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In sports, it is common to hear about the performance of a Coach and how you influence the careers of great athletes. Its function is, in addition to train, promote the athlete so that you maximize its strengths and address its weaknesses. It is a guide that is concerned about obtaining greater performance, cheering the willingness and the overcoming of the team or athlete.If great athletes have benefited from having a Coach on your side and receive from him that is necessary to obtain the best performance, then, why not have one in your business?In today’s highly competitive world, discover innovative models that provide substantial tools is vital in the search for alternatives. A business Coach has education and potential needed to address these challenges. Its mission is to develop skills; new perspectives that allow business owners to change their way of working. Accompany the owner in the growth and development of your company.In our time trends indicate that We must reinvent ourselves, ensure that new models where the stereotypes are replaced by ideas of change. The concept of coaching for business caters to these needs.

It is a learning process which actively involved the business owner. The Coach is trained to offer the owner specific tools that assist and motivate to achieve their goals. The philosophy of the Coach is that a business cannot get good yields if its owner does not activate its potential and forging root, i.e. personal and professional changes. Coaches concentrate 80% in person and 20% in the business.

Advantages of having a business Coach: growth and development increase in productivity focus on leadership targets 100% Action Plan: development of strategies these negotiation skills are some of the many advantages of having a Coach. Definitely since the concept of coaching came to the world of business it is impossible not to make a stop on the way and assess the actions carried out in one company, detecting failures and what where are the areas of opportunity. In addition, never before business owners experimented with so much passion change in their professional projects and life.