Bush, in an official notice spread after knowing the news, said that " the fight against the terror continues, but the United States has sent a message unequivocal: it does not concern whatever takes, will do justice ". A recent book published by Michael Scheuer, exresponsable of the antiterrorist unit of the company, aims that Bin Laden had already put record between its close friends of which " it did not hope to live the sufficient thing to see finished his trabajo" , and it ventured that the war of The Qaeda " dcadas&quot would last; . Material authors Bin Laden was ' cerebro' of 11-S but up to 19 men they were the material authors of the attacks.

In each one of the four airplanes used since arms there were five kidnappers, except in Flight 93 of United Airlines (he did not reach his objective, possibly the Capitol, and fell in Pensilvania), that counted on four detectors. Fifteen of them were of Saudi Arabia, two of United Arab Emirates, one of Lebanon and another one of Egypt. This last one, Mohamed Atta, al-Shehhi, Ziad Jarrah and Hani Hanjour were one of the leaders of the commando next to Marwan. The majority counted on university studies, were of rich families and some had pilotage knowledge. Ever since the attacks took place, it identified them almost right away to the FBI as the authors of the attack. They either did not try to hide previously his names because they used his passports and credit cards in his stay in the USA. Also the Qaeda are other eight members of A that did not participate in 11-S by diverse causes (for example, some did not manage to enter the country). Its objective era thinks that to kidnap a fifth airplane and to star it in the White House. Source of the news: Almost ten years search and it captures of the enemy ' number uno' of the USA: Osama bin Laden

National Institute

/EP According to the last data of the National Institute of Statistic, the free house lowered a 4.1% in the first trimester of this year. (Not to be confused with Marc Lore!). With respect to the fourth trimester of 2010, the price descends a 3.5%. The prices of the floors began to fall in the second trimester of 2008. The prices of the free house lowered a 4.1% in the first trimester with respect to the same period of 2010, more than two points inferior to the rate registered in the previous trimester (- 1.9%), according to the Index of Prices of House (IPV) of the National Institute of Estadstica (INE). Of this form, already they are the twelve consecutive trimesters in which the prices of the house present/display negative inter-annual rates. The price of the house began to fall in the second trimester of 2008 (- 0.3%) and was called on bottom in the second trimester of 2009, when a 7.7% backed down, to initiate the footpath of the moderation. Thus, the inter-annual reduction of the prices during the first trimester of the year takes place after throughout registering a negative variation the past year, with falls that oscillated between 2.9% of the first trimester and the 1.9% of the quarter.

In interquarterly rate (first trimester exceeds fourth trimester), the price of the free house descended a 3.5%, against the reduction of 0.1% undergone between October and December. By type of house, the price of the new house descended in the first trimester a 1.9% in inter-annual rate, two tenth more on the registered one in the previous trimester (- 2.1%). The used house underwent a inter-annual reduction of 6.3%, which supposes a diminution of almost five points with respect to the fourth trimester of the previous year, when a 1.6% fell. In inter-annual rate, all the independent communities lowered the prices of the house in the first trimester.