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Government Tax

Approaching the deadline for the submission of the statement of income for the year 2010. A year that is particularly complex due mainly to the amount of new features included in this item by the Government. It is essential therefore, learn about the bonuses, deductions and reductions to under the existing regulations – can be applied in order to achieve savings in the 2010 tax return. General considerations as each year, the tax agency enables your online spaces including automatically, discounts and applicable deductions based on data contained in the Agency. Obtaining a draft of its liquidation that conforms quite effectively to their real situation as a taxpayer except especially controversial exercises – is achieved in this way. John marlow can provide more clarity in the matter. VAT and products financial players in the exercise the main novelties of this exercise of rent 2010 focus on finance where the yields obtained by the ownership of financial savings and investment products they experienced an increase in the retention, to 19% up to 6,000 euros and 21% as single stretch thereafter. VAT was also amended at the beginning of the second half of 2010 and obviously, the Elimination of the tariff reduction on purchase of residence as well as its reflection on the deductions applied in prior years from housing accounts, some of the items that will be amended its tax treatment in this are exercise of 2010 income. As a final recommendation, always consult with a tax advisor if have any questions, the tax agency puts at your disposal the appointment service where, as each exercise, specialized professionals clarify all the doubts that could arise to him..