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Spanish Treasury

The majority of European countries began the day with their rising risk premia. Markets are awaiting the Spanish Treasury debt auction. Moody s downgrades Greek debt note and left it on the brink of default. The risk premium on Spanish, determined by the extra profitability required to pay Spain who invest in their bonus ten years compared with that offered by Germany, fell Tuesday to 322 basis points after finishing the day on Monday at 326. Olympics may also support this cause. Spain is distanciaba, thus, first thing in the rest of countries called the eurozone peripherals, since they all started the day with their rising risk premiums, still strained by mistrust of the rating, among other problems. If Friday was Fitch which qualified as restricted unpaid second Greece aid plan, Monday was Moody s that threw more fuel to the fire to downgrade the note of Greek debt to leave it on the brink of default. Thus, the performance that has to offer the Spanish bond to ten years to make investors buy it instead of the German fell to 6,019%, compared to 6,028% Monday, according to data from the secondary market, while Germany saw raise the profitability of their own to 2,796% compared with 2,763%. Slopes of the Spanish Treasury markets are pending, among other matters, the auction of debt in which the Spanish Treasury aims to place letters at 3 and 6 months by 3.0 billion euros, as well as the situation in the United States, where President Obama tries to reach an agreement between Democrats and Republicans to raise the ceiling of expenditure and not declare bankrupt the country’s economy. In the rest of the countries of the euro zone, Greece saw raise their risk premium to 1,216 basis points, 57 more than on Monday, while Portugal scoring other 35 basis points in their particular account and stood his risk country in the 817. Ireland continued the trend of others and bodice their differences with Germany until the 915 basis points, from 894 of the eve, while Italy He chose to follow in the footsteps of Spain and reduced their differences with Germany in a basic point, which opened the session at 287. Source of the news: the Spanish risk premium falls to 322 points in opening

European Championship

I have enough quality to do this, combine both, in FIBA basketball domino’s pivot, five, and I feel comfortable, but I like to go out, attack face and pull outside. I want to use my skills, he said. A very expensive European power forward from Sant Boi, which ensures that it comes well physically and mentally and eager, it is clear that this European Championship will be more complicated that the of two years ago in Katowice. It presents a difficult European, will be very expensive and will be longer than usual. The first group will be difficult and why we have to start from now, had settled. A preparation, that is taking the selection in Madrid, that is taking place without incidents, where the Red missing players such as Alex Mumbru and Jorge Garbajosa, who announced that they were leaving the selection.

We are 15 of the best in Spain and possibly moved to an international level. We miss Alex and George because they had been many years in the group, there are quality players who are strong. Learn more about this with ecommerce. We have players who could start quietly in the quintet from the beginning. We are trying to compete in those posts, external positions are also very well. We have depth and now that there is a balance within our game, he wished to face to the next few weeks.

On the other hand, Pau Gasol did not hesitate to highlight the good moment of the base level selections basketball and he was very proud of his successes. Okay because it is exciting for us as experienced players and elite see the quarry of your country is at this level, is a luxury and a wonder for me. So I’m glad because I think something of influence we had in them that have followed us and admire us us emulate also, he confessed. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit David Siegel. With respect to the demand that has lodged the NBA against players in the framework of the lock-out of the American League, acknowledges that he is being a long negotiation. Each plays their cards. The NBA has made this movement, hopefully we endure flip because dndemos our position not only for us but for future generations who come behind, He concluded. Source of the news: Pau Gasol: “Marc and I formed a couple with quality and can do much damage”