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United States

Brazil today is parents of third world, where it does not have very advanced technology, most of household-electric, electronic devices, cars, or other ways of transporte.pois the majority comes of China, United States, among others. plus this it can move we can make more, we can grow, and feed our dreams, and perhaps to be able to dream of a better future, a better future and that recentemente. can happen to want and only to make efforts to obtain, in China the technology this most advanced one of what all the other countries therefore already exist ties robots with soul of human beings and lenbranas of other lives, more because in, Brazil cannot obtain to reach the advance goal, because we have little resources, financiers and physicists, the Brazilian people this living less before more or less the one 40 years atraz the brasilheiro people lived ties 90 years the women more or less and the 80 men, therefore today, the women estao living more or less tie the 65 years and the men 60 years.. ource.