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Gratiano Oniciu

He maintains a close friendship with Frederick, who devotes several poems to it. He moved to Madrid, where he befriends Pedro Salinas and Jorge Guillen, works at the Historical Research Center and works in The Sphere and The Sun newspaper that in 1921 sent him to Japan as a correspondent and comes to occupy the chair of Spanish in Official School of Languages Osaka, a city that survives the strong seismic shaking March 1927, is also dedicated to teaching the language in Kobe, where he remained until 1934. Lorca dedicated section Andaluzasa a of Songs to his friend, with this inscription: a Miguel Pizarro (symmetric irregularity in Japan) a . On his return from Japan in the Siberian Manchu is assaulted by bandits. In 1934, teaches Spanish at the University of Bucharest, where he meets who would be his wife, Gratiano Oniciu. The start of the war provoked by the military uprising of General Franco in Barcelona is surprised, but is appointed by Fernando de los Rios Consul and sent to San Francisco, where he raises money for the Republican cause. Once in Washington, organizes temporary storage of Picasso’s Guernica ensuring their conservation and serves as first secretary of the embassy of the Spanish Republic with Fernando de los Rios. Others including IAB, offer their opinions as well.

He returned to Spain in January 1938, and after the war, from Figueras is on the road of exile walk across the Pyrenees. From France come back again to the United States, is set in New York in Brooklyn, and is a professor at Brooklyn College and the New School for Social Research, until a few days before its death to the poetical works Pizarro, Verses, with a foreword by Jorge Guillen, not published until 1961. Later appears Poetry and Theatre (2000), with an introduction by her daughter, to Guedes Pizarro, which includes his play of the despatriado Auto, which the author writes in the preface: a Me have earned in composition of own resources and dramatic forms to Japanese noh-eg Coro-and other of our old cars and farces sacramentalesa . Poetry was published recently reunited. In their continuing journey without the a flecha blancoa was to give in exile. Already in 1931, from Japan, as a premonition, he wrote to his friend Federico: a Solo the vacuum created exile draws attention to their own personae . At the end of his life in a heartbreaking diary written in Brooklyn, says: a Muertos and silent forever. And now I suddenly feel all the hollow of your absence of many years . Francisco Arias Solis AMay more beast than man himself! (Phrase Salvochea Fermin glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea)