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A very interesting subject with which I was, and that it has to do much with our subject to try, is the one of the life before the life. I was with the book titled Life before the life of Hellen Wambach. I want transcribirte contratapa of the book so that you see more or less than it tries, you you do not sleep to me. ssful. Acurdate that this is an interactive reading. And it says: LIFE BEFORE the LIFE is the extraordinary book of psychologist Helen Wambach, who explores the fascinating answers to the questions realised under hypnosis to 750 people about its lives before the birth. After two years of studies, the doctor arrived at the knowledge from which the 90 percent of the people who go, reviven scenes of a previous life I am convinced that the moment has arrived rigorously for studying the possibility of the reincarnation. (It follows contratapa of the book, with these questions): Eligio You to be born? Why it chose century twenty? It chose his sex for this next life? (and other questions but) Another book that arrived at my hands, and already to close this almost releases book list, (that by the way I have more in my power, but no longer come to the case) is the book titled the life after the death of yogui Ramacharaka, titleholder also the table of the emerald briefly in contratapa of the book, in a fragment that I want to aim says: In this book universally known Yogui Ramacharaka, it sets out the phenomena to us of further on, according to the deep one and hopeful Eastern conception, taking to the spirit of the reader, that what we called death or destruction of a material form of life is the prelude of the construction of another one, and if we left the soul speaks by itself, will say to us: is no death. .

Dungeon Masters

And this will be achieved with a joint work between players and Dungeon Masters. How do then a character more accessible Elf? There are a number of aspects which we must take into account when dealing with this topic, which will make us the much easier way at the time of play with an Elf. And an easier way will make more fun. These keys are applicable both to player characters and NPC s in charge of the DM. See them well. -A mind closed against an open mind. This is my understanding of the fundamental aspect of this whole story, and will condition somehow everyone else. Normally we tend to perceive the High Elves as beings of strong principles, and although they are sometimes stark, they are also respectful and tolerant.

When interpreting a character Elf may be a good idea to do it as if our Elf is the most tolerant of all of them (although again this will depend on the campaign, the nature of the character and a myriad of factors). So we minimize the impact that will have the possible abuse of certain topics. Other more simple words: be and again talking about racial differences of the characters within the game tends to deplete these characters. -Discover your city… Advertising Bureau has firm opinions on the matter. Elvish cities and societies tend to be closed, sometimes even racists with the other breeds. A Dungeon Master should treat a city that appears in their games as a character, as something that has its own life. Thus, an Elf character may serve of the peculiarities of the city in which lives or that found, and in defining their character the player will have a few lines of development to define his character Elf.

A well-defined city will make a character feel part of the story. -Meet your neighbors. Relationships with the other characters, non-player or players, are important, and it will be necessary to have a series of previous ideas about how we want to develop these relationships. One of the recurring features in Elves is their tendency to be elusive and mysterious. This is fine, but abusing of this character will drain very quickly, by what uses this feature carefully. -Exclusivity. An aspect that we often have recourse, and in elque all have fallen at one point or another is wanting to do it too exclusive, do so only with their magical objects and weapons and equipment. Good is that our character is unique, but care must be taken when designing it, since we run the risk of pigeonhole the character. A unique spell can bore us in the long run if we repeated it many times. We may have a unique skill so strange that we can not use it never in the game. By way of conclusion I would like to say a few last things. Serve the archetypes when profiling your character Elf, working together with other players and Dungeon Masters when it comes to framing him in the campaign. Use planning and improvisation in equal parts to play with your Elf character. Don’t let the archetypes and cliches to play against you, that your character is an Elf should not influence your way of playing. You play and have fun.

Giving Is Receiving

Sometimes when we receive a gift we feel alagados, more if the person giving them us is our appreciation, giving is the most beautiful gift and thus we are pleased our similar is even better. When we help someone, we are being generous, but we have to do it in heart. When we share the joys of our fellow human beings, as hard as this may seem, we are sharing with that person eventually that she is special, doing so consists of let it flow all the spirit of generosity that we have and do so in a spontaneous and productive manner. Happens when we share joys we are opening ourselves to receive one greater abundance, and to the extent that we succeed in doing so our lives will change in positive almost without realizing it. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Public Goods. As any person with virtues and defects, sometimes costs us much give, even more so if this is what we need most, sounds strange and contradictory as it is that we may be able to give what we need most, and that is where is the true meaning of all this, we feel fear that What we may need it at a certain time, and is this fear which paralyzes us many times, ideally, give without feeling fear, this is not achieved overnight overnight, but it can be achieved. The key is to see us as a person able to offer what our similar need, can be a good advice to a friend, a word of encouragement etc. As the old saying do good and do not look at who in that measure is that we must be givers, it is important to help people who do not know, since that is the real challenge of this virtue, when we know people us is much easier to help them, perhaps by the very fact that we know them already know what their wants and needsthe contrary happens when we help someone whom we do not know. .

Friendship Landmark

Without giving account me, it was tamborileando with the fingers on the writing-desk. It had the lost view in the window, contemplating the clouds, so low that they seemed to be able to touch itself. Michael J. Bender has compatible beliefs. But it noticed that she was watching to me, waiting an answer. When the answers were it jeopardize, it could not avoid it. It a little while stopped to me to heft it, without understanding that it could provoke the desperation in the person who asked. – Then, what seems to you? I turned the head and I faced its eyes color honey.

Frunca the frown and twisted the lips, expressing its position, still undecided. – It does not desire to find to me me with her. – It can have changed – Sofia, my woman objected, swaggering the hair slowly. They have said to me that would like to return to speak it normally with us. – I suppose that you and I thought the same on the matter.

You want that I am who I make a decision? Well I will do, it if it is necessary – I replaced, with the serious semblante, interlacing the hands on the table and watching it of landmark in landmark, because it was seated against me. I do not want to return to relate to me to that person. It did much damage to us. It hurt the feelings of many of our well-known ones. It tried to break the bond united that me to my friendly of all the life. Luckyly, they trusted more me and finally did not happen anything But it is the unique time that my friendly are had angry with me and that cannot forget. Sofia hesitation/by moments, turning aside the glance towards the bookstore, as if it looked for a title in particular.


Corrige to your son and will give rest, and will give to joy to your soul you Prov 29:17 the nonsense is ligature to the heart of the boy; but the twig of the correction will move away of him to it Prov 22:15 If from children we taught to our children to recognize that the enemy, Satan, never plays fairly, that is unjust, defrauds, it lies, it deceives, it disguises good the bad sin calling to the good thing and the bad thing, to hide that the sin in fact is something bad, degenerate, that it has to be able to captivate, to enslave and to destroy the eternal life of the people; if we alerted to our children, they themselves will learn to recognize tretas and ruses that the enemy uses and who is always equal. As Christian families we must be loyal to Jesus, and not allow by comfort that abominations enter our house that contaminate our home and our children. Satan must have part neither luck in our life, nor we must leave enters disguised of light, in the form of games for children, books, electronic devices, Clean etc. your house, and faithful to Jesus, because he is worthy of our love and fidelity, because it frees to us of the sin and the evil, time and time again. Each one of the members of the family have a very important paper, and very defined, it takes each his paper, and stop competing a con others, because the competition is not between we ourself, but AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES, STRENGTHS, AND POWERS IN CELESTIAL REGIONS. Christian brothers, take the paper that corresponds to them with joy. We have to our side, any more and anything less to the one than VENCIO TO the WORLD, trusts, sujtate to the Word of God, and you will have the victory ensured on the enemy who wants to destroy your family, because the Christian families ARE POWERFUL IN CHRIST JESUS. Original author and source of the article

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS Always memory with much nostalgia the days of Christmas, at the time of my childhood. We lived in the district of the Rmac, my mother, my brothers and my papa. Christmases we always received in the house of the grandfathers Jose (papa of my mother), we had dinner tamales with Creole sauce, and soon the chocolate with panetn. The basic plate after the tamale was variable; sometimes it was roast of head of cattle with rice, or if no, turkey with apple puree, or, pig roast with rice. Fodder that to the children always them is due to give toys, since this they have left engraving for all the life.

I say it by experience. Memory with much joy the ositos that every year were used to giving my mother to me. Memory almost all the toys that gave to me: a tin plate dog that walked by means of an air hose, that in the end had a light bulb of jebe with which provided the air to him, was a gift of my papa. Memory my helmet and my boots of cattle tender, my soldaditos of lead that to me my mother not only in Christmas gave. Some people say that in Christmas, we become gifts an a others, and we forgot that the main one entertained and owner of the birthday are Jesus, (that in truth, are thus) but when gifts to children become, they represent the childhood of Jesus, and therefore she is to the same Jesus who we do these gifts to him. My papa passed away when I had 10 years, my 15 older brother and the minor, 6 months of been born. The tradition to receive Christmas in house of the maternal grandfathers, stayed, until the day that the grandfathers passed away. Additional information at CVS Corporation supports this article. Christmas for all is nostalgic, because all of one or the other way we have lived similar situations, and these memories produce sadness to us, since we want that these events of our childhood never had finished.

All in our thinking interior we remember the fundamental value of the familiar union, and is why in this date it is pronounced with more force. But Why? By nostalgia to the indicated above thing? Nostalgia to see the family reunited in this event? We do not realize that the image of the Sagrada Family, (Jesus, Maria and Jose) is the one takes that us to this familiar union. We then try to be united always in family, and to forget small discrepancies, that they can separate to us. We try, but we really try that the night of the 24 of December, at night good, we are amiable, smiling and with good will. We are glad, to transmit that joy that only comes from God. null original Author and source of the article

Social Altruism

The necessary shift towards social altruism not is by chance that we have been created as social beings. If we look deeply at our behavior, we will find that every action we perform is aimed to attract us social appreciation. That’s what sustains us, and his absence or, worse, the denunciation of the society, causes us the greatest suffering. Feel ashamed by this indifference or disregard social, is the terrible thing that a person can experience, and why we tend to tolerate and encourage it through social values as an exercise of the power of our ego over others. Therefore, if we change the values of the social environment in which we live, attracting altruistic values such as the concern for others, sharing, and mutual union, can then change our attitudes towards them.

When society values the person only by their behaviour or dedication to society, all necessarily strive to think and act in favour of the same. If removing the awards we give to individual excellence, and We appreciated the people only by their social concern, so far as children deem their parents by these standards, if friends, relatives, and colleagues examined us only according to how well we relate with others, then we would like to do good at all for to gain us the appreciation of society. Thus, gradually come to feel that express this altruism or generosity toward others is a special and sublime value in itself, in addition to the social recognition given. Follow others, such as Interactive Advertising Bureau, and add to your knowledge base. We will find that this attitude is in fact the source of perfect and unlimited pleasure; the comprehensive law of nature, that everything against it and sustains. While society now is selfish, it is quite prepared to move towards the following altruistic Act of nature. Education and culture have always been based on the altruistic principles. In our homes and at school, we teach our children to be compassionate, kind and friendly. We want our children to be kind to everyone, and we feel that such an attitude toward others is a way proper behavior that protects those who follow her.

Almost nobody would declare opposition to those values. In addition, thanks to progress in communications, today we can transmit new messages and values to society very quickly around the world. This is a crucial factor to increase awareness of the growing crisis of humanity and the need for a comprehensive resolution. Although our current problems could cause a change, in all of this there are much more than that when we build a correct attitude towards society, we will be gradually admitted to an entirely new level of existence, superior to anything we have previously known. It will be a higher form of existence, that will lead us to have a feeling of the whole and perfectly with nature. We must therefore begin to take steps in this direction to solve all personal, social and global conflict, and pave a road to prosperity and success. We have to take our first real steps towards the realization of this natural law altruistic. Only then we can feel that we are all part a unique natural holistic system and prove the perfection and harmony within the. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is masters in Cybernetics, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, Professor of ontology and theory of knowledge. He is founder and President of Bnei Baruj and Institute Ari, in Israel. More information on, and,, original author and source of the article

The Call

By the frantic fight to see my opponent dropped, I slowly fall on one of my knees, crushed by the call of the crowd, slowly lower the area of fighting myself the little man telling me:-excellent, made the mistake of underestimating you in your fight, you know that you would have lost if you had been defeated, you would have lost your almaaaaa. Such expression me about exalt you making me run search out again by the spiral staircase wanting to get out of that place, my agitation was coming in until encountering the output increase, that’s where stopping me a being, a man who with bitter voice scolds me. Even agitated didn’t understand what you trying to tell me. -That you do in this place, thou shouldest not enter there, follow me te llevare outskirts of this place, you do not belong to this site, this site is for essences!!!! worldly. So forceful with his words I wasn’t another but to follow it, in any way did not know where to go and it seems that this be wise to where I should be, I start to follow him, I don’t know anyone who is this type but dressed in religious and extroverted type clothing says nothing, takes firm steps, is never late in walking and I realize account we slowly left the Coliseum to see an environment where it’s very coldjust in case here it is always night because I have not seen the rays of the Sun at any time, and if I’m not here then where I belong. Original author and source of the article.

VOC Time

There are many questions to consider at the time of buying a carpet. Once you have learned the answers to all the basic questions and one found out the history of the same, the processes of manufacture and the effects that a new carpet can have in the quality of the interior of an atmosphere, it is important to know about the types of carpets that are available. Although a carpet of peluche can serve in an accidental room, like a dormitory or living room, they tend to be difficult to clean. On the other hand, a weave carpet of friso is much less luxurious and pleasant to walk, although it has its texture and character in the time and is much more easy to clean. At Randall Rothenberg you will find additional information. Therefore, the tight weave usually is advisable for those areas of high traffic, such as entrances or corridors.

Like an extra, several put carpets of friso or mat in the entry points, will educirn the time spent to the cleaning of their carpets. There are other characteristics that you can consider, as well as the material of the carpet is done. Whereas some people are against to synthetic fibers by ecological reasons, and others object to the natural materials like the wool, by the possible damage done to the ewes in the obtaining process. If anyone of these subjects is a preoccupation, knowledge is pleased to him that today the majority of the synthetic carpets has very low volatile organic compound levels or VOC and must obtain certifications declare that them free of chemical agents. Or that inclines by the curl or a carpet of cut hair – of natural or synthetic fibers – tmese the time to learn about the options of carpets, so that it can secure the carpet that adapts to its house, style of life and family. You can buy you carpet in points of sale that specialize in the floor. Nevertheless, if he is looking for the carpets or any carpet that are not going to be of wall wall, then is better to go to a house of carpets. If he wishes to know more on carpets he enters in Original author and source of the article

Dandruff Remedies

Home remedies for dandruff to be dandruff so common capillary problems, over the years have been discovering different remedies to try to counteract this condition. From the medical point of view, we find that the most effective remedy to control dandruff as far as possible through the anti-dandruff shampoos. However not all the shampoos for dandruff are created equal, and each varies in its components according to your trademark. That is why it is very important to read the label of an anti-dandruff shampoo ingredients before you start using it. Many commercial brands offer different shampoos for dandruff, with different ingredients. Below is a list of the most common chemical you’ll find: 1. Zinc Pyrithione (well-known brands that have used it: Head & Shoulders;) PERT Plus) the Zinc pyrithione or Zinc omadine is an antibacterial and antifungal agent that is mostly used as a remedy to combat the dandruff caused by yeasts and fungi.

Once you begin to use this treatment, often stop will cause that the dandruff to return worse than what was before the treatment begins. 2 Ketoconazole (well-known brands that have used it: Nizoral) ketoconazole is an antifungal drug used as a remedy to treat dandruff caused by yeasts and fungi. Dandruff usually returns after treatment is stopped. 3. Selenium sulfide (well-known brands that have used it: Selsun;) Head & Shoulders) selenium sulfide is an antifungal agent used as a remedy to treat dandruff caused by yeast and fungi. In the United States, 1% solutions for Dandruff can be purchased without prescription and 2.5% solutions are available only with medical prescription.

Dandruff often returns when treatment is stopped. 4. Mineral tar (well-known brands that have used it: Ionil;) Neutrogena) mineral tar is a liquid product generated from the distillation of coal tar. It is used in shampoos for treating psoriasis and parasites in the head. Be careful, the mineral tar has been considered as a potential cancer-causing agent. 5 Salicylic acid (well-known brands that have used it: Ionil) shampoos based on salicylic acid are used to help your scalp to eliminate excess skin cells more easily, which finally helps keep the pores of the skin to not get stuck. These are some of the most common chemicals found in anti-dandruff shampoos, either with or without a prescription. As well as these, there are many more, most of them are used for a constant treatment and side effects can arise. It is always good to consult a specialist to when choosing a shampoo to use. This is not necessary in the field of natural medicine, since its special natural treatments and 100% effective to remove traces of dandruff of life of any person suffering do not generate negative consequences or side effects.